Monday, 11 July 2016

Neutral Bias

One cannot be neutral. In video games, when you choose a neutral character, you either play a 'true neutral' which archetypically is basically Sweden (not the rapey-muslim version of it, the political version) who stands out of harsh dichotomizing conflict, or who remains unaffiliated, or a chaotic neutral character, who is basically a madman. I good example of a character who is chaotic neutral and still somewhat balanced would be Geralt of Rivia. He is a good man, he protects women and children, cares about justice, but he's also the Butcher of Blaviken, infamous for the time  he slaughtered an entire village after not being paid for a contract. Geralt can make decisions to save or to kill. He is neutral, but neutrality is chaotic.

When faced with a choice, people tend to 'do the right thing'. All the time, people are good. When someone sees something fragile, they usually are careful with it. When someone sees a child fall and get hurt, they will likely help. I think this is why it's important to have faith in others, to trust the stranger (with admonition of course). People are good. People have a good bias generally.

But what if you were neutral? If you were neutral, everything that you would do would be sometimes evil sometimes good. I feel as if using feminism as an example right now fits it really well. Feminists don't like it when men say 'hi' to women in public. They see it as harassment. So what happens when a man says 'hi' to a feminist? Outrage. She will become angry. She has an evil bias. This is why people say feminists hate men. They don't trust men (often they've been raped and they need help, not encouragement) and need to realize their biases. Feminists also don't uphold values that try to help people be more good. But back to neutrality. Everything is polarized, but I think God keeps us good. We have a moral compass connected to God's works and Will and it gives us strength and faith, but we must listen and be open, and try hard not to fall into chaos (or evil).

When anyone writes about something, they have a bias. Right now my bias is that I believe in God, and I believe humans are good, smart, and can go great and beautiful things. Some people are far more nihilistic about humans, and don't believe in God. That is their bias. Everyone has a bias toward something. Another example would be Liberal media these days. It is absurdly biased toward an ideology that is completely insane. Intersectionality, race movements, sex movements, gender spectrums and liberation from invisible chains. Well, ok, we're doing that stuff too, but hell it's needed when everyone's being brainwashed! When the bias is clear we can have a good understanding of where the writer is coming from, what they believe in, what they care about and why they're writing what they're writing. This type of analysis is done a lot when one does a course on History in the 300-500 level.

Neutral bias is not something people talk about until far into University. Bring it up and surprise your professors or friends. It's a great conversation starter because everyone can get involved, well, if they like politics, morality and anything worth talking about.

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