Friday, 9 September 2016

Goyim Goddess Taken Down

I had subbed to a pretty good Alt-Right channel (Goyim Goddess) that Red Ice had on their channel as a channel to check out. She was clever and opinionated, always learning more and churning out quite a bit of material and then, I check her channel and it was taken down.

Multiple or severe violations of hate speech. Why? Because she mentioned 'The Jews' in a conspiratorial way. Seriously, it wasn't even that bad, it was normal grunty Alt-Right shit like 'they're after us' the usual run-down. To 99% of people, this would pass over their heads as crazy holocaust deniers and paranoiacs, but then why did YouTube take it down? Because it was mean? Boo fucking hoo. Censorship will definitely take down the ones who rebel against it the most. I just hope she can recover her material and open up another channel.

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