Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Women Power is Not In Feminism--It's in Conservatism

There is a minority of activist women in America who identify as Christian (seriously) and/or Conservative. They want to reclaim the word 'feminist'. Personally, on a side-note, I would like to coin the word Femalist, those who care about the female sex, about reproduction, female beauty, humility and sacrifice. These feminists call third-wave mainstream feminists 'fauxminists' as they devaluing the true nature of women. Now I'm not going to make an argument from nature, because that's an endless cycle of bullshit. I'm going to make the argument from God. Woman arose from the earth. Female. She who bears fruit in her womb.

How are women supposed to feel like women if society is encouraging them to sacrifice the life of their unborn child in order to further another aspect of her life? If that aspect is career, you are valuing work over life and her own body's natural function. If that aspect is personal growth, you are undermining the potential for the woman's growth in having a baby. If the answer is because the dad will not stay, the father will end up paying for the child, or the government will give the mother enough money for her to stay home in a small apartment where she can raise her child and hopefully find a man who will take care of her. (This is why I don't like it when certain Conservatives discourage people from dating single-moms, some of them were abandoned and need love and care. See her selfless act of having the baby as an understanding that she wants a family and will be loving and caring!) Abortion is disgusting and yet, we praise women who have doctors remove their growing fetuses from their uterus. Often, they shoot the woman's uterus with a poison that ends up giving the heart-attack to the baby. Then, the baby dies in her womb and she has it dead inside of her until the operation. During the operation, she is drugged not to remember anything but can still have flashes and when she 'awakens' everything is back to normal only she's a dead-beat mom. We normalize it, but we also need to wake up and see that we've taken part in the murder of something we should be valuing.
This is a baby in utero at 20 weeks of life. Up to 23 weeks is the second-trimester abortion still allowed in many parts of the West. Look at this sweet baby and tell me it's 'just a pack of cells'. This baby is forming and having an experience that we've all had. It's easy to say abortion is okay when you're the one who's alive. How is it powerful for you to kill your own beautiful baby child? Why is adoption not talked about more? Instead of helping fat women become slim and healthy, we encourage them to continue to be fat and unhealthy. Instead of helping sexually confused people into normalcy we encourage sexual confusion and deviancy. Instead of telling a woman, wow, you're pregnant! Isn't it amazing? I'm so happy for you, the first question I had when I was pregnant and I told people my age (22) was: Are you going to have an abortion? And when I looked shocked they insisted on telling me: But, you don't know yourself, and you're young, it's time to party and have fun! It was disheartening. And this came from a lesbian, who supposedly loves women. Honestly many lesbians that I've met have been anti-birth, anti-child, and open about their hate of children like it's all fine and dandy. Sorry, but it's not.

I know I've done an abortion post before, but this ties into how Christianity and Conservatism cares far more about women that Liberals and Atheists. Recently, the climate has shifted in the social sphere with the Cultural Marxist term 'social construct'. Construction is a thing, it's a philosophical term I have come to understand as 'that which man constructs'. It is different than true Art, Religion and Science. Construction is laws and rules, teche and thought, but it is not Science. Science gives us a clear understanding of matter, and we are unable to prove elsewise that there are more than two sexes or genders. Male and female. This is Biblical as well, God creates both male and female (I like the Priestly version of creation more :3) according to his image, the image of the Universe. Sex is NOT a social construct. Sex is real. Gender is also real. Gender is our understanding between men and woman. I have a penis therefore I am a man and gender is what a man IS socially, physically. Those who claim it is a construction are not realizing that men's differences to women manifest phenomenologically in a different manner. Boys and girls don't tend to like the same games and the same toys, and that's proven Scientifically. While they cross-over a lot, raising kids genderlessly or cross-genderly can have negative effects on them later on in their lives.

A brief personal experience: I'm not the one to start psycho-analyzing what my parents did to me as a child, and I honour and respect them thoroughly and blame their choices on temptation, selfishness and lack of knowledge/wisdom, which is reasonable. My mother cut my hair short because she hated combing my hair (I was supposedly difficult, but hell, train me, woman!) This made many people call me a 'tom-boy'. In french, the translation of the slang is actually far worse, it's 'little broken boy' (ti-gars manqué). This had negative effects on me and I started identifying early on as a boy thinking 'I wasn't allowed to be a girl' and then I would start being envious of  girl's long hair, of girls in general. I wanted to be a girl but I didn't feel like I was really allowed to be feminine. This, and now a see it as so obvious, led me to homosexuality. I wanted girls because I wanted to be a girl. They were appealing because I wanted it and I wanted it for myself. I wanted to possess a woman because I didn't feel like I was allowed to be a woman. And now that I am free from these chains (very much helped by the birth of my son) I realize the crucial importance of gender roles. The severity of these roles is what I worry about mainly. I don't think men should NOT help with the children's care or a few chores and I don't think a woman should NOT have a career, as long as it doesn't take away from her primary duties as a mother.

Mothers are sacrificial. Personally, I am pro-Patriarchy, which is pretty rare. I like men running it all. I agree with more men than I do women. I agree with women who agree with men. I'm not a misogynist, but I don't like many women, especially if they're 'liberal' and 'free' and 'emancipated' and happily fucking three or four different guys a week. I like mature, maternal mothers who have commitment, control and morals. The only thing I disagree with concerning patriarchy is the notion that the 'father must be the spiritual leader of the house'. I don't think so. I am the Christian of the house, my husband is a confused atheist sometimes agnostic pagan sometimes and it's not his fault. I think sometimes the woman can lead the home spiritually, as long as she is faithful to her true Father in Heaven. That's real Patriarchy. If my husband had a great plan to start a community garden to help feed the poor, I would sacrifice my entire life to him by doing the chores, raising our children and keeping myself happy by reading and maybe doing some art if I ever have the time. As a mother, we sometimes have to understand that we must stop dreaming of our own ideas and desires, and start dreaming about the ideas and desires of the family. If your husband wants to work for the greater good, see it as a team effort! I think men and risky and ambitious and that should be nourished. At the same time, I think the husband should provide enough money to satisfy his woman's needs for children. Should she want another child, that should be her right and he should be able to provide.

Women should practice selflessness from an early age. But selflessness is not supposed to mean 'pleasing'. It is supposed to mean 'sacrifice'. Women have an intrinsic need to care for people. Nursing and child care is dominated by women, not men, and that's organic. Women love to make people feel good, but I think today that need is not fulfilled and instead women think that having lots of sexual adventures will fulfill that need. Pleasing yourself with someone else and vice-versa isn't going to help you get rid of your pride. Also, giving into a man's sexual whiles by disrespecting your own body is rape, self-rape. Check out this post I wrote about this. God doesn't want you prostituting yourself. Be moral. If you're with a boy and you like him but you're not certain you would want to be with him for a long time and have a long relationship, maybe you should reflect upon what you want to do instead of lead him on. I know women are teases, I used to be a tease, I admit it and it was shameful. Don't tease men. And men, respect women. I know it's difficult because women are dressed as sluts and you're like consta-hard, but you should also wait for a woman who will be devoted to you, who will love you and be loyal to you and only you. They're hard to come by. Check out Neo-Masculinism. I don't like Roosh V much, but I like some of his theories.

All right, that's all for today. God bless!

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