Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sexual Liberation is Patriarchal

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” --Margaret Sanger

Apart from the fact that sexual liberation is the activation of passions of the flesh, which is outright degenerate and undignified, it's also incredibly patriarchal. The West is not patriarchal because it is secular. There are men who govern laws, and the West has survived mainly because there were no abortions and people used to be religious. In a sense, there was a slight 'Patriarchy' because women need control in a civilization due to their nature to want to breed with the strongest player. At war, single women will jump onto the invader and breed, not on the men fighting for her.

Sexual liberation does not happen because of feminism, it doesn't happen because of women. Women hate each other generally, unless they are bound together by blood (even there) or by God. If sexual liberation happens, it's because the men who rule a civilization have loosened the leash on women in order to deliberately cause chaos. The amount of abortions that happen every year come up to 1 million (not counting miscarriage, but counting use of early-term RU 486 pill). So, why do we talk about the Jewish genocide in High Schools when we should be talking about the horror that happens in clinics and hospitals every single year.

A woman who is willing to open her legs to anyone loses her value in the eyes of good men. Men want to breed with a dignified woman, and the men who will sleep with loose women will be men with no morals and no dignity. Honestly the only women I knew who were 'sexually liberated' were all atheists or wiccan, polyamorous or lesbian. I shrivel in horror as I recall this lesbian acquaintance of mine saying that she and her... I refused to acknowledge that they're married... would have 8-hour orgies. They're orgies because there's nothing going on. No binding of the one flesh. No breeding. It's just a passion of the flesh... for 8 hours. They also buy dildos from Bad Dragon with the excuse that the silicone is super soft. If you don't want to click on the link, I'll spoil you anyway and say that they made horse-shaped, dog-shaped and 'dragon'-shaped dildos, to make it even more disgusting.

Sexually-liberated people are prideful and will want to spread their Satanic influence on you. They'll project negative feelings toward your marriage or couple, will coerce you to admit homosexual feelings and will project a certain sexuality on you based on things you've written, or things you've done. The lesbian I talked about above is basically a cult leader. She had a rape victim cult around her, which plays again and again in her mind her victim-narrative that everyone around her has been raped and they can all bitch about the Patriarchy as lesbian feminists. She's converted many girls to lesbianism, and she can't tolerate dissent, especially not anything Christian.

But who truly benefits from sexual liberation? Women? No. Women can get sex basically anytime they want, it's not a problem, but they have slut-shaming to deal with, which is healthy and good. Humiliation is the best tool to become a humble spirited person and what best to be humiliated by than by fucking some dude and then your family or your friends find out about it and shame you. It's better than getting an abortion, because that's probably the most disgusting humiliation you can go through. Was it worth it? I mean, yeah, there's rape, and I get that there should be abortions for rape, which in countries like Poland where abortion is limited, are still legal and available. Young fertile girls (9-13) should also be allowed to have abortions since they are clearly too young and fragile. But sexual liberation means risks of pregnancies become higher. I don't think we should be encouraging sexual freedom in the way that the West has done. Girls need to focus on something else than sex as teens. I don't agree with sheltering them, but I think it should be important to divert them away from gross pop culture and directing them toward important things. Make them into women! Teach them to cook, do their taxes, be organized, make homemade remedies, cleaning products. Teach her some basic chemistry. We should be valourizing our girls with intelligence and creativity, not sex and drugs and alcohol.

But hear me when I say that feminism, since the first wave, was a ploy. Feminism in general turns people into drones of the Illuminati to do their dirty work. It's population control from the inside and it's horrible. And to the Illuminati, women are the perfect pawns--and they continue to be second-class citizens. You want to break free from the chains? Find God. Christianity is the more equal religion, has set gender roles and you will find your self-love from all the beautiful things that happen to you. Get married, have children, or not (but don't have an abortion, please!) Seriously though, the Bible is awesome.

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