Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Racial Preference

Today, as I started writing my Honours thesis on SJWism, I came upon the words 'racial preference'. It puzzled me. After all, people have sexual preferences, and if I accept that one can be gay or bisexual or pansexual or a unicorn, then I can speak of this freely.

Take Norman. He has sexual feelings for men. His society tells him it is all right for him to prefer men sexually and so has a romantic relationship with another man. He chooses this, and he can also not control his sexual impulse he has for other men. He will say, despite his obvious choice of being with a man romantically, that he cannot control it, and that he did not choose it.

He has a lack of agency, which he gives up to lust as a sacrificial offering. He cannot control it and therefore, people must accept the way he is or else they are 'scared' of him. Hmm...

Why should people, then, not be proud of their racial preferences? Why is it that if a white person desires to be surrounded by other white people because 1. they cannot control their kinship for other whites and 2. they simply prefer it then they must reform the way that they are against their will for the sake of multiculturalism and the removal of all racial bias?

Why must those who have a positive racial bias toward their own race be forced to reject their nature? It's simple: because it is not 'natural' to have racial preferences to 'society', but a prejudice. Would a gay man, however, be called prejudice against a woman because he does not force himself to have sexual feelings for her? No. He would be respected for loving other men and encouraged by liberals to feed his fetish (all right, I'll be inclusive) to satisfy his sexual hunger the way he sees fit. Having a positive racial bias does not hurt anyone. The exclusion of women in that man's life is not seen as misogynistic or unfair to women, but simply a preference. If women were oppressed by men in American society (like, actually oppressed) would they then think that male homosexuality would be a sexual prejudice toward women? I have heard people say that if they find black women ugly they are racist. I know that in the middle east, men have very strong fraternal bonds between themselves, but if they let that bond turn to lust, then they are in sin and must be killed.

I do think that if one gender has more power, they have more kinship.

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