Wednesday, 21 June 2017

College Professor Calls Whites 'Inhuman'

Johnny Eric Williamson, his profile easily attainable through Facebook, is a Neo-Marxist college professor who bathes in a righteous odoriferous melange of pheromones that attract those who have chosen to fester in the academic blight in the West. While yapping away aimlessly concerning 'systems' in which whites have earned and therefore claimed ownership and superiority, he went ahead and posted this:

And then went on to attempt to come back on his word, despite it being far too late already:
Simply pathetic.

It's not everyday that an academic, who is part of a credentialed elite club they call 'Guilds' goes to social media and says 'Let Them Fucking Die' about white people. All this code-word garbage is propaganda, tools of manipulation this person is using in an ideologically-possessed fervour in order to push an agenda that continues to the long-lasting process that is the destruction of white culture and inevitably, the white race in general. This is a man, mind you, a white man, who is so full of hatred toward himself and his own people he puts internalized misogynist feminists to shame. This is virtue-signalling at best, narcissism on parade as empathy. But it's not enough to love blacks, browns, Muslims and immigrants (? lol) you have to just be so petty as to victimize them by claiming that everything around you is biased toward whites and therefore it's unfair. Of course, these professors would never DARE say that perhaps it would be best if all those people got out of the so-called absolutely oppressed country they're in, or perhaps demand part of it and ALL MOVE THERE and build their own institutions (and we could help them! such as blacks in America but once you're done, no more help and that's that) because deep down they know all those people are inferior.

The theory of intersectionality rests on one important axiom and it is one that Jews know very well: whites are superior. Jews are red-pilled on race and have been for quite some time, they know, they've traveled like crazy and they're smart! This axiom is something ALL SJW's know deep down, and it will come out as a Freudian slip (as it has in AIDS Skrillex, who almost says 'we already know that white lives matter' I'm serious, look up the famous clip!) and it comes out as absolute pity, sympathy, and even light racism toward blacks and others.

Academia is a huge psy-op at the moment. It is not truthful, it is not seeking to build bridges. It is 100% Luciferian, ideological, and absolutely Marxist in nature. It is a dangerous place to be in University these days, I do not recommend it unless you're planning on going into Science. As for Johnny Eric Williamson, I hope Trinity College fires him for saying such anti-white, racist and ridiculous things.

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