Monday, 18 July 2016

The Social Justice Conclusion

"There is a difference between men raising issues and raising men's issues." 

Logically, when it comes down to social justice, the ones who need it more are men. MRA's are where it's at. There are very few shelters for battered men, battered men are shamed by other men, men have a difficult time to express their emotions and it leads to a horrendous suicide count. After having been part of the left and having watched many videos on Identity Politics and now finding ground in Christian Conservatism and the Alt-Right, I have concluded that feminism is not only useless but very dangerous, egalitarianism is the norm, and those we call Men's Rights Activists are the only ones doing actual work. Feminism, such as Femaleism (that cares about having babies and being a wife to a man, or sublimating one's spirit into God) is needed, but I'll get to that in another post.

This is the best logic of all. Men are privileged and dominating, therefore, they need to shut up and come down off the power pedestal to let women and minorities stand up and speak. Since that has happened, all we've heard was banshee screaming. And people wonder why women's aren't showcased in museums. Darling baby girl, it's call meritocracy, and it's beautiful and important. But to come to the logic of the privileged men. Huffington Post (cancer) has a section called 'Voices'. You will find a link to women's, gays, and other intersectionally oppressed people saying boohoo stories about their oppressed lives. But there isn't a section for men's voices. This is where feminism gets it very very wrong. Feminists and Social Justice Warriors of the likes think that all of society is male-dominated, that it is based on the male gaze and that women are just sex toys to be used by these men. They are surrounded by sexism and objectification and must be wary of what they do in public because of men. Well, if you live in a metropolis yeah there are a lot of creeps, because there are a lot of people, but size-down to any regular city or town and you'll find that the world is equally dangerous and safe for both men and women. But what about the men, who already have a hard time expressing themselves? Why not give them a voice?

Logic fail: Feminists know men do not express themselves, therefore, we'll keep them quiet.

I think feminism is controlled by upper management (I think I'll use that term now to refer to those who control population). I actually think it is a way to promote a culture of slutty women who are prideful and selfish in their teens and young adulthood, and when they'll become old and unwanted, they'll have nothing and it will perpetuate depression and anxiety in all of them. They'll have cats because they didn't have babies and will hold on the most they can to their invented identities that were all the craze in the 10's. I just wrote this private post to myself on Facebook (I'm weird):

In 30 years from now, we'll all be laughing at this ridiculous 'identity' craze and social movements... oh well I won't because I'll likely be in a gulag for writing this post.

Men are people too, you know? Rapists are people too. And I also find that someone who rapes should not have the label 'rapist' for the rest of their lives, I think it's degrading. In no way am I minimizing rape, but let's be honest with ourselves, when we hurt someone, often we feel really bad and while it might take some time for a man (or woman, but I'll focus on men here) to admit that they are a rapist, that what they did was wrong, they need to be redeemed and they need to be washed away from that title. Rapists should apologize directly to their victims as soon as possible, apologize with open heart and humility. This is the only way. Continuing to be angry at someone and labeling them 'rapist' once the hurt is dissipated will only breed more anger and intolerance. This is what a good social justice warrior must do, must say, must understand. If men are raping women, there is a problem in men, but it's not this dark force or this dominating issue like 'toxic masculinity' I despite that term is my life. Rape, when done in war is a tool powered by domination. Rape, when used in the feminist definition, usually means the guy was too prideful when he was having sex and he didn't take into consideration anyone else but himself. This is common, I mean, I'm sure women feel prideful when they are with a man, but they can't rape because it's not in the definition of rape. Prideful 'rape' is something to be dealt with, and while it is difficult to confront someone on the basis that they have hurt you, it is important. Either confront, or release the pain it might have brought you and forgive them.

Women in the West are extremely privileged. They are encouraged to share their emotions, they are really only shamed when being sluts. Lesbians, although fetishized, are not necessarily shamed by men, sometimes though, by other women. I do believe that shame is normal, as is racism and sexism. I don't think we should be doing anything about them, they should run their courses and people should deal with the consequences accordingly. What we need to do is fix people, not society. Society is just a bunch of people. We need to harden people so they are grounded in themselves. We need to have strong values that rest in love and forgiveness, truth and freedom. We need to be careful of the things that we do, but not the things that we say. A friend and I have a secret love of trolls. We love internet trolls and we think they're necessary to create ridicule, but remind us of our biases, (I think). Men in the West, however, are still ridiculed and shamed and have guilt for things they cannot control. That's something that needs to be addressed.

If ever you would like to watch an amazing MRA, Karen Straughn is where it's at. Theryn Meyer as well, she's a trans-woman MRA, and Diana Davison, who advocates for the MGTOW movement is great as well.  I know they're all women. Interesting isn't it.

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