Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Drones of the Illuminati

Recently, I've been talking to some friends of mine who really believe that the New World Order is going to happen. I think that the fact that I've been just critically looking at how different social events cause people to think and finding certain disturbing trends like: depopulation (by abortion, mainly) and contraception, and the EU trying to build up into a super-power, America's inside jobs, I'm starting to think this too.

It didn't take me long to start theorizing that feminism was some sort of plot. It is a plot that is aimed very strategically, right in the bull's eye of the woman's spirit, the fragility of the mind and feelings of the young adults (Gen Y) and it works through academia, academic tongue and clear mind-control. I was a victim of it, I know what it is. And I've often hear it confirmed and ring again and again in my mind the word 'Consuming' concerning rape stories and toxic masculinity. I never believed it completely because I swear God helped me keep me sane. So, was feminism just a way for companies to make more money? It was so easy for corporations to get people to start talking about them, they just had to make a sexist ad! I think corporations added their amount of lighter fuel to the fire, but then I realized that it goes further.

The Illuminati, in its beginnings, were notorious for being godless, unconventional, feminists and humanists. They worshiped the creature, and the Earth, and yet were exclusive and prideful and greedy. They ultimately sound like high-power, wealthy Social Justice Warriors. I'm not the one to come up with the idea that SJW's are drones of the Illuminati, I read it in a comment once, but it really made me think. SJW's are despised by people who actually can think for themselves. You have to be one of them or be against them. It's ridiculous. They want more government, but they're rebellious as hell. Who does that? Weak, mind-controlled, high emotion, perverse, godless humans. It's sad and it's true. I used to think I was jealous of my female friend who's polyamorous and who has loads of casual sex and that's why I felt strong negative emotions (Envy) sort of. But then a friend of mine and I discussed how God gives us a stronger moral compass when we accept his grace and everything made sense. Even when I told myself, okay, I'm going to be open-minded, not hateful. I want to be happy for her, etc, I would still feel like puking at the thought of her. She came over to my place once and ragged on about how she wanted her roommate out of their apartment because she was sick of her and she wanted another roommate. I asked her: is she mean? Are you in conflict? And she said: No, I just don't like her anymore. Fucking bitch. Prideful, lusty, atheist pervert and hardcore feminist. She called me a rape-enabler when I said that girls who use Tinder should be careful because it's an easy way for rapists and perverts to get to you. Okay, I'm getting emotional, but she betrayed me. She doesn't love anyone but herself and her fucking genitals. Vile.

*Breathes deeply and accepts Jesus's gift of strength and willpower* All right!

I think that they are a kind of Gestapo, the SJW's. They want to restrict free speech. I mean, what the fuck is hate speech anyway? Hate speech in my opinion is spreading falsehood about someone else (like slander) for example. Like saying about a gay person: that fudge-packer raped 3 little boys and he just said he liked it! Not: that cis white male just said he likes see a woman in the kitchen, that's sexist! Still, it's just words. If you have values and convictions, you'll be fine. I've listed way to help you fight SJW's here.

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