Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Freethought and Leftist Buzzphrases Mindcontrol

Abracadabra: "I say what I create"  --Ancient Magic.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I don't personally become offended by something someone tells me, but when something does happen, it gives me insight to the effects this culture and world, especially the secular/mainstream world, is having on their minds. I've noticed that a lot of leftists use certain words in order to control your thoughts or to shut down your thought process. A lot of leftists cannot think outside of themselves. Self-interest is one of the main priorities of the majority of the mainstream leftist thought. They're selfish children who think nationality is 'silly' and that it should be okay to mock Religious people openly, on social media and in public. These are a few things they tend to say:

"That's laughable." 
Our first item on the menu is a a typical specimen. Often perceived in anti-theism blogs and posts on social media, the leftist will use this kind of non-argument mockery in order to attempt to attack the others' beliefs and shut them down. "What's so funny?" Laughing is psychologically connected to numerous triggers. One being relative to sadness, one to discomfort, one to nervousness and one to anger. The sad laugh is a cry; we shed tears when we cry because this type of laughter is very near to crying. It is a catharsis of emotion and it is usually positive. Laughing out of discomfort is going to be our typical laugh at dark humour or a race joke. Discomfort and nervousness are related, both happen out of defensive responses in order to attempt to dissuade the enemy (think about us as animals here) or confuse the enemy so that we can think up of a plan. It's usually uncontrollable. Laughing out of anger though, it usually not real laughing. It's usually a defense that comes from being too certain of something and feeling threatened by another argument. Atheists are often angry and repressive to their spirituality (although some of them are not, but personally I know some) who will mock religious people in order to feel like they have the superior moral highground. It is always better to disagree and attempt to have an open discussion than to mock or laugh at. Next time you see someone use this useless word, try to decipher them, see if they're not using the term as a buzz or if they're serious.

"Educate yourself"
The internet exists, sweetheart, everyone can be a scholar. As soon as you start thinking critically, you're off. You don't need University to learn about people. I despise it when leftists use this. I rarely hear more right-wing people say this because they're not running on some 'new' agenda full of stupid terms (God, please I don't want to get into the gender studies terms). Recently the left gets hard on talking about useless pitiful shit like 'white privilege' and 'intersectionality'. Damn it, I talked about it. Intersectionality if you don't know, is a club of strange gender-bent weirdos who feed their sexual fetishes and demand that other normal people accept them.

We all name-call, but it's now a trend on the left to name-call those who don't seem to be 'on board' with the new sociological terminology they want to go with. All of this comes from Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo! which is a multi-million dollar machine. Name calling (I have a similar subejct post here) is an invocation done through black magic. Most of magic is black, 'white magic' is miraculous or holy influence and it comes from God. Magic stems from the person, and the person is sinful and cannot produce holiness from himself, hence why magic has a bad reputation. Homosexuals have an agenda and they try to push it so far down our throats that we are forced to admit: YES, I'M GAY TOO, ALL RIGHT? LET'S ALL BE GAY! in order for them to shut up and even there, it's not enough. Gay communities are notorious for calling out homosexuals on their sometimes bisexuality or attempt at not being gay anymore. Not all gay people were born fully gay, some of them were groomed and trained in their youth by sometimes only ONE SINGLE encounter (that might not have been harmful) but they are sexually awakened early on in childhood which can be confusing for everyone around them. When the LGBT calls out people for being homophobic because they want to heal from a homosexual molestation that creates homosexual reactions when or if they see gay porn (for example) or say that they're repressive, they're attempting to control you. But only you can control you, especially if you have God on your side.

Turning Wants into Needs
Sex is not a need. Reproduction is a need. Sex is a want, and desire is devastation. The left forces down everyone's throat (and this includes therapists--they just want to make money) that sex is a need. If you are not fulfilled sexually you are sexually repressed. If you don't fine-tune your sexual preference, then you will be empty and lacking and sad. All of this forces us to think far too much of the concept of sexuality, to obsess over something that is close to us because we are sexual beings, and we cannot escape our sexuality. Imagine if someone told us we don't 'hear' correctly and that we should try to find the 'right' way to hear. Imagine if we had sound boxes that would be soothing for us to listen to because it is our X-type of preference and it is exactly what feels like 'home' or whatever. Oh shit, that's what music is! Oh shit, I just mind-blew myself! Oh God, music is... totally mind-control! Well, that turned out to be more than I originally thought.

Turning Negative Feelings into Shame
The left tries to control us by claiming that when we have a negative feeling for something, it is our fault because we are broken. This is terrible, this is worst than Christians who think gays are broken because they have NOTHING backing them up. At least Christians have a book of wisdom and God, the left has nothing to stand on but papers on psychology that don't hold in any recreated experiment. So, you have a repugnant feeling in your stomach concerning homosexuality? You're repressed or hateful. You have a repugnant of negative feeling concerning slutty women? You're jealous or hateful. Have a negative feeling concerning having your kids walk around in public surrounded by slutty young women? That's your problem, you're hateful and repressed. Where do I even start? Clearly SJW's have missed the boat. I'm going to just say this: homosexuality is not normal, and even if there are some people who like it, the fetishistic delights of homosexuality are a fetish that resemble greatly what pedophiles have for children. Homosexuals don't understand, but as someone who used to be bisexual, I admit to having told myself: 'It's sexy because I love another woman.' I loved her briefly when we were young--we didn't do anything sexual, I don't know how I would have handled that honestly... I might have felt raped. But the point is that sexuality is not supposed to be about how greatly your genitals inflame when you're with another person, it shouldn't be about the sheer fact that you're doing something with someone of your own sex and that's what's driving your passion. It should be about reproduction and bonding with the mate of your life, preferably a man. If every man had a woman then men and women could learn from each other far more and we wouldn't have these strong gender disparities. Slutty women need to be shamed. They will be, always. Men don't want a slut raising their children and therefore do not see women who are promiscuous as moral, loyal or good enough to be mothers. Sluts are sexual pariahs that need justification from people that what they are doing is good because they doubt themselves extremely. When they claim they are healthy, they are not because they wouldn't be online trying so hard to justify themselves. The truth is that we're animals (the other day I realized we were beasts and I cried out while weeping: 'we're brute beeeeasstss' and my husband was almost laughing, but he was nice about it too) and as animals we have natural reactions to things like breeding. This is secular too, and those feelings I think should be respected. No, you don't want a slut to be the mother of your children. As for me, I'm disgusted by the attitudes of certain women I know. I had a friend who slept around for a year or two a lot and she stopped and realized it was wrong and now she's trying to find someone steady. She would be a good mother, but she has redeemed herself. But I have a very prideful 'friend' who is a feminist, and who obsesses over the fact that she was raped and sleeps around meaninglessly. She told me once: I don't want to date a guy, I'm horny and I want to fuck now! So she goes on Tinder. I am absolutely disgusted at this individual, to the point where I feel like vomiting. She's a slut and she deserves to be shamed for it. It is shameful. And it's not about her sexuality and her feelings, it's about objectively, she isn't a good role model for anyone and has no integrity or concept of intimacy. She once told me she was poly-dating this guy who had 6-7 other girlfriends and she was sad because he didn't find her sexually appealing (even if they're both sluts) after a while and she said: 'It sucked because I could have fallen in love with him.' Gross. I feel gross thinking about her now and I will move on. But this feeling I feel is important. It is important for our civilization, for our spirit, for the future generations. Sluts are pariahs and pariahs must STAY pariahs unless they are redeemed.

Conspiracy Theory! 
Leftists are often uneducated politically, economically, and don't care about the greater picture of the society they live in. They're so busy screaming at useless privileged shit, so, when you point out something like Psy-Ops, Cultural Marxism, New World Order, they automatically claim 'conspiracy theory'. In reality, the things that are conspiracy theories are coming from the left these days, but not to start that. Saying that something is a conspiracy theory is the same 'silencing' game, but on a larger scale. Cultural Marxism is real and it is evident as soon as you understand what it is. When Wikipedia says that it's a conspiracy theory it is basically making people just think: ah, it's not real, I'm not going to bother. I've heard that the words Conspiracy Theory were firstly used by the CIA in order to deter people from believing certain things. But let's be honestly, we are heading toward globalization. People want to rule the world, it's a great human achievement. Do you really think people are so good that they would abuse their power but then say, okay I've had enough, I'm going to stop here? LOL You're sweet, but evil has no bounds, as much as good. Bogeyman is the child of a conspiracy theory, to the leftists, they use this word in order to ridicule your claim. If someone uses this, look closely into their words, into what they are invoking.

SJW's, you could say, embody demons and spew toxic evil waste onto our spirits, into our ears and it blocks our hearts from expressing goodness and glory. By worshiping the creature instead of the creator they value experience over conservation, which is what Satan tempted Eve with. It is sad that feminism is basically the worship of the fall of Eve, and not only this, the political left is using women as pawns in a chessboard game toward globalization. If feminism continues and grows, we will prepare for a matriarchy, and it will be the downfall of our civilization, of the West. I can project this kind of thing happening:
White women will be the first to go. Young women will tie their tubes early on to avoid having children (paid for by taxpayers, of course, aka men). Abortions up to birth will be allowed and performed (paid for by taxpayers dollars, mainly men's dollars (gross!). Men will change more and more and become more feminine in order to have female attention. 

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