Monday, 3 April 2017

Our Culture Is Not Privileged, Our Race Is

This one is for the normies out there who have never heard of the co-opting of white culture by the Jews. I'm not going to explain everything but this person is a Jew, and she is pretending to be European (or white) in order to push an agenda of ethnomasochism and cultural suicide. This merri little busch was indeed accidentally born in a country she does not belong in. Her ancestors have parasited Europe for hundreds of years and have not worked a day in their lives to help sustain those countries. Her ancestors come from a line of viruses who manipulated money and impoverished people for their own gain. They have some good points too, but this isn't one of them.

Merri believes she lives in a country where everyone's needs are met and everyone is happy and healthy. She's absolutely wrong. The West, although it has human rights and white people (who are racially kind and tolerant compared to all other races) and mass excess, it is also the largest world polluter, it has intense social degeneracy, thousands of cults, a whole industry of 'celebrity' idolatry, mass obesity, mass promiscuity, the hatred of wholesomeness, family and children. We live in a world where child sacrifice is becoming normalized, where women whined constantly for entitlements and privilege they do not deserve and men are becoming rapist scavengers due to the lack of female availability and long-term relationships. Yes, white men are becoming rapists and it is inevitable.

With that in mind, I hope you'll reconsider the reasoning being National Socialism, a type regime that had been predicted by Nietzsche, alongside communism. Whites and Jews have been trying to spread their personal brand of knowledge to the rest of the world for a while now. Whites tried to colonize and help out other countries (post-colonialism makes them look terrible despite their great efforts and improvements of those countries) and Jews tried to change things from blending in, race-mixing and establishing their brotherhoods and covenants covertly. Whites are not what Jews are: cowards. Jews know that their doings are Satanic, that they desire the fall of a civilization and when it is chaotic enough, they will take control through communism, the enslavement of the majority for the minority, a complete opposite strategy than the National Socialists, which benefited the majority at the expense of the minority. It was a radical exclusion and it did end up in the death of many people, but they were not exterminated in camps: they simply ran out of food and starved. This happened because there were no provisions for their own citizens, why should they send provisions for the prisoners of war? Communism and the Second World War costs Russia millions on millions of lives because of starvation. They cannibalized themselves to survive one more day in Russia! Same thing happened in Germany/Austria/Poland. It was a war, and resources were running out.

Now, I personally believe that everyone should stop ruling the world. The future is nationalistic, and ethno-nationalistic, it must be for the survival of everyone. Jews must go home to their Israel (although even that isn't their real home!) and whites need to have their countries back from the Muslims (and the Jews ruling our media, etc). We need to return to a more basic way of life, to farming ourselves, working harder, traditional gender roles, and not going to the Dominican Republic for vacations! Such a sad thing to see white people in those resorts...

But white culture is not a privileged culture, not now anyway. We have the privilege of the internet, but so do many other people and races, countries. We have the privilege of our ancestors being bright and of their selfless Christian ideologies that helped them sacrifice for their children. My mother sacrificed so much of her happiness, well-being, luxuries and healthy for me and if I would be an entitled feminist who had gotten a Gender Studies degree, who would be polyamorous, have had 3 abortions and would be dating a black guy, I would be absolutely spitting on my mother's entire life of sacrifice. I would know no loyalty, I would know no gratitude and ignore the pain, the selflessness and the love my mother had given me. No, I learned the hard way that I had been entitled and now it was time to grow up. It pained my ego to sacrifice liberal luxuries, but it was worth it, because now I can do for my children what my mother did, but with that extra kick my mother did not have. I will be able to have 6-7 children, be with a hardworking husband who I am submissive to, we will have land and I will teach my children to garden and farm, and we'll attempt to live one with nature, reduce waste by buying in bulk and buying local. The rest of the money will be invested. We will not define ourselves by our material, but how much we please the Lord and how much we do for our society.

But I am in an extreme minority of white people who see life like this. THIS would be a privileged life, a life where sin does not have a grasp on people the way it does right now. It would be a life of freedom, beauty, and honour. 'Choosing to use your privilege for justice' is in a sense right, but not in the way the liberals see it. We think differently. We see privilege as the fact that we have SO MUCH compared to others, but we do not live in the way our ancestors wanted us to live. Our ancestors fought for our freedom, our freedom to think differently, to have ideological discussions, to have a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. But no, that's not enough according to the liberal. The liberal, who believes white people should give up the sacrifice their ancestors gave them for the sake of another race or other nation, does not see that they are bathing in a vat of sinfulness, ingratitude, hate, anger and ignorance. They see their phones and their Netflix subscriptions as being 'privilege' not the simple fact that their ancestors toiled 18 hours a day for them to have roofs over their heads. No. They think privilege is phones, Netflix, eating at fancy restaurants and having extra cash. Well, if they would have children of their own like normal people, they wouldn't have as much of that cash. Liberals sustain their liberal lifestyle by acting like victims of a system they hate and wish was 'more equal' by attempting to use others of their own race to degrade themselves furthermore for the sake of other race.

But the reality is one of the superior races of this world. It has brought us this far and yes, our hubris will end up being our demise. The fall of our men will end up being the fall of our society, and our men are falling deeper and deeper. White male suicide is through the roof because there does not seem to be a place for white men in their own countries anymore due to completely absurd mental gymnastics that are so clever and subterfuge we traced them back to the Jews in 2.0 seconds.

Even the Nazis were self-loving exclusivists who resented the Jews and didn't know what to do with them! Hitler loved his people, loved his race, and he wanted what was BEST for white people. He lost the war and now white people are being chased down, told to remove their babies from their wombs, told to be homosexuals, to be proud of being everything that tears down a healthy society. Whites have tried to help other races in the past, ever since the original Reich, the Roman empire! Whites have brought to this world so much more than all other races and yet, we're the ones who are demonized, chased down, and degenerated. This is not a victimhood complex: it's the truth. Look at all the white countries, and look at how they treat their minorities and then look at all other countries and see how they treat their minorities. White people are too kind for their own good and are being manipulated furthermore to help other races first, thinking their own race is unworthy of help and support.

I wouldn't do that to any other race because it's vile and disgusting. It's time that this 'white privilege' garbage comes to a halt. We need to root it out of universities and expose it for what it is: a disgusting lie, a tool of manipulation, gas-lighting, and most of all, a way to ruin white societies, and cause resentment. It's this in-fighting they create in order to tear us apart even further. I'm not telling you, if you are white, that you should have pride in being white, not at all, I just don't want you to feel ashamed, because there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Your inheritance is amazing and your ancestry is hard-working and beautiful! Give to your race, give to your children, ignore the propaganda and just love and live in joy and health. Be in moderation, respect everyone, give as much as you can to those in need, plead with women to keep their unborn children. Be as kind as you can be and when you sin, you must repent. Break your ego, feel the agape love that we are ALL sinners, and we will save ourselves through Christ. I do believe it will work, but it will take the most collective and intense effort we have seen in a long, long time.

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