Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Great Article Responding to Black Pigeon Speaks

I found this response on TradYouth to Black Pigeon Speaks' video on how women's role in politics negatively effect healthy civilization. http://www.tradyouth.org/2016/02/jews-destroy-women/ It is about the powerful elite and it fine-tunes the video. Enjoy! BPS's video is also on the page.


"Were young women given complete sexual liberation but afforded a truthful and complete stock of the situation, they would make less degenerate choices. They’re repeatedly lied to about the situation. They’re led to believe that their fertility remains reliable well into their forties. They’re led to believe that they can ambitiously pursue a career and achieve a quality man and traditional family. Hollywood confirms that quality providers will gladly wait for them to finish riding the carousel. They’re led to believe that the contraceptives they’re eagerly offered are completely safe and don’t have grave effects on their hormone levels and future fertility."

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