Saturday, 30 July 2016

What is Race Superiority?

We won't all agree on the definition, but this is what I find important when a race claims to be better than another. Race, for this definition, will encompass culture as well.

1. A race cannot bring another race down to support its claim of superiority
 To use another race to boost your race is to prove weakness. A race that need the support of other races is not superior, but exploiting the strengths of one race in order to appear better. American whites have the same burden to blacks as German whites have to Jews. I know there probably aren't that many Jews living in Germany anymore, but the idea of reparations is cute and beautiful but it's not going to happen. We're not the society we were then. We're not the people that our ancestors were. But years have passed since the American chattel slavery, and society has shifted quite a bit since then. Black people now have complete equality, it's up to them to choose to live as a victim of the past or as an individual who has perfect agency and who will prove to the 'white man' that she can be as culturally savvy, controlled, intellectual and in love with the freedom she has in the West.

2. A race cannot act in a a way that is detrimental to that superior race and culture
Like being crass and unmannered? Try again. A culture that frees itself from obsessive desires, violence, impulsion, even hatred will be a culture that will reign more supreme than another. Recently raped Sweden used to be an egalitarian homogenous culture with strict immigration laws. After its join with the notorious EU and with the EU's open-borders policy, it was devastated by a strange culture/race/religion. This culture is not strong, it is an incredibly powerful culture that seems embedded in the DNA of the people. They are racist toward everyone else than their kin, which is normal, but they can't even get along. Clearly they are not a superior race/culture/religion. Can Sweden live in a multicultural way? Yes, but the whites in Sweden will be oppressed. They will be silenced, and will continue to be raped and plundered of its culture and traditions which have been upheld with dignity for so long. I swear, the first rape child born from a Muslim and a Swedish woman... and I'll crack.

3. The race must be self-aware, able to receive criticism, keep its ground despite all odds
Your culture will prevail if you do not crumble under pressure. Refuse the new definitions for 'racism'. Refuse being discriminated against because of your skin colour. Refuse to be talked down to, humiliated and degraded by other races and other cultures. And this one, most importantly, react against poor behaviour done to your own race by other races. Black Lives Matter doesn't care about the black-on-black crime. Why? Because it wants to be racist toward a 'white' system. It wants reparations. It has freedom of speech and instead of using it to propagate a way to build an AI, work on SETI, philosophize a way out of postmodernism or genetically modify dirt into something edible, they use it to shout in the streets because 500 of them were killed by police last year. And they want white people to join in? Why? Sorry, I'm busy telling people their countries are being raped by globalists.

If critiques by another race for 'taking up too much room' as they say 'speaking too much' or 'being too everywhere' simply be empathetic to their plights, and tell them what they want to hear. When it comes from American culture, minorities have to understand that America is pretty much the best deal they can get concerning the amount of power and freedom they have, the amount of money they can get from the government for being unemployed, the technology they have at hand for a small cost, etc.

4. The race must love its own race wherever it is in the world
Culturally, races are different. Whites all over the world mostly come from the same milk-drinking brawlers, and we've spread over the years, but our cultures have gotten along pretty well despite politicians driving their countries in fairly different ways. What I hope about Trump, for example, would be that he might want to let in some Europeans if their countries are to be hijacked by barbarians. Your race is your people. It's your blood, it's your DNA, it's your pride and joy. Your kinship should be highly regarded, the social cohesion to strive for, the nepotism plenty. Help those who will help you, support those who will support you. Nation-building might sound dismissive of the plight of those who are struggling with their own agency, but as long as we do not impose what we do on their lives, there should be no problems. Of course, we cannot help the white underclass. The underclass is the underclass and the only way to deal with it is through a eugenics program, which I've attempted to devise or rationalize, but I always end up embodying the same conclusions as the Fuhrer and it freaks me out.

5. The culture of a race must be unanimous
Throughout the years, a strong family unit has proved to be the best way to upkeep a good society. A hearty love of God has boosted happiness levels and lifespan in people. If we are to be great and to sustain this greatness, we must be unanimous. Conservatism is what I believe we all strive for. I know some in the Alt-Right are Atheist (honestly Atheists are often more moral than people who claim to be 'Agnostic' which is basically code-word for 'I don't know what morality is.) and might be proudly homosexual. I might have radical views concerning homosexuality (I think it's a sexual obsession much like pedophilia) and miscegenation, which slot me right in with evangelicals (and I used to be an SJW, this is pretty intense!) but I think if we can have a good social cohesion, we'll be able to be a bit more liberal. I don't mind gay people, I'm not homophobic, I just don't agree with the lifestyle or sexuality, but I don't think there should be a coalition of gays, like the LGBT, who are anti-Christian bigots who bully religion and demand culture to normalize homosexuality. If there wasn't this LGBT cult, I don't think the majority of us would mind seeing a gay couple here and there in public, and if we would, well, it might be a necessary social stigma. Clearly they should not be harmed, verbally or physically, but if they are restrained to being more secretive, that might be better overall for society.

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My views on homosexuality moreover explained here

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