Monday, 4 July 2016

Don't Submit; Be Free

Freedom is in your mind. It is the only place where you can be free. Every Religion should not be restricting you from thinking whatever you wish to think. Freedom to decide on things is a right, and having that right stripped from you should make you pretty mad. I cannot stand when I hear words like 'privilege' and 'oppressed', it makes me feel disgusting. I hate being told that men hate me because I'm a woman, that I'm a target for discrimination. I don't believe it, because I don't see it. I am surrounded by wonderful men who treat me with respect and dignity. I refuse to submit to this abhorrent language SJW's use to bring white, able-bodied, smart people down. Do not, ever, submit to someone telling you you should hate yourself for being white. We must use certain tactics against them. I have a few examples.

Shame them: Shame is something SJW's are trying to remove. They don't want to be shamed for being ridiculous weirdos. But we must do it. Chuckle, repeat what they say as if you don't believe them, make them feel insecure in their ridiculous Orwellian brainwash talk. Shame is an important societal tool. It helps those who have gone off the path of greatness to get back on it.

Avoid blatant mockery, but question: Question them in incredulity. Do you realize what you're saying? You say this but then you say the exact opposite! Are you aware of doublethink? Of wrongthink? Have you researched into the negative long-term consequences of political correctness? Have you done any research on social cohesion and macro-civilization politics? Clearly the average Joe, SJW or other, is fallen into a pit of capitalistic pride and greed and is controlled. It's sad, and they need to come back to reality. Help them see they are ridiculous, and hypocritical.

Don't be afraid to be controversial: SJW's try to shut down arguments with hate and anger, and it is pleasing for the disgusting second-wave feminists who masturbate mentally to see their cronies agree with their terrorist, radical views. So what if people know you're Pro-Life? Be assertive in your views! You know it's murder. Ask them, would you scroll down a google image search of 'aborted fetuses' for more than thirty seconds without vomiting? Around 50% of women are Pro-Life. Go ahead and voice your opinions even if they're not popular. You might make a friend who overheard your confrontation with the SJW. 

Sow the Seeds of Doubt: Challenge them ideologically. The problem with SJW's is that they are so brainwashed that they can no longer rationalize or think independently. I used to be one of them, I know what it's like. As a person that used to consider myself 'open-minded' it tore my soul to pieces to be so controlled by forces that were outright Satanic. Just talk. Talk about multiculturalism, Islam, nationalism, your own country of origin, your pride as an Irish descendant. Avoid valorizing their love of radical anything, or their hate of men and whites. Redefine or just simply reiterate the simple definitions of racism and sexism. I, for one, am Pro-Patriarchy. It's not something they might even accept as being real or plausible. Tell them you're an antifeminist, an MRA, MGTOW, Christian, devoted, selfless, philanthropic, that you love to honour your parents and the elders in your community. Make them feel small by showing them how good you are being the person they would not expect to see functioning well (maybe better than them!) with those types of views.

Freedom and democracy is difficult to maintain, and a lot of it means we have to let society rule itself out. If whites are in power, whites are in power. For now. Honestly, the 1% is not white, we know that. But let's just say we don't need SJW to be policing our thoughts and actions. Protect your mind. Keep in holy and good and independent. If you're a Christian, remember this: God wants you to think. God wants you to question. I still have atheist friends who laugh when I tell them Christians are persecuted, but they are, mainly by other Christians who have fallen down the pit of Pride and Idolatry. God loves you, and knows you are imperfect, and has sacrificed his life for you so that you can make mistakes. Jesus' sacrifice is the reparation the human race needed after the fall of man. It is the helping hand that guides our spirit back to the path, and as we face ultimate humiliation and shame for our actions which have brought us down, and brought others down, we are redeemed through the blood and the body of our Saviour. God wants the people to be free and equal. But freedom and equality comes at a cost.

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