Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Greenpeace Associates with BLM

I admit it, I donated to Greenpeace. I am very ecological, and I care about our home planet and do think we have to take care of it. We are in God's Kingdom, and we can make Eden return (not perfectly, but very nicely). But then I saw this:

Greenpeace must have either accidentally drunk that Kool-Aid, missed the boat, sold-out because of some shrill emotional bitch at the office, or has an agenda we don't know of. I mean, they are quite powerful. But I think it's innocent, especially because of this line, from this article.

We speak out because we believe environmental and racial justice are inextricably linked. 

I'm not exactly sure what environmental justice (basically corporations cutting down trees) has to do with racial justice. So, corporations are oppressing blacks and browns and goldens? Yeah, well they're oppressing everyone and everything. I guess this could make some sense:
"Indigenous communities in Arizona and Alaska have seen new waves of oppression unleashed on them through mining and extraction"

But honestly indigenous people aren't doing so well, and they might as well assimilate if they want to survive. It sucks that corporations are mining there, but BLM doesn't really care about the indigenous. Why associate with BLM? 

As you probably know, Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros, billionaire criminal who devalues currency and profits in economical and social chaos. BLM has only worsened racial biases and has illuminated us with the strange fact that blacks are more prone to commit crime, to be violent and rebellious--basically, from blacks has originated a culture that cannot assimilate to ours. It is multicultural. BLM is making racists into KKK members and turning normal people into racist, apart from the fact that it is also intrinsically racist. 

 So, this is mainly for the books, I'm going to focus on gardening in my community and helping out impoverished people around me. Greenpeace has done a lot of interesting and good stuff, but fuck this. 


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