Sunday, 11 September 2016

Passing the Baton to the "Oppressed"

I know this is over-dealt with but I can never keep in the thought: what have men not done that women could do? Why do we need to 'let women try to rule the world'? Saying that means that people believe women to be superior to men that men have not done what needs to be done, that men have been lacking, that they've missed something. This is very difficult to believe. I doubt women will bring anything new to the table--if things go well for women in power, the best thing that could happen would be that women will keep the status quo that men have fought and died to obtain and conserve.

What about black women? I watched this video and it made me think about what it would be like to pass the baton not only to women but to black women. I've read a lot on how black women act and why they act in a clownish fashion, videos by black men who claim that black women compensate for their lack of beauty and popularity with acting in order to get people's attention. Black women will do anything to stand out, be seen as different and unique hence the attitude and bizarre over-the-top emotions and reactions. Leslie Jones was the epitome of this stereotype in the movie Ghostbusters. Nero called the act racist to the level of minstrels (black face) and I have to agree. Black women appropriate this because it is a very real stereotype, archetype even at this point. What I find ridiculous is what white male announcer (virtue-signalling cuck) says to her:

 "A lot of people starting attacking you on Twitter using some pretty awful terminology and I was very proud of you, knowing you, you'd stand up for yourself when that happened, and then you used Twitter as a form (forum?) to draw attention to it and uhh um... maybe this is going to be the beginning of some progress towards what happens on Twitter." 

First of all... he's barely literate. Is he trying to lower himself to her level? At one point refers to her indirectly by saying "people like you". Way to other blacks in the left by cloaking yourself in virtue. The beginning of progress? No, it's the continuation of the coddling. It's the rise of censorship, of a big government and a police state. But we know all this. This is clearly a bad interview and the whole Leslie Jones issue is stupid. It's just interesting to see what kinds of things would likely happen if black women were in power. White men would cuck themselves into attempting to to just to minorities who, if ever they grab a hold of the train that runs society, would crash it on purpose and then claim justice, freedom and hope.  

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