Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Writing a Novel (Futurist/Dystopian/White Genocide)

Here's the first chapter of what I think would be a pretty interesting read. It follows three or four characters (three are set) in a dytopian corporation-controlled multicult urbworld (Earth in its endtimes). One is a 'normie' white gamer who doesn't want to rally for white power in the Underground where the last of the extreme white minority attempt to stay together and build a nation for themselves while keeping their DNA alive. The second is a 100% Finnish woman, daughter of a man who works for the only White corporation that still exists, Power Grid, which controls a large amount of geothermal power and spreads its every penny to the remaining white population. The third is a 'Skinhead' who sublimates his every atom into recovering his culture, traditions, but pays the price of facing danger, violence and death everyday for being a proud white.

This is the first chapter and it's a rough draft. Enjoy! :)

In Our Future

                I often stop to look at the bright screens positioned for my consumption at every street corner. They are attractive and I don't mind being ripped away from the fantasy world I am aware I have created for myself. These days, to mix things up, they broadcast talk shows. On them, they showcase individuals who talk about their feelings, their kinks, their interests. Today, I believe it's a re-run, but we see so many that I don't know if it might be original. A transman is pregnant, has asked a stranger on the street to ejaculate in a cup, she brought it up to her apartment, and inserted it into her womb. She said she wanted to become pregnant even though she felt like she was a man. The news reporter is weeping and they show clips of an emotional audience of women, all together wiping their eyes and cheering for the brave, empowering gesture this genderbent creature has accomplished. The transman will give birth and be the child's father, and will likely have a sex change and have a dildoesque phallus installed where her female genitals should be.
     I'm disgusted. I usually am. It's a change from being in my bubble of happiness, of faraway pyramids and pearly white sand dunes. It brings me back to the streets, where I realize others have stopped to watch. Many weep, others share a slight curl of the nose, and I notice them and they notice me. Those who feel their emotions are crippled, embracing one another although they know nothing of each other. My eyes catch with the eyes of the other disgusted person; it's a woman, which is rare. I cannot interact with her in public as this, especially that we are of the same skin colour. I do wish to see her again, and I become excited to bring her to my apartment so we can take Etherall together and play holographic sea exploration games. She's has absolutely stunning blue eyes and I start to wonder if she's not already taken. I touch her hand as I sidle by her and watch subtly for a response. She looks to the right, which means she will follow me from afar. I turn to the street again, easily returning to a world that I accept completely as my reality.
 The sky isn't a sickening orange and grey, it's purple and blue, and there are live trees, palm trees around me, not just rusting, metallic, poles. I walk up the street and the horizon shows me a sparkling ocean, with rippling white waves and small wind-surfers, enjoying the still tolerable sun. The sun of the past world. There is a jolly tune playing in the back of my mind, classic rock from the 1960's, no... it's Retrowave mixed with a bit of Japanese city pop. The people around me are happy, smiling, the girls wearing short skirts and t-shirts, the guys are ripped and pleasantly tan. In my mind, everyone is white or East Asian...  
  I turn into a grocery where on the door is written 'Whites Only'. It's one of the worst there is, but the next best place I can go is another two kilometers walk, or is in the black market. I didn't get along much with the underground Whites; they still thought they could overthrow the powers that destroyed our countries; I didn't see life the same way they did. I didn't consider myself nihilistic either, but resilient. I knew the codes in order to interact with people I was allowed to interact with, and I tried with all of my might to be good. I buy a few cans of food: beans, spaghetti-O's, corn, peas
  I am slapped on the shoulder and I turn and see a vicious-looking Skin, his body adorned with faded blue tattoos with Nordic pagan symbols. He's probably in his late thirties. How he managed to live this long tells me he's not to be trifled with.
"Good day, friend. There's going to be a meeting tonight at the Old Gate Pub, in the basement. Tell others. All are invited. We paid to have the section of the city. Thank Power Grid."
I nod at him. "Good day, friend." He pays an extraordinary amount for a 6-pack of beer and leaves the store with a wink. I've been to rallies, they're all right, but I can't stand the ego trips, the genocidal racism, and the ridiculous idea that things might be different in the future. There have been times where I had desired to act alongside them, to be a proud white person in this society, but I was more careful. I didn't want to be knifed, jailed, or sued. It depended on who would you would mess with.   
So I quietly make my way back to my apartment, passing some drug addicts in the street of unknown ethnicity, and a group of women wearing burkas chaperoned by a man whose gaze I avoided. I hop up the stairs and as soon as I am inside, I lock the doors. I get out some rice and nutrient paste and mix it together with a bit of salt that I have left. My front door is knocked on. I quickly check my eyehole and open up. The girl from earlier walks in wearing her niqab and when she rips it off I finally observe her for who she is.
"Hey," she tells me, smiling. She had good teeth, and smells like perfume. I can't stop staring at her and she rolls her eyes and takes my hands. She places them on each side of her hips and tells me:
"I want to wait at least a few hours before we fuck, all right?"
"What...?" I pose, flabbergasted.
"I'm... I'm not a slut or anything... I only sleep with white guys and I'm clean."
"Wait... you... you have condoms?"
"Yeah. Good ones. My father works for Power Grid."
I was gaping. "Why the fuck are you here with me?"
"You're handsome. I don't know, you're normal I guess. I live in a pretty white sector but everyone's... you know..."
"Yeah... what do you mean by 'pretty white sector'?"
"Well, it's around 40% white, 20% Chinese and the rest are mixed. Not too bad a sector."
"Any pure bloods?"
She smiled at me and I shook my head and spun, holding my breath and then exhaling completely as I exclaimed: "Unbelievable! What... what... can I know...?"
"Promise not to tell anyone. It's really important... else I'll be..."
"Of course... I won't."
"One-hundred percent Finnish," she whispered, hiding her smile behind her hands.
I felt like I had found a pot of gold. Perhaps the Underground was right to hope, to be optimistic about the world making room for us again. There was a small colony of isolationist Japanese but they barely had the necessities to keep the planes away from bombing them to sterility. Then there was the Last Colonies, which were able to keep away from the Satellites because of their environments. The one in Canada, which consisted of the last of the Canadian Natives and whites, were in the mountains. The East Pacific islanders left had harboured some of us during the Race War, but they would be tempted to raise their IQ by breeding with us and in a sense I didn't blame them.
"You have to breed..."
"You don't even know my name and you're asking me to breed."
"Not with me. I'm a Euromutt. But you know the Underground--"
"--yes, I know the Underground is desperately looking for my phenotype, but I... I just don't want to be a womb for a white supremacist project."
"Huh. I would have thought women eligible would be killing for a place in their project."
"My father doesn't understand me either. But I just want to be normal."
"Normal? You just walked in here wearing a fucking niqab!"
"Do you want me to get raped?"
"Never..." I answered, my stomach churning with the thought. "Please don't..."
"Yea, feel like a fucking failure don't you... Gosh... I'm sorry. We're so full of programming even if we try not to be. I'm sorry. Please, I want to..." She had tears leaking from beautiful blue eyes. She had the loveliest of blonde hair that waved down to her shoulders. "...just play video games, eat flavoured nutrient paste and then have some nice sex..."
"I have some good music and an Underwater Simulator."
She wipes her eyes. "That sounds amazing." But soon she's weeping, hiding her face behind her hands. I embrace her and kiss her pink cheeks. 
"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."  
"Allison. My name is Allison."

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

College Professor Calls Whites 'Inhuman'

Johnny Eric Williamson, his profile easily attainable through Facebook, is a Neo-Marxist college professor who bathes in a righteous odoriferous melange of pheromones that attract those who have chosen to fester in the academic blight in the West. While yapping away aimlessly concerning 'systems' in which whites have earned and therefore claimed ownership and superiority, he went ahead and posted this:

And then went on to attempt to come back on his word, despite it being far too late already:
Simply pathetic.

It's not everyday that an academic, who is part of a credentialed elite club they call 'Guilds' goes to social media and says 'Let Them Fucking Die' about white people. All this code-word garbage is propaganda, tools of manipulation this person is using in an ideologically-possessed fervour in order to push an agenda that continues to the long-lasting process that is the destruction of white culture and inevitably, the white race in general. This is a man, mind you, a white man, who is so full of hatred toward himself and his own people he puts internalized misogynist feminists to shame. This is virtue-signalling at best, narcissism on parade as empathy. But it's not enough to love blacks, browns, Muslims and immigrants (? lol) you have to just be so petty as to victimize them by claiming that everything around you is biased toward whites and therefore it's unfair. Of course, these professors would never DARE say that perhaps it would be best if all those people got out of the so-called absolutely oppressed country they're in, or perhaps demand part of it and ALL MOVE THERE and build their own institutions (and we could help them! such as blacks in America but once you're done, no more help and that's that) because deep down they know all those people are inferior.

The theory of intersectionality rests on one important axiom and it is one that Jews know very well: whites are superior. Jews are red-pilled on race and have been for quite some time, they know, they've traveled like crazy and they're smart! This axiom is something ALL SJW's know deep down, and it will come out as a Freudian slip (as it has in AIDS Skrillex, who almost says 'we already know that white lives matter' I'm serious, look up the famous clip!) and it comes out as absolute pity, sympathy, and even light racism toward blacks and others.

Academia is a huge psy-op at the moment. It is not truthful, it is not seeking to build bridges. It is 100% Luciferian, ideological, and absolutely Marxist in nature. It is a dangerous place to be in University these days, I do not recommend it unless you're planning on going into Science. As for Johnny Eric Williamson, I hope Trinity College fires him for saying such anti-white, racist and ridiculous things.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Jewish Learning, Reading Between the Lines


I landed on this hilarious website made for goyim wanting to know more about the Jews. I started reading what I believe is an absolutely fake article about a rabbi (woman) who is moving into an apartment next to an underclass skinhead (who, despite having been to jail and has Swastikas all over his body is portrayed as kind, loving, compassionate, easy-going, quick to listen, in a long-term relationship with his white girlfriend and good with animals). Of course the article is written with the Trump election in mind and of the culture war. The Jewess in the article says these cliché things for the goyim public reading the article.

"I believe deeply in understanding and being in relationship with people who are different from you." (Jews don't want to have 'relationships' with goyim, they want goyim to listen.)

"The divisions between us threaten the essence of our humanity." (The Jews are attempting to define this for people who are not their own--they are trying to convince us and know they are failing and therefore commit upon us genocide through degeneracy and demographic replacement)

Then she goes on to talk about how the skinhead's girlfriend wants to go to church and so he goes to the Jewess for help with his necktie. The article reads like short fiction.

"I assured him I did and as I stood on my front porch tying the necktie of a man covered in emblems that have meant murder, torture, and evil for millions of my own people, I could see Carl just as a man, gentle and sweet, trying to do right in this world for himself and the people around him."

 All in all, this 'my white supremacist neighbour' article is another classic case of fake news. The story is supposed to be a 'bridge between worlds' kind of 'tolerance' version from the Jew's glorious perspective. Forget reality, goyim, because this anecdote is hitting you right in the feels and that's all you need to rely on to get by in life: feels, tolerance, and the realization that as an Aryan you are nothing but a racist oppressor. In the end, he wasn't a white supremacist (he was a false creation), he had gone to jail and had to be in a gang to survive. He wasn't even anti-Semitic; he was a normal, white, underclass gentleman with rotting teeth and a girlfriend who 'wants to go to church'.

The last paragraph about the murder, torture and evil symbols was the cherry on the sundae for me (the Jewess randomly pops in that she has a one-year-old in order to gain extra emotion points). The words evoked, the emotions that emerge from that imagery are what they are: conditioning the goyim reading the article with their own sense of empathy. This is how neo-Marxist act because they have been taught to act this way, to betray their nations, their brethren and to become degenerate and immoral.

The skinhead never said his side of the story in this, well, there was none, because he wasn't real. But hell, imagine if he started talking about the atrocities the Jews did to his people in Russia, how they were very close to installing communism in Germany. Skinheads are drones, like SJW's are the drones of the Semites: blathering retards who know nothing but obsessive rhetoric and righteous indignation.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Lust and Gluttony in Food Advertising

Companies have always attempted to lure the consumer with temptation. When it comes to buying lingerie, they tempt them with lustful images and ideas. When it comes to food, they often give us an illusion of health when selling us unhealthy trash. The new trend I've come to realize is becoming more aggressive in this hypersexualized, deviant age is the merging of lust and gluttony in food advertisement. Lust and Glut have always been partners in crime and are often seen together in the occult or even pop culture. (See Gluttony and Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist below)

Lust consumes the consumer, hence makes the human lose track of himself and give in to bodily pleasure which comes with a reduction of disgust. Gluttony is the consumption of sin directly through food itself. St. Thomas Aquinas (dubbed 'My Grandpa' when I was doing by BAC in Theology :3) goes detail about sub-forms of Gluttony, which I find highly interesting. They are:
  • Laute - eating food that is too luxurious, exotic, or costly
  • Studiose - eating food that is excessive in quality (too daintily or elaborately prepared)
  • Nimis - eating food that is excessive in quantity (too much)
  • Praepropere - eating hastily (too soon or at an inappropriate time)
  • Ardenter - eating greedily (too eagerly) 
Laute is sinful because you could be using that money you're wasting on food, Studiose is like going to one of those fancy restaurants that make you a 40$ plate with four tiny items in the center of it. Nimis is full out stuffing your face at the buffet. Praepropere in our society would be to eat all the time since food is so available and Ardenter would be the fat-acceptance movement, or, all people who love food and who seek pleasure in food.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Our Culture Is Not Privileged, Our Race Is

This one is for the normies out there who have never heard of the co-opting of white culture by the Jews. I'm not going to explain everything but this person is a Jew, and she is pretending to be European (or white) in order to push an agenda of ethnomasochism and cultural suicide. This merri little busch was indeed accidentally born in a country she does not belong in. Her ancestors have parasited Europe for hundreds of years and have not worked a day in their lives to help sustain those countries. Her ancestors come from a line of viruses who manipulated money and impoverished people for their own gain. They have some good points too, but this isn't one of them.

Merri believes she lives in a country where everyone's needs are met and everyone is happy and healthy. She's absolutely wrong. The West, although it has human rights and white people (who are racially kind and tolerant compared to all other races) and mass excess, it is also the largest world polluter, it has intense social degeneracy, thousands of cults, a whole industry of 'celebrity' idolatry, mass obesity, mass promiscuity, the hatred of wholesomeness, family and children. We live in a world where child sacrifice is becoming normalized, where women whined constantly for entitlements and privilege they do not deserve and men are becoming rapist scavengers due to the lack of female availability and long-term relationships. Yes, white men are becoming rapists and it is inevitable.

With that in mind, I hope you'll reconsider the reasoning being National Socialism, a type regime that had been predicted by Nietzsche, alongside communism. Whites and Jews have been trying to spread their personal brand of knowledge to the rest of the world for a while now. Whites tried to colonize and help out other countries (post-colonialism makes them look terrible despite their great efforts and improvements of those countries) and Jews tried to change things from blending in, race-mixing and establishing their brotherhoods and covenants covertly. Whites are not what Jews are: cowards. Jews know that their doings are Satanic, that they desire the fall of a civilization and when it is chaotic enough, they will take control through communism, the enslavement of the majority for the minority, a complete opposite strategy than the National Socialists, which benefited the majority at the expense of the minority. It was a radical exclusion and it did end up in the death of many people, but they were not exterminated in camps: they simply ran out of food and starved. This happened because there were no provisions for their own citizens, why should they send provisions for the prisoners of war? Communism and the Second World War costs Russia millions on millions of lives because of starvation. They cannibalized themselves to survive one more day in Russia! Same thing happened in Germany/Austria/Poland. It was a war, and resources were running out.

Now, I personally believe that everyone should stop ruling the world. The future is nationalistic, and ethno-nationalistic, it must be for the survival of everyone. Jews must go home to their Israel (although even that isn't their real home!) and whites need to have their countries back from the Muslims (and the Jews ruling our media, etc). We need to return to a more basic way of life, to farming ourselves, working harder, traditional gender roles, and not going to the Dominican Republic for vacations! Such a sad thing to see white people in those resorts...

Friday, 31 March 2017

Manager Fires Worker for Being Christian

A friend of mine told me of something that has happened to a friend of hers. I know this other friend, and I know this may sound like a 'friend of a friend' story, but it's real. I wouldn't waste your time with fake news. This is the story of an atheist female manager and a Christian female employee. This Christian employee is a woman who has recently turned to the Lord after having had some mental health issues in the past. Her manager knew that she had had mental issues in the past. The employee had been working at the book store for many years and had been a great employee, but always worked on Sunday mornings. For a while now, the employee had been kindly asking to have her schedule changed so she could attend church. After having been 'too soft' she asked a bit more firmly. The manager took it badly, claimed that she was going into a psychosis, that she was pretending to be Christian to get Sundays off, called her parents (she's an adult) to tell them her mental illness was flaring up and she was going through psychosis and then ended up firing her.

I know the employee and she goes to Bible study with me, she's extremely sweet and gentle and shows no sign of mental illness now that she is being saved by the Lord. The manager completely overreacted and showed prejudice toward a young woman because she asked politely to have her schedule changed so she could practice her religion.

This happened in Canada, in Quebec, in a city of people who think Christians are mentally ill, but would probably respect Muslims simply because they are oppressed. The disease that is liberalism and atheism is uplifting neo-Marxism and we end up with good, hard-working Christians out of a job for being deemed 'mentally ill' when in reality, they're not.

Now that Canada has a bill protecting Muslims, maybe they should think of having a bill to protect all religions instead of Islam, but honestly having no bill would be preferable. Government tyranny is disgusting and rampant and should not be tolerated.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Changed Views on LGBT Marriage

I wrote a piece on LGBT marriage where I still had the view that homosexuality was wrong and sinful, but that in the end, people can still be 'joined' non-religiously without being persecuted if they act like normal heterosexual couples. It was a point of 'character' instead of a reduction of their genitals, but my views have changed. They have because I have understood more deeply the influence of patriarchal authority, its importance and why homosexuality is a symptom of a diseased society and is actually far more self-destructive than healthy.

1. Homosexuals are stunted children, who, much like pedophiles, have immature brains and a fetish that needs to be healed but is being treated as normal.

2. The treatment of sexual deviancy as normalcy is a patriarchal failure due to women's empowerment. LGBT is often more accepted with women because of human 'empathic' reactions.

3. Homosexuals are often child molesters due to seeing sexual deviancy as normal. Pedophilia is the next step and often pedophiles use gay-rights and gay-marches to feel liberated and attempt to drag children in the parades in order to feel like they are making progress. Therefore, the empowerment of LGBT is by proxy empowering pedophiles. The normalization of pedophilia will destroy our society's health.

4. More heterosexual people think being 'bi' is cool and often open their marriage to let in a unicorn. I've been seeing this more and more now and it's because of the LGBT empowerment. It's wrong and must be stigmatized as freakish, immoral and destructive.

5. Homosexuals hate children, they are openly childphobic, pro-abortion, and want to live in an 'adult' world. They don't care about children and should not be around them.

I don't think two sexual deviants should get together and be considered married. I don't want them to be able to adopt children that they cannot produce themselves naturally (without artificial insemination) and I don't want them to be considered 'normal' in society.

I'm sorry in the past if I was still very liberal about the way that I thought. The more I see the way our beautiful white societies are going, the more I have intense resentment for the people destroying it. Gays do not need pity, they need mental help. If they can cure pedophilia (which they can!) they can cure homosexuality. And even there, if gays want to have mass sex in orgiastic clubs together and remain children, perhaps we should see them as such and let them have their 'fun' without accepting them in society. They will be what they have been in white societies for quite some time now: gypsies and vagabonds, whores and sluts, and good moral people should stay far far away from them. We should not agree with our children becoming gay, we should never encourage being 'trans', we should be responsible adults. We should also not commit violence toward these people, but we do need to instill healthy stigmas, like treating them as having mental illness instead of them being validated as normal. Homosexuality is not normal, it's a fast-growing fetish and its normalization is bringing out child neglect, marriage-neglect and is creating a huge idol of lust.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Fashy Women are Wealthy Women

Capitalist, materialist 'women' who give into the media brainwash and superficial/Satanic lifestyle of popular culture end up spending a lot of money to their own detriment. Women who wear make-up, who are on contraceptives, or who drink or smoke regularly or casually are impoverishing themselves and their future children (if they have any) all for the glory of selfishness and love of the world. I've looked up a few things online that show how much money a fascist woman with a stoic/Christian ideology vs a feminist/capitalist/materialist ideology save or spend in their lifetimes.

Women who wear make-up and beauty products will spend an average of $15,000 in their lifetimes. A woman who does not take part in the high competition, the superficiality of a false face and the psy-op that is 'fashion' and the horrid make-up industry will not be spending this, or will only have a few products, which might come up to a whopping $2000 in their lifetimes (if I calculate a bottle of nail polish, a couple eyeliner sticks and normal hydration face cream).

Chemical contraception is unnatural and unholy, as well as difficult on the body and is sold as healthy and safe. My mother couldn't have children normally because contraceptives ruined her body and I was born in vitro. Contraceptives actually do make women unattractive and crazy! A woman can spend around $30,000 on pills and rings and other disgusting forms of hormonal contraception.

Cigarettes are unhealthy and make you look trashy and sick. A woman who smokes will spend around $106,000 in her lifetime, compared to a woman who does not touch cigarettes at all.

Alcohol isn't always bad, but it should be drunk on special occasions only, not for a buzz, not to 'take you away' or 'lower your stress'. It is poison, a dangerous poison and it can cost a woman up to $78000 in her lifetime if she makes it into a bad habit.

Poor eating habits, like eating junk food and buying unhealthy chain restaurant foods can rank up the lifetime bill from $24,000 to $240,000 depending on how obese the woman is or becomes. If we were to average that out and be nice to a certain extent, we would get to $100,000 of extra calories, fat, sugar and general eaten trash the capitalist system tempts us with.

Clothes shopping or 'going on a shopping spree' is often something women do when they feel prideful and refuse to be humble about their appearance or the unfortunate way their life is going. This is because they have built their house on the sand. These reasons why women shop are horrendous and childish. These sorts of women will spend $100-$300 a month on ugly clothes and useless superficial accessories, which equates to $120,000 in their lifetimes on average. A more conscious woman will sew her own clothes or buy second-hand or buy clothes and wear them out before buying more. I know I spend maybe $100 a year on new clothes and that depends on the year. I do buy good shoes that last me, and I try to get good clothes as well, which stretches out the cost. A more conscious women could spend $10,000-$30,000 in her lifetime that would probably be more than enough.

All in all, if a woman has bad habits like smoking and drinking and buys useless clothes, eats out, wears make-up and sterilizes her fertile body with hormones, she will spend around $450,000 in her lifetime on useless superficiality and her selfish pride. A women not bound to the temptations of capitalism, who is stoic or Christian will spend perhaps $25,000 if I add in the luxury of nice clothes (which shows dignity and well-deserved beauty) and a few dates with the husband once in a while, as well as a few cosmetics. The fact that a fashy woman would save $425,000 means that that money could be invested into education for their children, a piece of land or larger estate to ensure their children's future, or make sure their children will have trust funds in order to make sure they are never debt slaves. There are other ways of saving and other gross things women spend money on. It's important to be conservative and be extremely conscious of everything we purchase and not to think of ourselves. Material and possessions do not express who we are, and what we represent. They are devoid of meaning and I personally start to hate how much I care about certain things I have.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Adam and Eve: Bridging Creation and Evolution through Theosophy

I believe in evolution. It's something a lot of scientists hate hearing because of the world 'believe'. It's fact, it's not something you 'believe in'. Well, believe it or not, I have idealistic tendencies and I sometimes think that people thoughts and the collective of everyone's thoughts is reality, and that people can live in numerous realities during their lifetime. This is the idealistic occult, what some magicians call 'Chaos Magick'. Religion and ideology interest these people and they take on the greater journey of living numerous types of lives in order to find 'fulfillment'. To me, it sounds like the greatest temptation, and in a self-aware kind of way, these people worship Satan, in the form of Baphomet the idol of Pride. Chaos Magicians and Cultural Marxists have much in common in the end, they both think there is no norm and that all is possible and should be explored. I believe they both worship the Devil, and there is no good end to these people. This was a bit of a preface for what I wish to discuss and this is an occult dream I had once concerning Adam and Eve. I bid your patience, ears and open-mind for my beautiful rendition of Biblical Creation and Original Sin.

Theosophy of Creation Through Evolution

Creation according to the Bible

Gen1:26 Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.”
27 So God created humankind in his image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

In this Bible verse, God speaks in his plural form. Some people claim the Hebrews believed God had a wife, Asherah, and hence when he makes humankind, it would make sense that they would create them male and female, for God is with a female consort. However, God is also omnipotent and can create humankind in the way it is complete, male and female together and complete by being together without a consort as well. This is the 'Priestly' version of creation, which stresses a partnership and equality. I believe that this woman is not Eve, as many others do. In the occult, this woman is Lilith, Adam's first wife, and he did not have dominion over her, and she was free to explore her femininity in the garden with no restraints. Lilith ended up straying from Adam, was easily tempted by Satan, and was banished without the corruption of Adam. Adam, however, was punished by God for letting Lilith fall and was smote into the earth. Adam, in Hebrew means 'earth'. 

Adam was revived through the second creation:

Gen2:7 then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being. And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there he put the man whom he had formed. Out of the ground the Lord God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

From the dust and earth, the Lord was ready to revive Adam and he did so and commanded him not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God wanted to Adam to have a partner and helper as well and so created animals, but nothing was good enough and so he created woman.

Gen2: 21 So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then he took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. 22 And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. 23 Then the man said,
“This at last is bone of my bones
    and flesh of my flesh;
this one shall be called Woman,
    for out of Man this one was taken.”
24 Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh. 25 And the man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed.

(Ish) is man and therefore (Isha) is 'from man' as a word meaning woman in Hebrew. 
Gen 2:24 is about mating and healthy sexuality and marriage. In Gen 2:25 I believe Adam and Eve have had sex (binding their marriage) and they probably have a lot of sex in the garden, because sex between a married couple is good.  

 Theosophical Evolution

I've pondered how exactly this translates with the information that we have now concerning evolution. One could say they are different and cannot be combined but I posit these concepts:
Adam and Eve are the first couple to come together and understand the concept of God
God, in this case, is consciousness and by extension, existence itself. He will give humans morality.
Adam and Eve are homo sapiens sapiens who lived in a tribe of hunter gatherers, they live in an undefiled world, they were amoral because their ancestors did not have morality because they were not conscious enough to be able to form a complex understanding of existence. 
Adam and Eve lived an extreme, divine and passionate ground-breaking experience that founds marriage between men and women in an immensely beautiful and divine way. 
Their marriage will lead to greater people being born of them because they will have their intellect in the genetics and will have them as parents. 

As hunter gatherers, humans did not evolve consciously very quickly. They were in hunting tribes, they had gender roles where the men provided and protected and women gathered, micromanaged and looked after the children in a community. I posit, as many do, that socially, there was probably polyamory and homosexuality in these communities, especially among women and women and if there was polyamory it was likely harem-like and rarely with 2 men and 1 woman. The tribes were small, ethnically-sound, and they would likely act in a barbaric kind of way when faced with a moral issue. A person who would kill would be killed, very very likely, or stoned, tortured, etc. 

Adam was a homo sapiens who was likely very intelligent, who was likely a bit of an outcast compared to these others. He was born like some of us are, a genius and it would make sense that another could emerge at a similar time. Eve could have been born also very intelligent but since we know women are often not as intelligent as a very intelligent man, she could have been a bit more naive, but conscious and still more intelligent than the rest of men and of women. Adam and Eve flocked to each other in a divine way, by connecting with something greater than their normal human nature, but to God, the greatness of existence, and the consciousness of being alive. Together, they sat and just lived, breathed and realized how perfect they were for each other. 

The idea that Adam could have had a first wife, a Lilith, is possible in this scenario. If  he was more intelligent than the beautiful Lilith, he could have seen that she was not moral or conscious enough to be with him and she might have sinned and have been outcasted by the tribe and by him. So, Eve could have been his second wife, his 'true' wife, a match made in heaven. 

Adam and Eve were married and likely explored the concept of God together, without saying much, with a raw understanding, a consciousness that was vibrant and alive and founded in this Truth they shared. Eve, as the lesser vessel, was less naive than the other girls, which means that if she did do something wrong, she might have known that it was wrong. Indeed, God told Adam that they could not eat of the fruit, but God did not tell Eve directly. He gave that divine authoritative law to Adam and it was his duty as the stronger vessel, to obey. In Genesis, when Eve was tempted by Satan, he knowledge of this law came through Adam, who told her and enforced the law, but in a way where Eve did not feel too too pressured not to break it. This law is something in the evolution narrative I've found, would be a divine understanding of morality. Morally, Adam known he should not know good or evil and I believe he probably had a difficult time to make Eve understand what that meant, what he understood. Eve does not have the moral understanding because she is a woman and her femininity is more chaotic in nature than man's, in a biological way. Women's hormonal cycles and emotional sensitivities can blind women to the Truth and all it takes is the right tempter to take advantage. When Satan tempted Eve, he did what invaders do: humiliate the man through the rape of his woman. The rape of Eve is the rape of Eden and by evil, Satan takes the key of the world from God and gives is to Adam. Adam receives the key in shame, in an outstretched hand, his wife violated by the lack of his responsibility, his lack of authority. And yet, Adam could have rejected her, like he rejected Lilith, but he loved her, respected her, trusted her. He knew the knowledge she had was poison, but he gave in, despite knowing, because there was no salvation for Eve and he did not want to let her fall without falling himself, from God's authority and grace. 

Adam's temptation is what happens when men give their loyalty to women. When Eve tempted Adam with the gift of Satan, in both cases, Adam had the power to stop his own corruption, but without salvation, he knew that the tribe would curse her if he would not accept. His love for her in a sense caused him to accept that they would both fall, and it was in a sense selfless for him to take part in the fruit alongside her. 

Original Sin, when keeping evolution in mind, is the knowledge itself of good and evil, or, of the existence of morality. Once you realize that there are things that are wrong and things that are good, you have the power to commit evil or to commit good. Sin is when you commit evil even when you know it is wrong to do so. Adam and Eve committed sin against God even though they had the knowledge and in a sense, the fall was inevitable because God's creations were flawed and had intrinsic wanderlust and rebellion. This, would be what Chaos Magicians would see in people now. I disagree because it is purposefully sinning to the detriment of your soul, healthy and psychology. 

Nonetheless, Adam and Eve went on to have children, to raise them well, to be alive and conscious and carry the knowledge of God. 


 I hoped your enjoyed, I am humbled that you've given me your time and mind.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Alt-Right Isn't Just Trump Supporters

It is a disturbing thing that recently I was told that my blog seemed to be written by a Jew because I said moderate things like 'perhaps have Muslims in Canada controlled by secular separation laws could help weed out Marxist zeitgeist and that's not 100% terrible' and 'mixed people can still fit in and they're not the norm so we shouldn't persecute them'. I spend a lot of time in the circlejerk of Twitter's extreme radical Alt-Right, which is a pleasure and a curse. Compared to the intellectual neoreactionaries, Twitter is full of deep south KKK and ultra-racist who are ready to spew out 'hang all the niggers' at the first opportunity. Those people make me feel ashamed to be Alt-Right because I know that racism is a pillar to our foundation and so is stigmatization, but I actually truly hate to see it in action. This is mainly because I am a woman and I have stronger empathy than men concerning 'others' outside my religion, race and sex. Hence why I think some of the best MRA's are women (Karen Straughn for example). But I digress, I return to post a few posts after a long hiatus of intense wifery, mothering and listening to vaporwave while cooking up pumpkin treats for my hardworking husband.

Recently, I've been feeling alienated from the way the MSM calls anything 'Alt-Right' part of 'Trump Supporters'. Personally, I do 'support' Trump on some of his policies, but not as much for others. I am against his environmental policies, because I am an environmentalist, and I think he's seriously in bed with some powerful Jews. It make me believe that the MSM wants to make the public think that the Alt-Right is a small, puny group of less than a million people. Honestly, the KKK at its peak went up to 2 million (in the 30's). Will we surpass this number with our new white nationalist/supremacist movement? I don't know, but with the internet, movements can take on new flairs and shapes more appealing to many, creating flavours and cults for numerous types of whites that are tired of being demographically replaced in their own countries. Personally, I like the Nazi flavour. I am a Hitler supporter first and the MSM does not want the public to understand this, to know this kind of flavour of white nationalism. I think we all have been brought together by Pepe (or Kek) in a time where there was a need to spread a sense of identity and community that was solely needed. For me, a Canadian, I have no cultural identity, no national identity, and I live amongst people like Muslims who do, only they are in my land. Our governments have been spoiling out history and sense of determination for years and now we are 'post-national' which is taking a step toward one of the first globalist nations. Yeah, the crime rate is still pretty low, and people say it's because Canada is tolerant, but this moment is a calm before a storm. More will come and the anti-racist, white-hate zeitgeist will take its full form and the Aryan race in Canada will suffer the might of Islam, and low IQ of the sons of Ham. It might take another 20-30 years, but white will be a minority in Canada and Canada will fall if we do not take serious action within the next 10-15 years. I think the movement is happening, and I think more and more people are understanding the failure of democracy, the need for a leader who loves the land and the people who made Canada the wonderful country it was before we stopped replacing ourselves.

To a certain extent, yes, I blame women's liberation. Third-wave feminism is the epitome of disgusting, degenerate and abhorrent to any woman who has dignity and integrity. Women's empowerment is not leading our societies toward utopias, it's making our societies fall. It's already too late and much like the fall of Adam and Eve, it was Adam who gave into the fruit of Eve's whiles who is responsible. Western men should have never bent to the will of the women, but should have asserted their position as dignified, beautiful and something men cannot fully do. Now, in a feminist world, the women like me who are red pilled, have to deal having to exclude normies as friends because they so nonchalantly say: 'If I'd be pregnant now, I'd get an abortion'. *Sigh*

With Canada socially divided so much that there is absolutely no social cohesion (and this will grow), I have to flock to the nearest and biggest moral group there is and that to me, is my church. I do to an Anglican fundamentalist church where almost 80% of people are creationists. Christians in the Alt-Right are their own flavour, often Catholic, which isn't real Christianity, but has its own beauty, white merits and authoritarian positions (which is why I think people like it). I doubt a Catholic theocracy would ever happen and I think it would probably be a terrible thing, except I think we are seriously going to need a Crusade 2.0. 

And while many of these sub-groups of nationalistic Canadians, or Christians, or white people who are tired of having to self-hate to receive the love of other fellow ethnomasochists. Love God, not the world! Love God, not man! Love God, not the self! I think there is a growing amount of Canadian paleo-cons or Alt-Right emerging, disgusted by Social Democracy, feminism, Islam and other absolutely degenerate filth. The far-right is here and we're ready for anything. We don't care about Trump, we care about the white race, we care about our own politics, we care about giving a national identity to our children, to have social cohesion.