Monday, 5 September 2016

Social Monopolies

Feminism does not have a monopoly on equality. Equality is often defined as 'the equal opportunity for a woman to make the same choices and decisions as a man'. Often Marxists will attempt to easily convert people to feminism by using the phrase 'who believes that a woman should have the equal opportunities?' Clearly if you don't raise your hand under that sort of pressure, (even if you could explain your reasoning) you will be socially ostracized.

Social ostracism is not a big deal for men, but for women, it is. I hate confrontation, I think it's a man's thing, but I will take my place if it is needed. I say it's not a big deal for men because men thrive in the public sphere, often do not bend to emotional mindgames as easily, remain stable while defending their arguments and gain friends and babes from being outgoing and sometimes fringey. Women don't do as well. A right-wing woman in a Marxist college will be looked at contemptuously by leftist men and women, and since the right-wing men are in a minority, she's left on her own, which is a difficult weight to bear.

With PC culture, women lose. 

If ever you get asked the question by an individual: do you believe in equality? Just take it. Say, 'yes'. They'll smugly respond: then you're a feminist! Then ask them this instead: 'Do you believe in being a moral person?' If they say: 'Yes.' Then say this: 'Then you're a Christian!' See how they like that.

This question about equality and opportunity, the definition of the word 'feminism' is something coffee shop feminists need a teaching about. Feminism is patriarchal, it's a ploy to make women into loose sluts so men can have more sex. The sluttification of women also causes a huge rift in the minds of men concerning the women the want to have children with. A good man, kind and loving and accepting, will often still see a woman who has had more than ever 3-4 sexual partners as childish, careless, stupid, undignified and crass. He will not see her for her, but be worried that his girls will be encouraged to be dirty sluts when they'll grow up due to that woman guiltlessly offering herself to whomever. Bisexual women are also seen as unfit, more men are weirded out by homosexuality and desire a fully cisgendered heterosexual woman to be the ideal wife and mother.

Of course, we understand the concept of 'patriarchy' differently than Marxist do. It should be a collective of men who institute laws and practices in a society in order to make it run peacefully and efficiently. I heard Marxists say: men have fucked this world up (what? Like, this guy lives in Canada, where gays can marry and 'transgenders' can go in their preferred bathrooms) we should give the baton to women now and see what they can do with it. I didn't know what to say at first.
Personally, I don't like it when people tell me what to do. I want to know what the best thing to do is myself, by my own research and conclusions. I realize that in order to have conclusions that make any sense concerning the clockwork efficiency of a nation is to abandon emotion and start engineering. So I ended up saying this:

"If women take over then we'd be in a Matriarchy and instead of men telling women what to do, women would tell men what to do, also women would tell women what to do."

My Marxist professor said it was a good point. I did not tell him that I am secretly misogynistic toward the majority of liberal women around me. A conservative woman is my sister; a liberal woman (SJW) makes me feel disgusted about my sex. I apologized for the Alt-Right's supposed misogyny and I know that many women are misogynistic and feminists appeal to this by saying they have 'internalized misogyny'. No, darling, I just get a little boost to my ego when I know that I was humble enough not to become a slut (because I could have, I'll be honest) but I didn't and thank God.

Equality is impossible, but social egalitarianism is possible. Rape will always happen. It's not because of toxic masculinity, it is because humans are power-hungry and they tend to want to dominate others and they use what they have. Men use sex. Women use sex too in other ways. Women will often act lustfully toward other women and end up harming them through the untidy psychological understandings and drawbacks of homosexual molestation and sex. An equal society will have broken people and fixed people, fit people and weak people, all the time; the importance is the feeling of acceptance, love and cohesion between the entirety of the people around you in order for everyone to feel good when they are broken. I can't imagine what it must feel like to be a victim of the Muslim crisis in Sweden, especially of a rape or molestation from a Muslim barbarian. I imagine some women are repeated victims and their brainwashed minds will attempt to make it seem all okay. In the end, their souls are broken and will be broken until Swedish men do something about the invasion, seriously.

Feminism does not have a monopoly on equality.
Christianity does not have a monopoly on morality.
The government does not have a monopoly on social regulation either. Stigmatize. As I've heard recently, make it awkward, or keep it awkward. Do what is right. Protect your own. Feel possessive of the things you love.

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