Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mothers are Women, Girls are Girls

When I was pregnant, two years ago, I told a woman in my class that I really felt like I was becoming a woman. She looked at me funny and said: "Surely you don't mean that women need to have children to be women...?"
I felt undermined and insulted, because she was a feminist and I knew what she stood for but not completely at the time. I had to be subdued. It bothered me.

In Quebec, we call women who have never had children "des vieilles filles" (Old girls)
In Ancient Greece, women were only fully women (gyne) after having a child.

But more and more feminism rules over with this concept of 'I'm a woman even though I don't have a child.' This kind of invented social stigma is highly destructive to women who want to achieve something with their womanhood that is physically and a life-long process of extended, honourable, female valorization. This includes being with a man, marriage and eternal love.

The truth is that having a child does make you a woman. It makes you a woman because you get to learn things outside of yourself for once. After you start realizing your child isn't part of your body (after 3-4 months) you start thinking about your life not just with you alone, but with this child you must care for. But it's not just this. You're raising another human being. If you do it well, the world will have a fine citizen who will work hard and hopefully have more than you do. You learn how to organize yourself better, how to clean up more, how to cook more, how to accept the children of others, to love other pregnant women for their willingness to have children despite our horrible social climate and economic repression. You get to understand every single thing your mother did for you, and you connect with the entirety of mothers before you that loved their children and kept them alive and thriving.

Abortions, even contraception, is unnatural and abhorrent. The woman drugs herself in order to sustain a child-like state of infertility so she may know sexuality without its actual consequences, so she can be mindlessly lustful. The function of sex is to reproduce and to help bond with your man so that you both feel connected and in love. All other usages of sex is blasphemous. It's like drugs which is an abuse of the brain, you abuse of your sexual organs and that is childish.

Female children are sexual beings. They start puberty earlier and may have sexual urges earlier than boys do. I think we should acknowledge that early sexuality and not purposefully oversexualize them like the media and the disgusting, backward social climate tells them to. Stores like Lasenza Girl which sold tiny useless bras and thongs for pre-pubescent girls were open in my time and I used to love going to them to the detriment of my parents. It would be rebellious and 'adult', and wrong. We should be teaching modesty and a restraint in sexuality to our girls, not to exploit their early knowledge in order to bring boys into that kind of stuff early on like this. Boys who start watching porn at twelve will be badly trained and sexually damaged and will need help to overcome this negative brainwash. And be a porn apologetic all you want, but ask any recovering porn addict if he would have wanted help earlier and he (or she) would say yes.

Girls who are sexualized early do not have a conception of male and female sexuality and dynamics. They will not care if they play erotically with a girl or a boy and in their teens will likely lean toward being with a girl due to still being self-centered. Homosexuality is a projection of comfort in one's genitals and body. You'll often see homosexuals of the same size, rarely one is big and one is small. It is a fetish of one's own body--'gay sex' is merely mutual masturbation, much like erotic child play.

In Brave New World, a sexually liberated society may only exist if children play erotically together. I know it's a normal child behaviour, and it is best not to be shamed, for they are innocent. In this case, it is better to treat your child (especially a girl) that her sexuality is powerful and that she must value this power of reproduction and keep it for the man she will spend her life with, or at least a steady boyfriend (if you want to be lenient). However, in Brave New World, the behaviour is normalized, which transitions to a normalized sexually liberated society, but I used the word liberated here, but to me, liberation is confinement. Confinement to poverty, to disease, to misery.

Do you know many lesbian mothers? Lesbian mothers who have not even conceived their child from a man but from an applicator are insults to nature, to God, and can be understood as child mothers, no better suited to be a mother to a decent human being as an 11-year-old would be. They can manage, but I pity the children growing up without a father, their father dehumanized to a fluid, in a household where homosexuality is normal.

So, what makes a woman a woman if she is not a mother? At least straight, at least not a feminist. Girls who think they are women because they are adults and get fucked by random guys on the weekend are just committing emotionless, immature child play. Their created infertility through drugs and likely waxed pubis mirrors a pedophilic self-image that desires to be dominated by a man who also has fetishes of his own--for him, it is the 'independent woman' who is a sexual free spirit. He does himself embody a pedophile, who is engaging sexually with a willful child who is whimsical and probably selfish and arrogant (as feminists usually are).

All that is fetish comes at the price of excessive lust. Women will want to overcome sin and vice in order to be honourable and a true upkeeper of values. For the milk drinkers, we uphold freedom and security, knowledge and advancement. We cannot control all that happens in society, but we can leave the regressing to the underclass, the minorities and the marginalized. Women are society's women, they are the nation's women and they are the mothers of the future generations that will continue to upkeep our great civilization, who will fight the intruders, who will stigmatize and shame the regressive ways of the middle class, and who will strive against all odds toward a greater image of themselves, and of their kin.

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