Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Jewish Learning, Reading Between the Lines


I landed on this hilarious website made for goyim wanting to know more about the Jews. I started reading what I believe is an absolutely fake article about a rabbi (woman) who is moving into an apartment next to an underclass skinhead (who, despite having been to jail and has Swastikas all over his body is portrayed as kind, loving, compassionate, easy-going, quick to listen, in a long-term relationship with his white girlfriend and good with animals). Of course the article is written with the Trump election in mind and of the culture war. The Jewess in the article says these cliché things for the goyim public reading the article.

"I believe deeply in understanding and being in relationship with people who are different from you." (Jews don't want to have 'relationships' with goyim, they want goyim to listen.)

"The divisions between us threaten the essence of our humanity." (The Jews are attempting to define this for people who are not their own--they are trying to convince us and know they are failing and therefore commit upon us genocide through degeneracy and demographic replacement)

Then she goes on to talk about how the skinhead's girlfriend wants to go to church and so he goes to the Jewess for help with his necktie. The article reads like short fiction.

"I assured him I did and as I stood on my front porch tying the necktie of a man covered in emblems that have meant murder, torture, and evil for millions of my own people, I could see Carl just as a man, gentle and sweet, trying to do right in this world for himself and the people around him."

 All in all, this 'my white supremacist neighbour' article is another classic case of fake news. The story is supposed to be a 'bridge between worlds' kind of 'tolerance' version from the Jew's glorious perspective. Forget reality, goyim, because this anecdote is hitting you right in the feels and that's all you need to rely on to get by in life: feels, tolerance, and the realization that as an Aryan you are nothing but a racist oppressor. In the end, he wasn't a white supremacist (he was a false creation), he had gone to jail and had to be in a gang to survive. He wasn't even anti-Semitic; he was a normal, white, underclass gentleman with rotting teeth and a girlfriend who 'wants to go to church'.

The last paragraph about the murder, torture and evil symbols was the cherry on the sundae for me (the Jewess randomly pops in that she has a one-year-old in order to gain extra emotion points). The words evoked, the emotions that emerge from that imagery are what they are: conditioning the goyim reading the article with their own sense of empathy. This is how neo-Marxist act because they have been taught to act this way, to betray their nations, their brethren and to become degenerate and immoral.

The skinhead never said his side of the story in this, well, there was none, because he wasn't real. But hell, imagine if he started talking about the atrocities the Jews did to his people in Russia, how they were very close to installing communism in Germany. Skinheads are drones, like SJW's are the drones of the Semites: blathering retards who know nothing but obsessive rhetoric and righteous indignation.

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