Friday, 22 July 2016

The New Scoundrel

Is it sad that I think white supremacists are bad boys? Not all of them, but there is a niche of WS of gentlemanly, virtuous and brilliant men who show more love and care of women than feminists do. I don't want to get into contempt (and clearly the Alt-Right needs self-awareness concerning it) but once you do your homework, you realize that there is a lot of truth to what the Alt-Right is fighting for. But without getting into that, there is a lot of female appeal to the Alt-Right, and this gentlemanly type of man.

1. The Alt-Right is not afraid to say that which is difficult to be said by the average person. This breach of care, this forwardness alone is attractive.

2. They know women are social manipulators and women who are humble enough to know this, see it as intimate information. I would say that the least attractive man on the planet is a male feminist, and I sort of see the ws as being not only right about women, but a complete opposite of the latter.

3. Risk-taking. If you're a ws and you're doing videos online, you're risk-taking, and that's sexy to women. You show yourself off, impose your views, those views show a love of the nation, which I think brings the woman along with him. I've been claiming that the Alt-Right needs and feminine touch, because it's a bit rough on the edges right now, but it would be in a following kind of way, in the way Alt-Right women must be self-aware and act to better support her nation. She does this in the least risk-taking way, and yet, in the way she knows best, naturally, by breeding (accordingly).

4. It's male-dominated but female-friendly (as long as you're not a bitch), it's exciting, it's like being in a No Girls Allowed treehouse, but they think you're cool because you're just being yourself and you're not focused on society's version of a woman (by that I mean butterflies, nail polish, and feminism). This kind of gives the illusion that you're well-surrounded, you'll have intelligent conversations, and you'll learn something.

5. They're real men. A real man is self-aware and that's really the key theme in the Alt-Right. You have to understand your place in your nation, your role and your flaws in order to be the best that you can be. They remind me a lot of MGTOW, but more female-friendly. These men would be perfect candidates for kind, lovely women who want a family and many children.

Perhaps I'm being too romantic, I'm aware of that. I'm just one person, but I don't think I'm alone. I just don't want to be too fanatic... oh gosh... this is total fanaticism. *Sigh* Oh well. :3

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