Sunday, 4 September 2016

Trudeau and Iceland

"Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world" says Trudeau who then added that it was an ideal place for one to raise his children.

So, it's satire, but a lot of people took it very seriously. Was it created in order to stir discussion about white identity and white supremacy? If it did, well, let's stir the stew and throw some posts why don't we?

96% of the population of Iceland is pure, milk-drinker white. You wonder why there is so much peace? Is it the secular government? The egalitarian society (with authoritarian males, of course)? The hygge? The Norse blood? The fair and just legal system?

Iceland isn't perfect, what with allowing a lesbian to be their Prime Minister and gay marriage, but let's be honestly, it is a paradise compared to Canada and the US. And you might think gay marriage is fine, Iceland is after all, founded on a Christian basis that has been secularized. It is probably better to let homosexuals be happy than have them constantly in rebellion, pushing back against normalcy. I do think that when homosexuality is more tolerated it has less a chance to be fetishized, but I remain against gay marriage. I mean, why? These days, although it still bothers me, I've come to accept romantic relationships between same-sex partners, intimate relationships. Daniel Tammet has a male partner that he has claimed is more like a soft lover (although they are married) than someone to satisfy his lust on. We can argue about Greek ideals of beauty and male love another day, but I think that homosexuality should be about soft love if ever homosociality is just not enough.

With that aside, it's cold (which is all right with many, I mean I live in Canada) and depression and suicide are pretty common. Also, for an egalitarian society, Iceland has more rapes per capita than Canada does. Surprising!

So, it seems like an egalitarian society with a lesbian Prime Minister is unable to keep a population of 330,000 under rape checks. What's going on? The left will say that because women and men are equal, the men are frustrated that they cannot exert domination in the public sphere and ultimately resort to sexual violence in order to put women back in their place. It sounds possible, but I blame it on the long nights and biting winters. Depression and anxiety hit men very strongly and with feminized institutions (institutional sexism that favours women) as well as a sluttification of women, men are ultimately going to lose when it comes to a healthy sexual upbringing and a masculine identity.

Iceland is praised as well as other all-white Scandinavian counties for being the greatest places on earth to live. They are, mainly for women. Women thrive in these socialist paradises, as do the mentally ill, the young and the elderly. What about men? It's not the best place for business venture and creative economical opportunity. We have America for that. There are plenty of jobs for men, mainly in public works and service, lumber and fishing, but for the higher-education man, not much. Iceland has a pretty big movie scene (I remember watching a few movies from there on my Canadian TV and they were pretty good) and develop mediocre art groups that are publicly funded. Iceland is small and wonderful and it should remain the way it is, although I would masculinize the political system a bit more (something more like Poland) in order to keep it strong and united, keep the education system balanced or have segregated schools for boys and girls, perhaps. I do like their education system, the fact that kids play more than they sit, that's good for the boys.

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