Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Importance of Social Stigma

We have numerous very healthy social stigmas that need to be upheld if we're to get any work done. We have to do them in a well-aware type of way in order to avoid normies to notice them. In doing them, however, we will help perpetuate a healthy social cohesion. This is my first WS post, so bear with me, I'm still working shitposting out. Let's dive and I'll try to be gender neutral.

Social Stigma: Race
Target: Aliens

Greys, Martians... but mainly illegals or migrants. I'm targeting Germany and Sweden right now, even though the EU now has laws that I'm pretty sure bans its members from accessing parts of the internet. Maybe I'll write a few blogs in German. Be alienating. Stop being nice, they're not helping anything. You're feeling  more and more awkward. Cast them off. But we'll be receiving some migrants from Syria to Canada soon, so this is what I think would be best. If they're Muslim, keep away. Just don't make friends, don't talk to them, try to be distant. Muslims from Syria will inevitably (not all, clearly) be connected with ISIS. A lot of them agree with what ISIS is doing, and we're going to treat them like Kings here, and their children like kings. Trudeau, you cuck! I would try to get a good job now before they come in a take them. They will, because they'll make quotas. Be wary, women... sorry, but stay in more safe parts of town, move.

Social Stigma: Slut-Shaming
Target: Mainly women, some men

It's an unfortunate thing, but we must continue to slut-shame women. Now, we can't just call them sluts anymore, they think it's funny and cute. We have to do the old-fashion, ignore and don't talk about them, don't hang out with them, and generally feel embarrassed about them. If someone asks about them, just ask distant about them, like they're boring. Don't glorify their behaviour in any way and if EVER they say something to you. Keep them as Facebook friends and post really scary and gross stuff about abortions and sexual immorality. If they unfriend you, it's because they've had enough, but she'll have felt the shame and will be less proud about being a slut.

Social Stigma: Abortion
Target: Women

Women are the targets of a lot of stigma because they are more beautiful than men and are therefore privileged. Female privilege is prevalent, and feminists like to ignore it, but we value women in society for being the child-bearers, and just that is enough to valorize you. Abortion is a trending moral topic and is still heavily discussed. Pro-Life believes that it is unjust and wrong to end the life of someone because 1. Humans should not have the authority to put other humans to death unless they have caused a great evil. 2. Your body is not your body when you have another's body within you. Pro-Choice claims moral relativism and claims that a woman controls her body and her life by choosing to keep the child. Rape victims should be able to abort the baby, as well as underage but fertile girls. I personally think abortion is wrong, but I'm a Christian. It's murder. Protect yourself or just don't have sex if you don't want to be pregnant. Is that so hard? If a woman tells you she has an abortion, if she's proud of it, show disgust. If she's not proud, show empathy. If she's neutral, be questioning. Abortion is now being reduced to this whole 'No guilt' shit-show. Women, stop being sluts, protect yourselves. Just have the child and raise it, this is your life now. You wanted to be a slut, this is what happens when you do the act of sexual reproduction. Orgasms don't valorize you, they're biological 'keep going' markers.

Social Stigma: Homeschooling
Target: Parents (mostly mothers)

These days, people think homeschooling makes kids weird and unsocialized. Well, it does, because they can socialize better than the middle and underclass. Homeschooling is great, as long as you don't echo-chamber your child into stupidity. Challenge your child, make sure they experience everything, but keep them grounded in a solid mind. Nurture their interests and guide them in the direction they want to go in. Homeschooling, like tutoring once was, is a high-class construct and is therefore hated. Everything high class is hated by the middle and under class, which is most of society. Higher middle class will like high-class material wealth, but will often be blinded by this to care about their children's education. Deal with this with a bit of contempt, but strong assurance. If someone disrespects you or attempts to shame you for wanting to homeschool your child, they don't need a good education, they're probably jealous honestly, but say something like: "I don't want the government teaching my child." If they said: "What's wrong with the government?" they're either blue pilled to max capacity, or they're communists. A waste of your time. Just stand your ground and try to talk to open-minded people about homeschooling and its benefits for your children.

Invented Social Stigma: Masculinity
Target: White men

We need warriors. We need real men, who care about the upper class more than the lower class, who want to educate themselves about what's going on in the world. White men who will reclaim their masculinity and cast out the Hipster genderfluid fuckboi who thinks he's an edgelord because he identifies as half a woman. We need Viking culture, dominance, public pressure. Don't care about feminists, don't let them intimidate you. I know misogyny is illegal, don't lower yourself to catcalling anyway, it's base, it's for the underclass. You're more. Work the fuck out, stay out of trouble, and if you are interested in women, find a Christian woman, or a morally-sound woman who is strong-willed, but who is soft. No feminists. They'll ruin you. Well, if you think you can changer her mind, then ok.

Taboo Social Stigma: Submissive Women
Target: Women

This social stigma is also a taboo, so this is a hot topic. Believe it or not, women are submissive to men, they want to be dominated, (gosh, not all of them, but a lot of them). The only problem is that I don't really like it when men attempt to find a website or blog that talks about this in order to help them out. You don't need someone else's advice to dominate your wife, you need to be a good person. If you have gender roles in your couple, you'll be fine. If she doesn't like to be dominated, and tells you, that's fine, respect that, but women like to be dominated by Viking men--I mean a lot of women have rape fantasies (not real rape, but the domination aspect fetishized). Be a moral man, respect your wife and treat her as an equal, but don't be afraid to be sexually dominant with her. You want to, and she wants it too. 

Local Social Stigma: Atheism

Being an atheist is all right. You usually fall into place with a pretty good moral compass, so I think atheists should be left alone. If you find yourself an atheist in a community of intolerant religious people, you might want to move. You should be able to be an atheist without the stigma. The best Christians, the true ones, shouldn't stigmatize people for being atheists. Atheism is a stigma we should break, but I don't agree with anti-theism, that's just activism all over again. Atheism should be normalized, but not pushed.

Local Social Stigma: SJW's

Laugh at them. In class. Make others know that you're on their side concerning the PC issue, the free speech issue. If you're in public, laugh harder. SJW's are ridiculous. They're clowns, middle-class babies who are valorized only by their pathetic existence. We need to stigmatized SJW's into oblivion, like the good feminists did to the Dworkenites in the 80's. There is no 'patriarchy' trust us, if there was, the world would be a better place, there is no 'institutionalized racism', there is no need for intersectionality. You're a joke, get over it.

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