Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Total Marxist Course List for Intro to Political Theory

So I love politics, and I wished to take a political theory course so I signed up for one. I checked out my course list excitedly to see the required materials to read. I was shocked.

These are the required readings:

John Stuart Mill, Burke, Rousseau, and Marx himself. I dropped it faster than lightning. I thought I was going into a class that had a reduction of bias, not a clear delineated leftist Marxist bias! Subjection of women? Please! Women have done what women needed to do as much as men have done what men needed to do for centuries. Yes there was a time where men thought women could not and were not able to be as great as a man, that time has passed, but does that mean we should 'let women have a turn as everything men have been'? No. Why? Because men are not the primary child-carers in this world, it is women, and that is something sacred, as much as it is sacred for many men to provide monetarily for their family and be dominant in strength and influence onto his household. A fair, patriarchal father will raise stoic, clever and destructively pristine daughters and emotionally control his wife so she does not embarrass herself during PMS rampages, and/or kill their newborn because she's frustrated over the top.

Inequality has a bad rep on the left like feminism does on the right. Why? Because inequality is good and natural. People just don't like the sound of it. But everything is inequal and the most powerful thing we can do about it is treat others with respect and integrity. I'm a Christian (although my faith in punishment and God is dwindling recently due to logic prominence) but I am a follower of Jesus, who claimed that all persons were equal in the eyes of God, and if you're secular or an atheist, God can mean the Universe. And it's true. Women are better at certain things than men are. My husband is an egalitarian and when my son was born, he had a difficult time to find him cute and to handle him and feel secure in the way that he would take care of him. He did his best but it did not come naturally, unlike me. My son was born and he was very cute for a newborn, but I found him gorgeous despite his newbornness and I slaved away happily to him, because that's what women have always done. I also don't like physical games as much as my husband, and this, once more, is natural and evolutionary. I comfort better. My husband rough and toughs better.

Do I believe that women CAN do everything a man can? Yes. Do I believe that women should not be oppressed in any circumstance by men? Yes. Do I believe that we should break traditional gender roles and family models in order to liberate the woman sexually and socially from the role of mother and child-carer, home-maker (proved to be the most fulfilling job for women), and role model? NO! That's what make me anti-feminist, but I still hold the majority of the feminist ideologies, not because of feminism, but because of Jesus. Early Christianity had powerful women who ran churches and they spread a message of gender EQUITY, which is what it should be.

Anyway, fuck my University. I'm still going to write that bitching Honours on SJW's though and I'm going to blow my professor out of the park. I won't convert (((him))) to the Alt-Right, but I might temporarily embarrass him for being so biased.

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