Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cross-Factoring Common Political Enemies

So recently I've been increasingly involved politically. I used to be a liberal, centrist, basically I had few opinions on things and I thought morality was relative. Then, I became an SJW and explored the extreme-left. I then re-centered, went to the right and then went to the extreme right. It is in my temperament to like extremes, that's a fact I cannot ignore or repress, but I am not ashamed. I just want the truth and the truth that lies in those extremes are interesting. On my way across the political spectrum, I realized that there are many groups who have common enemies. I will list my discoveries:

Common enemy: Jews
Groups: Neo-Nazis and Truthers
Truthers are hardcore conspiracy theories. I personally think they're right about a lot of it. Jews do own the main top banks and it seems like the Bible was right about the Jews being the people of the Lord, however, there is a conpiracy concerning this elite group that involves Satanic rituals. I honestly do not understand the logistics of of this, so I'll be humble and just leave it at that. Neo-Nazis, well, they dislike Jews... well... for being Jews, apart from there many criteria I shan't get into. The Jews, man, they've always been hated. Check out the pic of them being burned in 1348. Hitler's not even original. (By Luzerner Schilling)

Common enemy: SJW's
Groups: Smart Liberals and Conservatives
Both rational liberals and well... all of the right-wing despise this new and prolific cult of the SJW. Irrational, over-emotional, manipulative, racist, sexist, misandric, misogynistic, child-hating, baby-killing, pansexual bigots, that have the mind of a child, clearly are all mentally ill and have no sense whatsoever of personal responsibility. Sturdy left-leaning centrists like TJ (The Amazing Atheist, who I respect for his continuity, fairness and wit but who I find a bit too on the wrathful/rebellion side) quickly rallied much of YouTube into a frenzy of antifeminism/antiSJW attitudes, which was very good. #Gamergate happened, which was all about journalistic integrity and good old slut-shaming, but the receiving end played the victim card and their platform bred another form of SJW/feminist. I say 'bred' but it's a Frankenstein's creation this cult.
SJW's often look like this: (Shameful weirdo, hope it's a phase...)

Common Enemy: Third-Wave Feminists 
Groups: Christians and Left-Leaning Normies 
I was a normie, let's face it, just plain-jane but who was like yeah, sure gays are all right, etc etc. But when I was emotionally abused and manipulated by feminists, the only one who was valiant enough to actually help me was a Christian. She had been through some seriously fucked up shit in her teens and it has humiliated her and destroyed her, and without the steadfast love of another Christian, she would probably be dead. She did the same for me. As I became an SJW, I was humbled by her presence because I respected her so much and she forced me to admit some serious questions, which I answered truthfully. "Have you hurt someone else perhaps as much as that boy hurt you?" she asked. I nodded. "Did that person forgive you?" I nodded. "Do you think you should forgive him, like you were forgiven?" I nodded. Christianity deals with emotional issues with forgiveness and tolerance, because they know people are corrupted by evildoings. I wasn't a Christian fully then, but I knew deep down that there was something very disastrously abhorrent about feminism. Feminists ignore that which is sacred to the woman and worship masculinity. They want to work in the public sphere, a place they do not belong (albeit some women do well, but they say 'fuck off' to the haters--they don't complain about it) they want equality. Equality is utopic and does not end well for everyone. There is such a thing as 'real feminism' but I think Christianity does well for girls. They don't need to associate with third-wave feminist garbage.

Common Enemy: Conservatives
Groups: Liberals and SJW's
Well, not all Liberals are SJW's but usually they're atheists or LGBT people who aren't extreme, but who don't understand religion, because they don't have one. You'll find a lot of 'spiritual' people or people who are into the occult are against conservative values. Women tend to be against conservative values if they're not hammered in at a young age and they don't have a strong community. SJW's think conservatives are insane and oppressive for being religious and Pro-Life and against gay marriage. What's that, anyway? Call it something else.

Common Enemy: LGBT
Groups: Abrahamic Religions
Orthodox Jews, Christians and almost all Muslims do not agree with sexual deviancy. They think it is a form of sin. Christians believe that we can save homosexuals through the power of Jesus Christ, this is real. It might not erase your sexual desire when faced with homosexuality (which is why in my opinion it shouldn't be mainstreamed or normalized) but it will erase your need and obsession with it. Homosexuality is obsessive, that's why they have gay parades and lesbians live their whole lives masturbating on each other's sexuality like it's Word. Jews think it's offensive and an unruly lifestyle. Muslims, in a lot of countries, end their lives often by throwing them off buildings, (I thought it was to make the plunge to hell faster (horrible eh?) but it's supposedly 'the compassionate thing to do'. Horrible. In Africa, transgendered people are murdered, which is sad, it's a mental illness.

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