Friday, 31 March 2017

Manager Fires Worker for Being Christian

A friend of mine told me of something that has happened to a friend of hers. I know this other friend, and I know this may sound like a 'friend of a friend' story, but it's real. I wouldn't waste your time with fake news. This is the story of an atheist female manager and a Christian female employee. This Christian employee is a woman who has recently turned to the Lord after having had some mental health issues in the past. Her manager knew that she had had mental issues in the past. The employee had been working at the book store for many years and had been a great employee, but always worked on Sunday mornings. For a while now, the employee had been kindly asking to have her schedule changed so she could attend church. After having been 'too soft' she asked a bit more firmly. The manager took it badly, claimed that she was going into a psychosis, that she was pretending to be Christian to get Sundays off, called her parents (she's an adult) to tell them her mental illness was flaring up and she was going through psychosis and then ended up firing her.

I know the employee and she goes to Bible study with me, she's extremely sweet and gentle and shows no sign of mental illness now that she is being saved by the Lord. The manager completely overreacted and showed prejudice toward a young woman because she asked politely to have her schedule changed so she could practice her religion.

This happened in Canada, in Quebec, in a city of people who think Christians are mentally ill, but would probably respect Muslims simply because they are oppressed. The disease that is liberalism and atheism is uplifting neo-Marxism and we end up with good, hard-working Christians out of a job for being deemed 'mentally ill' when in reality, they're not.

Now that Canada has a bill protecting Muslims, maybe they should think of having a bill to protect all religions instead of Islam, but honestly having no bill would be preferable. Government tyranny is disgusting and rampant and should not be tolerated.

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