Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Horrible Advice for Men from Childish Women

I saw this terrible article today, I am so ashamed. It's from a random website but its regressiveness is astounding. It's regressive for society, for women, it's just gross. It's a list of 16 Phrases Women say Men Misunderstand. It should read: Vague Things Women say that they Expect men to Understand. I hear myself saying these things sometimes and I find it really detrimental to the communication I have with my husband. It's bad programming and it has to stop. Here's the list:


The link follows to page 6 because it is the worst of them all.
'“Do you need to do that now?” then your response should be simple: “No, you’re right, I don’t”'
This is disorderly, childish communication. Let me give you an alternative. 

"I'd like to do this thing with you right now. I know you wanted to do something else, but I would really like to hang out. I need it." 

 I hoped very dearly that it was satire but it's not. It's what women these days are expecting from men. They're prissy little girls and you don't deserve to be led by the nose through this childish behaviour. Of course, your woman might do these things once in a while, but they are poorly-learned behaviour and hopefully she's self-aware and she is fixing herself. 
Today's women are abused by the system in a way that even they don't understand. Honestly the best solution I have for them is Christianity, or at least humility and assessing her vices. Men clearly need to do that too, only I don't know the male case very well concerning bad male communicative behaviours. But this is ridiculous.  

And the whole 'Do you think I look fat in this?' Be honest. If she can't take it, it's her problem. She doesn't need you to valorize falseness. 

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