Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ban of Feminine Hygiene Tax--Poor Economic Liberal Choice

On July 1st, feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a very poor economic move to satisfy the shrill Banshees of third-wave feminism. I remember it being a topic on why we need feminism. Here are the approximate figures of this liberal choice.
The government will lose 140 400 000 $ to 280 800 000 $ a year over the ban on tampon tax. This is one-hundred and forty to two-hundred and eight million dollars in taxes. So, women, you were giving around 5 to 10$ a year to the government so you can have the luxury of polluting the world with tampons and pads made probably by children in factories, but nooooo I need that 5-10$ to indulge my fat acceptance craving.

This is a bit cucky of me to post this, but keep in mind that Canada has Quebec in it, which carries a huge load of burden and to strip away that tax means that Canada will fall even deeper into economic failure. I guess, in a way, this should valorize my sense of nationalism and perhaps we are to see a referendum to move out of Canada if the economy is still super bad. Honestly there are plenty of things we could do to help support our economy without Justin and I'd love to have Fran├žoise David as my Quebec PM. She fucking rules.

On a quick side-note, there are alternatives to pad and tampon usage. I'm ecological, I admit it, and I see no shame in reducing waste. This site is a good alternative to tampons and pads. My baby has cloth diapers and they're super comfy and they don't make him smell like piss (it's surprising how much the material absorbs and gets rid of the ammonia!)

But this is very shameful. Feminists have nothing to fight for and the Liberal government is bending over backward and creating more deficit to our economy. Thanks former high-school drama teacher. What pisses me off too is that there are provinces where women can have free abortions. Those abortion doctors are paid thousands of dollars, and yet, who pays for their abortions? Men. The majority of the workforce is men and they pay taxes so that women can have abortions. And this is a thing of the rich supporting the poor. Poor women tend to be dumber and don't understand the consequences of their acts, especially when they're teens, because teen brains don't get that. So, poor people don't pay taxes (and sometimes are on welfare) and are being supported by successful people on top. It is the middle-class and upper-middle-class that suffer most the burden of taxes so that poor, uneducated slutty women can have abortions. Women are so privileged and they don't even see it because they have become coddles and are ungrateful! It's partly not their fault because they've been told ever since childhood that they're special princesses and they grow up thinking it's important to be sexy therefore highly competitive therefore emotionally-armed bitches. Still, I have a lot of empathy for women, but when you look back and see the full picture it's shameful what feminists are doing, saying, and I know they don't represent the majority, but it's horrible PR in the eyes of the other gender.

Canada already needs a more conservative government again. Trudeau is going to kill Canada.

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