Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bringing Back: Etiquette Schools

In attempt to rebuild a healthy, homosocial gathering for young women and girls, I believe it would be a wise thing to bring back etiquette schools. They are now few and often tailored to modern society. I, as a hardcore traditionalist, believe that we can do-away with much of social media and technology and their failings. I do believe young women (17+) may wish to have a Facebook or a cell phone, but I would recommend that they do not use them for anything else than communication with the world. There is no need for them to be toxified by Buzzfeed, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, MSN, etc. If any website would be acceptable for young women these days, it would be YouTube (although it's being censored) Reddit (in moderation) or Pinterest. Still, I do believe parents should be involved in their children's feast of ideas, asking them if they have seen something disturbing or that they are questioning. But I digress.

Society today is secular, highly immoral, unconcerned with spirituality, uncouth and ultra-liberal. In order to counteract this 'Slut Culture' of fallen women, we must salvage the younger generation and make them once more into women with class and dignity. Christian, moral, elite, conservative girls might be able to be the future that will help this world return to Truth, morality, and peace. Instead of falling into despair in an eschatological depression, let us look into ways to row to shore the girls who will inevitably drive down the waterfall of sin.

Etiquette schools should focus mainly on:

(Indoor Activities)

Conversation, Socialization, Games, DIY, paperwork (taxes, etc), table manners, hosting, music, painting, sewing, cooking, canning, exercize and literature (as well as Bible Study).

These activities will create wonderful, sturdy, joyful girls who will see the value of being a housekeeper. This does not force them into being a wife and housekeeper, however, she should be free to go on to do some higher education if she so chooses (perhaps in medicine or education), but she will be suited well to her femininity and should not wish to be a man, or masculine more than her disposition might incline her to be.

(Outdoor Activities) might include:

Horseback riding, gardening, gathering, non-violent sports, swimming, and free play. 

I do believe girls should be left along in order to breed 'romantic' relationships with each other. Women can be very homosocial and intimate with each other, I believe this is why many of them fall into desiring to be sexual with each other, but I do find that falling into lust is immoral and breaks the potential for a perfect intimate friendship. Older girls and younger girls should be imaginative and play wonder games, make plays, read or invent stories with each other.

I believe etiquette schools could be made into summer camps. I would host one if I had the budget and location and well... girls who would like to to this, but the only problem is that the discipline that is needed is no longer tolerated in our society. We cannot shame and humiliate anymore, and by that, I don't mean it in a 'hazing' type of way. I mean it like, make them stand in a corner wearing a dunce hat, or such a thing. Humiliation can be done right, shaming is highly needed in order to correct false ways and return to a healthy social stigma. Will we ever see this? Likely not. But it's nice to imagine. I will keep dreaming in a positive light.

"To despair is to turn your back on God." Marilla Cuthbert

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