Tuesday, 12 July 2016

YouTubers with Alt-Right Views

I wanted to give a shout-out to a few YouTubers who are Alt-Right. Some I watch more some less.

Millennial Woes
He's definitely Alt-Right, and he's brilliant and he has really thoughtful ideas on feminism, morality, civilization, and politics. He's Scottish and I love his accent.

Red Ice Radio
European descent Aryan duo, killer beauty these two, it hurts. Since they can speak Swedish they report on Swedish media that others cannot. They're insightful and have a lot of guest speakers.

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Spunky, beautiful, brilliant Blonde makes informative videos with an Alt-Right flair, denouncing feminism, liberal hypocrisy, and the Jewish banking system.

Alt-Right occultist informs us about Satanic conspiracy theories, the corruption of 'upper management', and his own personal journey into the occult, Satanism, and entheogens.

Black Pigeon Speaks
He doesn't consider himself Alt-Right, but he advocates for points that are Alt-Right His videos are nuanced and he dares to talk about things no one would dare bring up. His video on 'How Women Will Destroy Nations' is amazing and controversial and I recommend it as a woman.

Naked Ape
I like hearing his voice for some reason. He's cheeky, I know he's gay but I would say his view of gays in the media is that they are being used a tool to advance a Cultural Marxist agenda. He does a lot of videos on race and statistics, they are well-presented and I like his visuals.

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