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SJWism is a Cult: In-Detail Study

So this is something that's been brewing for a while. It's difficult to pin-point a cult, but I've studied religion and I think I've come to understand its workings. Cults have certain key elements to them that I've observed also lie in the SJW/Feminism cult. 

Cult factor one: Social exclusion for the inclusion of the cult.
Many cults, the unfortunately 'Christian' cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses for example, encourage family members to separate if they are no longer religious in the JW way.
SJW's use the famous 'white guilt' argument in order to rally white people in their cause. They also use 'gender traitor' associations, and control people's thought with memes and poorly-constructed sociological ideologies. They're ideologues, and ideologues in practice are cultists. When you agree, however, with the SJW narrative, you disagree with the reactionary sphere which includes more rational but more uncomfortable truths and reasons. I've spoken about emotional manipulation, but it is their number one tactic to gain followers, and in the new member it can cause severe depression, loss of one's moral compass, agoraphobia, and social despair. They will only seek comfort in other SJW's, who, are all alike, all troubled and cannot actually help each other. They are trapped in a victimhood complex together, useless and downtrodden.

Cult factor two: "Sin" and "Self-Awareness"
In Christianity, which I consider a legit religion because it strives for greatness, beauty, Truth and goodness, there is a concept of 'sin' and of 'redemption'. Self-awareness is also very importance when you're a Christian because you must be meek, or humble. Humility, in the SJW cult, comes in the form of 'checking your privilege' which does not make you self-aware of true personal issues of pride, greed, lust, sloth, and other vices, but of internalized misogyny, privilege, oppression, or being an oppressor to another. This scheme is built in power; everything about SJW's is a power-play. They call men out for being intrinsically sexist and overly masculine as a 'critique of power' when really they claim a moral high-ground in their oppressiveness. When a fellow SJW cultist asks another to 'Check your Privilege' it is very similar to telling a child to be self-aware of their sinful ways. SJW end up doing it to themselves, but sadly for them, this is all in vain, for they are mentally masturbating in pure human construction, one very unpolished and new and I could add, false. It would be like stopping yourself from walking because you think you might be walking in a wrong way. I always said faith leads to or is equivalent to self-awareness, but there is no such thing as internalized misogyny or ingrained racism. It's cult-language.

Cult factor three: Congregation...the "Safe Space" 
So what do you do when you're feeling oppressed and triggered? You go to a 'safe space'. These might seem like nurseries for babes, and they are in a sense, but they are also a sacred ground for the cultists. SJW's get triggered by offensive things like men and rape and need to retreat in order to circlejerk and reaffirm their position as SJW's. A lot of the triggering is an emotional response to the destruction of their agency caused by the cult. SJW remove one's agency and give it to the system, and so the new member has no responsibility to claim and is in constant rebellion against those who oppress them. Safe spaces are strict and language is policed as well as behaviour. It may exclude types of people such as whites or men in certain cases. It is an echo-chamber of comforting thoughts and absolutely so dissent. They cannot have dissent because the pyramid the SJW's attempted to built, of intersectionality and Cultural Marxism, is faulty and has a rickety foundation.

Cult factor four: Terminology 
SJW's have an array of sociological definitions for things that cause them to spread easily among the braindead middle class that so highly regards the underclass and despises the high class, elitists, and basically anyone who makes over $100,000. "The rich will pay for our education." --All Bernie supporters, who sadly l don't understand economics and don't at all value success and hard work. This terminology is constantly changing and adapting from where the SJW was born, Tumblr, Twitter, and other social media and academic circles. "Multiculturalism" for them is replaced with "prejudice". They also attempt to censor words like "pussy" for "coward" without knowing that is comes from pusillanimous, but they think it propagates the infamous "rape culture". Racism and sexism is replaced by an equation of power + prejudice, and when antifeminists or basically rational people attempt to use normal dictionary definitions, they pick and choose which ones they like and which ones they think should be re-worded, or re-defined. Gender has taken on a new form these days. SJWism pushes that gender is on a spectrum and that one could be born in the wrong body. This is a mental illness or a dysfunction, but they seem to be very spiritual about it. But... I thought you were secular humanists! Seemingly they are spiritual when they want to be. Gender is not a spectrum. Male and female are genders. There are anomalies like an XXY, XXX, and intersex chimeras, but they are rare and they are what they are: anomalies. You are still a woman if you choose to be masculine and you are still a man if you choose to be feminine. It was the SJW's who made up the words gender reassignment, scapegoating doctors for assigning a gender to a person based on their genitals, and well as cisgender, biomale, biofemale in order to 'other' normalcy and make way for their Cultural Marxist agenda. The word social construct is also an excuse to redefine something that they claim has not intrinsic essence. Gender, which is biological and essential, is made into a social construct and therefore, SJW's feel like they can redefine it. Social constructs do exist, such as the Erastes/Eromenos relationship, which is not based in biology or in essence, but it is a construction of social cues that when broken, the construct is no longer valid. (i.e. the Eromenos must be submissive and as soon as he is dominant toward his Erastes, the relationship is null and void). This is not the same with men and women, because we have hard-wired tendencies and psychologies that we cannot extinguish, erase and ignore.

Cult factor five: Moral Relativism and lack of Holiness
This cult is not based in any holy book, on the contrary, it is solely based in secular humanism. This means that humans alone without the guidance of holiness (a Holy book or thousands of years of tradition and wisdom) can decide what is moral and what is not. However, secular humanists believe that other cultures can have their own moral code. This is absurd. There must be one code and it's not humans who can just make it up as we go. Holiness is difficult to describe. Something that is holy is holy because it is holy. This circular reasoning sounds counter-productive, but that which is holy comes from a deity and a deity is not something we can easily define, as we may have some of the deity within us, enough to feel it and to follow it (grace... moral compass... etc) it is still a mysterious and supernatural entity. Holiness is holiness, but there is none of that in secular humanism and SJWism. It is all based on human emotions, a lot of them fleeting or ill-defined. Love Wins! shouts the secular humanists concerning topics such as sexual liberation. But love is as difficult to define as holiness. I love you because I love you is a perfectly valid claim, but if one comes to define love in order to justify homosexuality, they would likely use a flesh-based definition associating with feelings of mutual respect, care and hormonal/chemical rushes based in oxytocin.

Effects of SJWism

Effect one: Sexual liberation is harmful to the underclass 
Men and women in the underclass act very differently than men and women in the lower-middle to upper-middle class. Men tend to have a loss of masculinity through being unable to support their family adequately and women have a need for deliverance and freedom, but know they are not adequate enough to seek a man who will support her. You have a lot of children born out of wedlock, a lot of drug-use, sexual assault, sexual domination, jealousy, possession, victimhood, etc. When you spew out rhetoric concerning sexual liberation, it only makes those women feel entitled to wanting more sex, but leaves men feeling attacked for losing their already unvalorized sense of self, masculinity, adulthood and sexuality. Women aren't meant to devalue themselves, they are meant to be sexually virtuous in order to have a good balance between the constantly-desiring men (this is biologically hardwired) and the women, who have their pick of the best men. The underclass is already in a vulnerable position, riddled with poverty, mental health issues, and vice--and the sexual revolution will keep them in vice and in their caste as long as it continues. (See Life at the Bottom by Theodore Dalrymple)

Effect two: Breaking of the Middle-Class Family
Sexual liberation and the lack of gender roles hurts families. Families need gender roles in order to raise functioning children. Not that these gender roles need to be strict, but women and men have different needs in a family. Men will want to have some alone-time, and women will want to stay with the children instead of work. When the woman is told she must rid herself of her chains, of her wife-confinement, she has ideas of polyamory (which only works in a condom-society or abortion-society). This creates obvious tension in the man, forcing him to be cuckholded willfully, which is huge detriment to his masculinity and his sexuality. No man should go through this. Do not give into your wife's wants, instead show her toward sexual morality and make her understand that polyamory is a form of betrayal, disloyalty, greed and lust.

Effect Three: The glorification of cultural/national destruction
It seems beautiful for SJW's to watch perfectly healthy European country go to waste concerning the influx of third-world migrants imposing Sharia law, raping and murdering women and children, go to waste. They don't like success, they don't value happiness and social cohesion--they just want diversity, but only diversity in the white areas. They don't care about diversity in the third-world, they don't care about the third-world. Germany and Sweden have gone down, and at being tugged down by Cultural Marxists who think the EU (the haves) must give to Northern Africa and the Middle-East (the have nots). This is ridiculous. They want a culture-clash because they think it will lead to a better world, but it instead leads to a mixing of non-assimilating cultures, devastation and multiculturalism. Luckily for us, SJW's are so not self-aware that they often give us all the information about their cult due to it being an open-cult in which anyone can join at any time.

High-society is seen as an outcast crowd of elitist snobs who oppress everyone and who hate the poor. Modern and postmodern art is valued over the classics (Pre-Raphaelites, personally I tolerate everything before and including Gustav Klimt), and pop music is far more popular despite its crudeness and lack of true substance.

Effect Four: Equivalent Exchange/Child Sacrifice
Abortions. 1.2 Million fetuses were murdered last year in America. 50% of them were minority babies, 50% of them white. This is clearly child sacrifice. If something evil is afoot, if you are causing chaos and evil, and ruining order and a chance for salvation, you must take from order, from nature, in order to make your black magic. All right, this is a bit pushed, but still, it's freaky stuff. 

These are the main factors I have found for this cult. The cult leaders aren't very clear. There is a lot of Dworkenites in academia publishing papers with historical biases and sociological frameworks (that are rickety as hell), but because they're published and peer-reviewed, they're taken seriously. This doesn't help.

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