Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Religious Extremism is not Religious Terrorism

I've been hearing this apologetic phrase recently, mainly coming from the regressive left and atheists, "religious extremism" or "religious extremist". They're often used to describe the motivation of a terrorist attack without implying that the person is a terrorist. For the normies out there, this does not equate to the dangerous ideology of Islam, but says that all religions can be extreme and can be murderous and can lead to terrorism. Clearly this is an understatement. Moderate Christians in this world are those who accept gay marriage and abortions. Fundamentalist Christians, or as they would say 'religious extremist Christians' will go to Pro-Life rallies, not accept homosexuality as a valid form of sexuality, and might even not use contraception. That's religious extremism.

What about Islam? Just the moderate Muslims agree with what ISIS is doing. They don't like homosexuals, at all, they want segregation, they don't think any other religion is legitimate and believe that many other races than their own are lesser. That's not even the extremists. In the extreme you have female genital mutilation, the murder of homosexuals, the rape of infidels, the murder of infidels, death for apostasy, child marriages and the list goes on.

Clearly this 'religious extremism' narrative the left is pushing is a form of Cultural Marxism, destroying the fabric of our society one uttered word of black magic at a time. It is an apology of the real terrorism that is threatening Europe, that is violently raping our beautiful Swedish and German women, that is reducing our populations through abortion, that is blinded by pride and the vehement hate of continuity, goodness, and the achievement of greatness. 

My posts will be short like this for a while, I'm on vacation! Have a beautiful deep summer, my Lords.

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