Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mandatory Diversity Class is Reeducation

So you might have heard of this. "Diversity classes" yes. It's pretty clear to those on the Alt-Right that this is a form of reeducation. People can't have had a good education from just living because they are one race and need to experience the turmoil that other races face in the same society. So, they need to have a mandatory class on diversity so that they can know exactly how they are oppressing minorities. Well, this will definitely end badly. 

1. Clearly this is targetting whites. This is claiming that the white identity is intrinsically lacking because of the lack of 'racial tensions' that we avoid for being white. It's saying that white people are privileged and therefore, they need oppression points that they will get by becoming activists, in set movements such as BLM. They're creating puzzle pieces for their global agenda and slotting them in right where they want them. The racism in this is astounding, but they've built a frame narrative of the prejudice+power = sexism/racism in order to fit that narrative. We are going toward a communist state and it's funny that it's the left that's scared of Trump's authoritarianism.

2. It's reeducation that's been going on for a decade. When I was in high school, our classes (in Canada) were minority-focused. We had sec. 1 to focus on Jews and the holocaust, we had sec. 3 to focus on blacks and the chattel slavery in America. Honestly, it was really boring and really gross. I kept on being grossed out and terrified by what happened that now when I read about it I just end up being grossed out and terrified. But mainly, I remember 14-year-old me thinking 'Why aren't we reading Shakespeare? Why do we have to talk about street gangs? A couple of whites in my classes even glorified gang culture and wasn't even called out for it. It was normal for him to say positive things about gang culture, despite the initiation stories, the rape and violence, the mentality, etc of said gangs. No, they were black--it was almost like we had to appreciate their culture despite its clear degeneration. "But that's not REAL black culture." Ok. Sure. I'll give you that, so then why were we (an all-white class) forced to eat up American slavery and black gang culture? (albeit in there was The Outsiders, which was a white thing, but still shitty, despite perhaps a bit tragic as well) It's because it's programming. It's this unnatural insertion into a perfectly good culture of guilt and racism and things that don't belong because we have mixed races and a broken social cohesion. Canada's great, but people ignore that Canada's great because people don't care about anything. We're also very few compared to the US. 35 million, which is almost the pop. size of California. There are 300 million in the US and growing exponentially due to illegals from Mexico. So, a small country with lots of land, and few pockets of Muslims, Blacks and others won't be very violent. It's not an excuse to continue to break its social cohesion by adding in multicultural studies that don't really help students grow--it just helps them feel sorry for black people, victimize them.

3. America is a melting pot anyway, or a mosaic at some places. Who cares about diversity when there is diversity around you? Clearly in the ultra-left, individualism and agency goes down the pipe. Women and minorities are victims and need coddling and need the majority and whites and men to bow down to them and let them take the lead for a while. Right. Well, ask any woman over 60 if they liked working alongside women, and they'll have the guts to tell you, no, women are catty and they emotionally manipulate you to feel horrible about yourself. 50 and under, they had second-wave feminism up in their ears. Women studies are useless. No one cares about what people with vaginas could do, it's about what PEOPLE can do. People who vote for a woman because she's a woman... please... baby Jesus... why?? Gender studies? Male and female. Be one or hate one, next. Multicultural/diversity... why? Some people are racist, others aren't. Sorry that you fuck up our social cohesion. (God, imagine that, if whites oppressed blacks with the argument of social cohesion how messed up that would be? It's totally the same thing right now, but we're white and we scoff it off because we're Vikings. I just imagined a huge manly Viking man picking up a cow with one arm and drinking from its teat as a little minority came running at him with a sign saying 'Diversity Now' and he just slaps him away laughing, his voice basically thunder.) Indigenous? But... didn't the animals who live there live on the land and then you took it from them? Regressive argument. Nothing there. Why are we forced into empathy classes when we should be building new culture, progressing technologically, and becoming greater people? If whites are to be prolific, be happy for them, they're paving the way for future generations. Most white people are not racist toward non-whites, it's just... the other. Sorry. Bias is normal. Prejudice can be adjusted, but we can't stop progress for adjustment. It needs to go on.

I want to start the hashtags. #oopsedinagulag for the conservatives out there, because it's cute and you can say it after you say something 'offensive'. And #gulaglife2017 because it's fun and true. Hope to see you all in the neo-gulags!           

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