Monday, 12 September 2016

Inbred Muslims

Reading up on cousin marriage I came upon the muslim tradition of cousin marriages. Cousins should not marry and breed. Why? Scientifically, inbreeding is terrible for genetic diversity. It blooms recessive alleles that, if paired with another who has been fecunded through incest, might carry. Together they can transmit to their child an autosomal recessive disease, which are numerous. I've found a list, and I chuckle that it comes from a Texan website.

Knowing that Muslims are traditional, they're will continue these gross illogical traditions no matter where they are in the world. It's abuse to your own soul to marry into your family. I used to be an SJW and I used to think even if a brother and sister were in love, it didn't matter as long as they don't have kids, but are you really going to let your brother fuck you without protection? How is that not total fetish? Now I know it's morally wrong to waste yourself to lust and to spoil your soul as such. Nonetheless, I know white people have their own history of incest, and I'm not proud of it, but at least we don't have a tradition in Christianity that promotes it. The cousin tradition in Islam is a majority 'elite' thing, which echoes our Royalty (although we didn't know about how bad inbreeding would make our child) Now we know and I think we tend to avoid marrying first-cousins in Royalty. I mean, recently the Dukes and Princes have been marrying lay-women!

Then there are articles that minimize inbreeding. Not as bad as you think??? Disgusting!
I mean, I'm not Aryan or anything, but at least my parents aren't at all related and I think if we want to have a society that makes any sort of sense we should NOT be breeding with (anyone outside our race, really) but especially not anyone that comes from a tradition of inbreeding!

I'm pretty disgusted concerning this map, even! It's legal to marry your first cousin almost everywhere in the world. Puke. I don't know, if I had to choose in between marrying a man in my country who wasn't my race or moving away to another nation, Jesus I would marry any normal-looking, healthy white man. You're normal, you're kind, you're hard-working and healthy? Now. Babies. Go. Never a cousin. Never a relative. Never a... non-milk-drinker.

We cannot let America or Canada accept anymore Muslims. We cannot let our beautiful Western Civ. fall to the mercy of Islamic domination. We cannot cease to marginalize with the best of our efforts those who stand in our way, despite the consequences it might have. This is not about us, it is about our children and their future for a safer world. 

Sigh... to end off, I'd like to present to you Charles II of Spain, massively inbred, physically and mentally disabled. This painting of him is probably what he wishes he looks like in his wildest dreams.

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