Monday, 27 March 2017

Fashy Women are Wealthy Women

Capitalist, materialist 'women' who give into the media brainwash and superficial/Satanic lifestyle of popular culture end up spending a lot of money to their own detriment. Women who wear make-up, who are on contraceptives, or who drink or smoke regularly or casually are impoverishing themselves and their future children (if they have any) all for the glory of selfishness and love of the world. I've looked up a few things online that show how much money a fascist woman with a stoic/Christian ideology vs a feminist/capitalist/materialist ideology save or spend in their lifetimes.

Women who wear make-up and beauty products will spend an average of $15,000 in their lifetimes. A woman who does not take part in the high competition, the superficiality of a false face and the psy-op that is 'fashion' and the horrid make-up industry will not be spending this, or will only have a few products, which might come up to a whopping $2000 in their lifetimes (if I calculate a bottle of nail polish, a couple eyeliner sticks and normal hydration face cream).

Chemical contraception is unnatural and unholy, as well as difficult on the body and is sold as healthy and safe. My mother couldn't have children normally because contraceptives ruined her body and I was born in vitro. Contraceptives actually do make women unattractive and crazy! A woman can spend around $30,000 on pills and rings and other disgusting forms of hormonal contraception.

Cigarettes are unhealthy and make you look trashy and sick. A woman who smokes will spend around $106,000 in her lifetime, compared to a woman who does not touch cigarettes at all.

Alcohol isn't always bad, but it should be drunk on special occasions only, not for a buzz, not to 'take you away' or 'lower your stress'. It is poison, a dangerous poison and it can cost a woman up to $78000 in her lifetime if she makes it into a bad habit.

Poor eating habits, like eating junk food and buying unhealthy chain restaurant foods can rank up the lifetime bill from $24,000 to $240,000 depending on how obese the woman is or becomes. If we were to average that out and be nice to a certain extent, we would get to $100,000 of extra calories, fat, sugar and general eaten trash the capitalist system tempts us with.

Clothes shopping or 'going on a shopping spree' is often something women do when they feel prideful and refuse to be humble about their appearance or the unfortunate way their life is going. This is because they have built their house on the sand. These reasons why women shop are horrendous and childish. These sorts of women will spend $100-$300 a month on ugly clothes and useless superficial accessories, which equates to $120,000 in their lifetimes on average. A more conscious woman will sew her own clothes or buy second-hand or buy clothes and wear them out before buying more. I know I spend maybe $100 a year on new clothes and that depends on the year. I do buy good shoes that last me, and I try to get good clothes as well, which stretches out the cost. A more conscious women could spend $10,000-$30,000 in her lifetime that would probably be more than enough.

All in all, if a woman has bad habits like smoking and drinking and buys useless clothes, eats out, wears make-up and sterilizes her fertile body with hormones, she will spend around $450,000 in her lifetime on useless superficiality and her selfish pride. A women not bound to the temptations of capitalism, who is stoic or Christian will spend perhaps $25,000 if I add in the luxury of nice clothes (which shows dignity and well-deserved beauty) and a few dates with the husband once in a while, as well as a few cosmetics. The fact that a fashy woman would save $425,000 means that that money could be invested into education for their children, a piece of land or larger estate to ensure their children's future, or make sure their children will have trust funds in order to make sure they are never debt slaves. There are other ways of saving and other gross things women spend money on. It's important to be conservative and be extremely conscious of everything we purchase and not to think of ourselves. Material and possessions do not express who we are, and what we represent. They are devoid of meaning and I personally start to hate how much I care about certain things I have.

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