Wednesday, 13 July 2016

O'Canada--The Cuckland

Justine Trudeau, former substitute high school drama teacher, has decided to go full retard feminist and change the lyrics to 'O Canada' to be gender neutral. I say it was because insecure feminists were being triggered. I'm going to give three reasons why this is a bad idea.

1. Justin is a cuck and now Canada is a cuck. While the left boasts about how 'good' we look to the 'rest of the world', realistically, the rest of the world is either being controlled by the wealthy and the 0.01% or is an ultra-masculine Middle East that wants to rape Canada. Already that Justin Trudeau doesn't value his land and sells each log from our precious forests for 0.50$ each (disgusting!), he also doesn't care at all about his people because there was no democratic vote on the anthem change. I know a lot of people hated the change and that's disrespectful to your people. While Justine thinks he's doing the right thing, he keeps on saying things like 'It's the current year' and 'We're on the right side of history'. Cuck country of the West will also be harbouring Syrian refugees and I SWEAR as soon as they come here, I am carrying pepper spray and a switch blade around with me and will be encouraging girls to do so. I don't want to fearmonger, but after Germany and Sweden... you fucking touch my milky skin, and I'll shiv you. Anyway, *fluffs hair* it's a bad idea because it demeans the actual desires of the population and the change was undemocratic and ideological--while there should be a separation of church and state, feminism, as an ideology, should be considered a religion and therefore the change of the Canadian anthem is almost a religious change.

2. No one cares about the 'sons' in the song because we're white westerners and 50% of the population are women. We're pretty fucking safe, we're one of the  safest country in the world. Just because people have sexual insecurities and feel raped by their choices doesn't make 1 in 4 college women raped. We don't live in an oppressive patriarchy. The patriarchy of the feminist is a real bogeyman, it's not real. We are in a patriarchy, but the workings and understandings of that statement is too difficult and complex for the mind of the SJW. This is a pragmatic reason: no one cares or feels empowered in a patriarchal way--or feels oppressed by the lack of the female gender apart from feminists who want female supremacy (which leads to the end of a civilization). 

3. The hardliner, the motherload, here it is: sons are in command of a nation and should be. If women would rule nations, nations would fall. Mother Merkel is committing German suicide, and the migrants coming in her country and raping young girls are all reading Mein Kampf. Matriarchies have happened, but only at the end of Empires right before their total downfall. Theodora of Byzantium promoted the liberation of women and sexual empowerment (not in the same ways as feminists due today) and it was suitable for a dying Empire only. Well, we are in a dying Empire, unless Trump can do something about it. This reason is uncomfortable but true: women should not play a role in the building and the upkeeping of a nation. But should focus their energy on raising children, caring for the sick, the young and the elderly. I want men to rule. I don't even want to vote anymore--I'll end up voting conservative next election, fuck, I'd take Harper back!

Also, and this is a postscript reason but it sounds terrible. In all of us command? Who wrote it? It sounds awful and disturbing and stupid, and embarrassing.

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