Thursday, 30 March 2017

Changed Views on LGBT Marriage

I wrote a piece on LGBT marriage where I still had the view that homosexuality was wrong and sinful, but that in the end, people can still be 'joined' non-religiously without being persecuted if they act like normal heterosexual couples. It was a point of 'character' instead of a reduction of their genitals, but my views have changed. They have because I have understood more deeply the influence of patriarchal authority, its importance and why homosexuality is a symptom of a diseased society and is actually far more self-destructive than healthy.

1. Homosexuals are stunted children, who, much like pedophiles, have immature brains and a fetish that needs to be healed but is being treated as normal.

2. The treatment of sexual deviancy as normalcy is a patriarchal failure due to women's empowerment. LGBT is often more accepted with women because of human 'empathic' reactions.

3. Homosexuals are often child molesters due to seeing sexual deviancy as normal. Pedophilia is the next step and often pedophiles use gay-rights and gay-marches to feel liberated and attempt to drag children in the parades in order to feel like they are making progress. Therefore, the empowerment of LGBT is by proxy empowering pedophiles. The normalization of pedophilia will destroy our society's health.

4. More heterosexual people think being 'bi' is cool and often open their marriage to let in a unicorn. I've been seeing this more and more now and it's because of the LGBT empowerment. It's wrong and must be stigmatized as freakish, immoral and destructive.

5. Homosexuals hate children, they are openly childphobic, pro-abortion, and want to live in an 'adult' world. They don't care about children and should not be around them.

I don't think two sexual deviants should get together and be considered married. I don't want them to be able to adopt children that they cannot produce themselves naturally (without artificial insemination) and I don't want them to be considered 'normal' in society.

I'm sorry in the past if I was still very liberal about the way that I thought. The more I see the way our beautiful white societies are going, the more I have intense resentment for the people destroying it. Gays do not need pity, they need mental help. If they can cure pedophilia (which they can!) they can cure homosexuality. And even there, if gays want to have mass sex in orgiastic clubs together and remain children, perhaps we should see them as such and let them have their 'fun' without accepting them in society. They will be what they have been in white societies for quite some time now: gypsies and vagabonds, whores and sluts, and good moral people should stay far far away from them. We should not agree with our children becoming gay, we should never encourage being 'trans', we should be responsible adults. We should also not commit violence toward these people, but we do need to instill healthy stigmas, like treating them as having mental illness instead of them being validated as normal. Homosexuality is not normal, it's a fast-growing fetish and its normalization is bringing out child neglect, marriage-neglect and is creating a huge idol of lust.

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