Saturday, 10 September 2016

Jill Stein and Liberal Media Hypocrisy

Liberal media loves to hate Donald Trump. But why not love Jill Stein instead? Why did it take me up until now to even know that she existed? Yeah, it's my bad, I get it, and yeah she's a Jew and clearly desiring of government control, but hell, she's a better candidate than Hillary Clinton! She's a woman, she's an eco-feminist, and despite all the virtue-signalling from the left, not one mention, not one word about Jill Stein. Look how cute she is! I've researched that she's basically a female Bernie who wants to reduce the military budget by 50% and make the US fully green-sufficient by 2030.

I'm not saying we should put her in office, no, she'll ruin America, but why aren't all the feminists over her? I mean, she is being systemically oppressed by the media and by liberal outlets who waste their time bitching about Trump rumours. I understand that the Green party is almost useless and almost just a diversion from important things but... I'm disappointed by all the liberal outlets who didn't mainstream even her existence.

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