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SJW Emotional Manipulative Nonsense and Memes

So yesterday I had a quarrel with a Greek female SJW and a black woman, both I believe are Canadian. It was very intense and without the help of an open-minded conservative (female) by my side, I would have probably collapsed. They cornered me, blasted me and made me feel 'the white guilt' feeling, which they attempt to justify as me feeling empathy. Empathy doesn't feel like rotten disgusting waste, that's called gaslighting. When someone maximizes a situation in order for you to feel vulnerable, they break you and then they take you into their cult. It is emotionally-driven bullshit that makes the SJW. They have no sense of reason, they circlejerk on the same memes and I have decided to root out the conversation and expose them:

Concerning, Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, they say this:

Greek Female SJW: "I think a lot of good analogies have been made as to why "all lives matter" is not a very useful statement. If you go to the doctor with a broken leg and he tells you all bones matter... Yes... But there's a disproportionate problem with my tibia"

This is the meme. A meme is an idea first and then it is made into a picture and then is propagated. We hate foreign meme and this is one of them. It's destructive to social cohesion on a large scale. It is the shameless superiority complex of the SJW that attempts to justify their own good deeds. I mean, just look at the little guy in the comic... Shaking my head so much right now. So condescending.

She also said did the whole (Sarcastic comment inserted here): Just build a wall to keep the rapists out and stay on the white side 🎤 (This is why men don't like women these days.) This assumes the white supremacy that we live in. More like self-destructive functional, happened to be white civilization. Mexico has a rape culture, a real endemic one, so fuck you, a lot of illegals are ex-rapists or future rapists. I mean, why is it so easy for SJW's to say that white men are all rapists but oops, no, illegal barbarians from the South are all kind and hard-working and would change upon entering the US. 

Crimes committed vs crimes reported/crimes brought to justice

Black woman: Wow... "There is a disproportionate amount of black people commiting crimes, and Hispanics raping"? Girl, you gotta get your facts straight. There's a difference between the number of black and Hispanics jailed for it and the actual number of criminals out there. I'd need my sources to back it up, but I'm pretty sure there was no correlation found between the rapes and race, but there was one between the sentence and race.

So, there is this conspiracy out there that white people get away with crime easier than other races. This isn't something we can fact-check, so they see it as check-mate. But it's not, it's bullshit. Everyone wants justice. Everyone who lives peacefully wants so see people put in jail. However, I'm thinking there might be some pretty hardcore Christian influences in the South preventing people from seeking justice since they're basically anarchists. I don't know how they deal with forgiveness of crimes in the Bible Belt, but it might explain the less amount of reporting. It might be a conspiracy, but there are often black judges and attorneys these days, are they in on it?
Black woman: Also, saying those type of things can be reworded as "they are intrinsically bad people. That's why they are in jail, why police focus on them, and why we need to keep America safe"

This is very interesting. This is something I've been seeing more and more in the SJW's, saying things like all white people are racist toward blacks. It's extreme, but if we would valorize this, then we could justify our racism by saying it's part of our identities. But that won't ever happen. 

"Unfortunate factor emerging from multiculturalism"... Oh well, Canada's just an exception, then? A multicultural society that doesn't tackle racism by saying it doesn't exist, but says it should be reduced by teaching everyone kindness? 

Canada has 35 million people, and the majority of minorities are concentrated in MTL, Toronto and Vancouver. We're apathetic in Canada. The states, very very different place. 300 million people, lots of illegal immigrants from Mexico, lots of blacks, and there is culture-clash. 'Take racism' ? Aka 'conform people' or else...

Black Woman still: "The unfortunate factor in this, is that what you call "multiculturalism", we call prejudice"

She's racist. She hates whites. She's using the 'you' to claim 'me=whites' she doesn't know me and the 'we' aka blacks. I don't understand how multiculturalism equals prejudice apart from the actual fact that multiculturalism is destructive to a healthy society. Then she said this:

"What you wanna dress up as "oh we don't know each other because we have different races, that's why we're afraid", we call privilege and prejudice and casual racism." and
"But being a racist is not the end of the world. You can accept that you were one, and voluntarily choose to say "what did I do wrong", "what did I say that was shocking? " "how did I offend you?" "

Very interesting. Like all SJW's, either they can't accept social cohesion and they're rebelling against it, or they're clearly alien in a society which is pushed back because of the black underclass and she sees it as racism. What you call privilege, we call normal. What you call prejudice we call it normal. What you call casual racism, we call normal. No, being racist isn't the end of the world, because being racist by your standards would mean that nepotism is racist and kinship is racist. It means that whites aren't allowed to stick together because you want to be included in the white circle, only you refuse to call yourself privileged. It's an 'us vs them' war FOR multiculturalism, which in a majority-white society, the whites must feel guilt for being white and therefore lower themselves and bend to this unnatural authority of the other tribe. It's self-destruction and it's being a traitor to your nation. Blacks offend me when they use the English language to bitch about how shitty the nation that isn't theirs is to them. Move. Move to the Congo. Go back to your tribe. See how you like it there. 

Then they assumed they knew 'my stance' which I laughed heartily inside despite the vile emotional turmoil by estrogen was pumping. They assumed this and that, it was terrible. And it ended up in the most savage form of emotional manipulation. I knew the feeling, I had been there before, because of that time I was converted into feminism. I was manipulated by women who were prideful and selfish and they just wanted another cohort, and it happened again. I'll post it here:

Greek SJW woman: You're misusing a lot of these terms (I was not). Censorship and freedom of speech do not occur in an individual vs individual scenario. When we talk about them, it's the state that is the infringing party. Intolerance is not when someone disagrees with your political opinion but rather when a person is persecuted for a basic part of their person (race, creed, gender, etc). 

This person does not know the meaning of ostracism. When everyone around you has a view and your view is different, you cannot vocalize it for fear of being ostracized for your views. People dehumanize you because of your views, not your actions. Therefore, the person is censored. That's a form of censorship. 

At this point, if you're wondering why I'm not posting my side of the argument, it's because it's shit you already know. I'm basically acting like a neo-conservative treading on eggshells with them. I'm giving the other side lightly and sweetly, nothing provocative, adding in a bit multicultural bashing (they're taking it hard). It's really same-old. 

Greek female SJW: Regardless, would you say you face more, less or equivalent amounts of hate as a white woman, to that of a black man, (my name)?

 The hell? I'm a white woman, and I belong to my tribe. What happens to me in my tribe is mine. If another tribe fucks with me, that's personal. I'm a liberated woman, but I choose to be liberated from vice, so, ultimately, I have a husband and child and I'm Christian. Black men... who knows? If they face racism, that's up to them to deal with it. It sucks,  but I'm not going to go out of my way to help them, it's not my tribe. This is a jab at intersectionality, it's gross. She's attempting to put oppression on a spectrum and claim that I'm on the same level as a black man. Gross. Gross. Gross!

Black woman: "But we got on this topic because of several police brutality cases which have culminated tension"
The police brutality by whites and blacks does not reflect the views of the people because the people do not like the views of the state and policemen are state-controlled and state-trained. No one sees black people like animals, but some policemen might be racist and use black people to get out their frustrations, that's possible and also some policemen might want to beat some guy up and their target just ended up being a black guy. The point is, there are many dangerous black neighbourhoods that are heavily patrolled by cops. Yes, there is a lot of tension. Yes, there is a racial tension because these neighbourhoods are usually black-dominated. Why is this so difficult for them to understand? And then there was this:

Greek SJW woman: A professor in a video I watched recently asked a group, "if anyone here, would be happy to be treated as blacks are in America, please stand"
Would you stand, (my name)?
 This triggered me. Triggered in the sense that they know what I mean, the emotional manipulation that makes other women cry in their victimhood/privilege. I've been a victim of both being underprivileged as a woman, berated by feminists who brought back to me a disgusting sexual coercive experience I had and gaslighted me (with smiles in their faces at the other end of the internet) into madness, into depression, into believing that I was a victim of rape, of the patriarchy, and of the 'system'. This is common, they just shoot out random anecdotes that are strategic and systematically used in order to trigger people. If you refuse to show the emotions, they say that you're cruel or repressive. It's the most disgusting, cult-like behaviour I have ever experienced in my life. They painted a picture of black treatment and then asked me if I would be treated the same. But I told them, if I would be made black in the world right now, I would be so. I would be black. Bring it on. Bring on the racism. I'd still be me, I'd still stand for the same values, but I'd be black. I'd probably face ostracism from middle-class whites with hipster SJW ideals, or other blacks, but the ones they think are after blacks, would see me as their own. Why? Because I'll assimilate and I'll do it fucking well. 

This is a side-note, but at one point in the conservation, they mention a video about a social experiment between each other. I think I found it. Here is it.
Just the premise of the experiment is pretty degrading. Blondes are very beautiful, but they're also very constructed and fetishized. I know a blonde woman, she has lots of arm and hand hair, she has pale eyelashes and eyebrows and has extremely poor eyesight. So, she cakes on eyeliner and paste and make-up and after an hour or so, she goes out and perpetuates a constructed reality, a fetishized reality for a lot of men and women. There's no harm in that, we are competitive after all, but brunettes are not seen the same way. So what if people are surprised that a blonde woman has a high-paying job? Maybe if she didn't have cakes of make-up on her face, you might not have been so surprised. The girls in the thread were like 'Omg I love this video' like what? It's gross. 

They have a narrative and they won't stray from it. So, I'll illuminate the tactics here:
1. Emotional abuse through memes
2. Omission of important information/dismissiveness
3. Circlejerk/ganging up if they are more than 1
4. Use of intersectionality

Well, they're SJW's, they're completely not self-aware. You can't help them. They'll have to help themselves.

Addendum: You can, however, attempt to ask them what they want from you if ever you want to engage in their nonsense rhetoric. Tell them...

What do you want me to do?
They'll likely answer this: Use your privilege in order to help those who don't have any.

If they go into specifics, they might say: by offering someone of colour a job, by defending a person of colour if a racist slur is directed at them, by not being racist, by volunteering, etc.

So, you're asking me to be a good person and do some volunteer work?
You have to be self-aware of your privilege at all times.

So basically, you want me to be a Christian.

Well, I'm already a Christian, and I'll help anyone I know. If I don't know any black people, I'm not going to start falsely making friends with black people, that's not going to help me think black people are different than white people.
Make that step, get out of your comfort zone, they would say.

So, you're saying that black people are constantly taken out of their comfort zone because of institutionalized racism?

At this point, resist with your entire might to say that they should probably go to an all-black country. (Gosh, just give them a state and ask them all to move there, or something... give them New Orleans.)

SJW's wil NEVER be happy, they will NEVER be satisfied. They will create more and more problems as things become worse and worse. Look at all the made-up genders they think they embody! Insane.
Ugh, I'm so disgusted by SJW's, it's actually a problem I have to deal with. Contempt, sublimate into Godnergy!

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