Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Food for Thought

If America (Canado-American culture) is so corrupt... why do people want to immigrate here? We're a rape culture. We are patriarchal and non-equal. We are sexually repressed and way too traditional. Wow, it sounds like a great fucking place for Muslims, does it?

If #NotAllMuslims are Jihadists or radical in views such as the subordination of women and the criminalization of homosexuaity, death penalty of adultery, rape victim-blaming etc why are they all LEAVING their countries? If the majority is sane, why don't they just gather up, use their intelligence to make a militia, or at least gather in camps and just hold fast until the authorities do something? Could it be because this whole 'most Muslims are moderate argument is bullshit. Clearly, any quick search on YouTube by any even slightly right-wing person will lead you to realize that even Western Muslims from the middle east and North Africa had views that do not coincide with Western Civ. views.

In Western Civ:

Women are sexually free
Homosexuality is all right, perhaps frowned upon, but generally accepted
Adultery is morally wrong, but not punished
Rape is uncommon


Women have more privilege than men
Men are viewed are bumbling, toxic retards (by feminists and SJW's)
Nuclear families are in the decline
Tradition is dying and being replaced with indivudualism
Christianity is in a decline

In the majority of the Muslim Arab world:

Homosexuality is seen as a crime or a sin to be punished with life imprisonment or death
Adultery is a crime and a sin that is punished by death by stoning
Rape victims are shamed and sometimes even killed for being raped
Women are commodities
Apostates of Islam are killed
Western Women are seen as sex objects to Arab men
Masculinity there is actually toxic 

I once made a Facebook post about radical Islam and a young woman (SJW-esque) commented about how it was heartbreaking for her to see the words 'pedophile' next to her prophet's name, despite the fact that Muhammad's wife Aisha was 9 when he took her virginity, basically she was still a child, undeveloped, and that's disgusting pedophilia. We had a discussion, I was very nice and I understood that it was a bit uncalled-for (even if it's the Truth) but you know PC culture all that bullshit. I took a class on Islam at I got 90% by being a feminist radical, which is scary and weird. But I still learned quite a bit about it. So when I started asking her questions, she did know half the shit her religion tells her. She's a coffee-shop muslim, which is what 'fake muslims' are and those are the 'fake muslims' people on social media are defending. There are fake Christians too. Honestly, the only thing Christianity and Islam have in common is God and that homosexuality is wrong. And in wrong I mean discouraged, but there aren't Christian institutions or groups going around killing gays. Even the Westboro Bapists aren't killing anyone, they're just preaching intensely. They lawyers though, and they probs get mad rushes from doing that. Anyway, God bless and enjoy the sunlight and the peace while we can. Stand up for your self. Love yourself and your family. Spread goodness and fare well!

Concerning Police Brutality and Blacks Criminals:
If there is a systemic problem that is being institutionalized within a set institution, why place the blame on receptors of the problem instead of on the instigators? And even there, why try to stop the problem by demanding the instigators to use more power over their own institution? Chaos.

BLM targets cops and rallies people against cops, but they want the government to do something about it. But... if the government is the one telling the cops to be racist, then why are you mad at the cops? You should be mad at the government, want to take power away from them. There is no 'institutionalized racism', it's just the poor-man's way to attempt to have some form of justice. It's pathetic.

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