Saturday, 20 August 2016

Father's Milk

So apparently men can lactate. I've heard feminists use this to claim that one day men will help women childrear so they can both have a career and tend to their children (instead of you know... educating their children and caring about them). So, the woman will give up her precious breastfeeding time to her father so that their babe can do the more abhorrent thing of all:

"drink milk from their father's teet"

I said this out loud just now to my husband and felt sickened. There are so many levels of wrong to this, and I'm sure I don't have to state why. There are perhaps men who have an anomaly, perhaps a lot of estrogen, perhaps a breast that can excrete 'milk', but let's be clear, this small amount of lactation is not a sustainable childfeed that can nourish any living thing. Also, men who stimulate their nipples when their child is born in hopes to give it its milk is... must I go on?

Just to state how it'll never be sustainable, I will say this: Women need to be constantly breastfeeding during the first weeks, if they stop, their baby will need formula. Each ounce of anything your newborn ingests in that time reduces the woman's milk production, which can be the detriment of the entire production and will slowly recover, but not without formula or getting in cereals far too early for the baby to properly digest them. The mother needs to breastfeed. The mother also needs to breastfeed in order to bond with her child. Mothers have been known to be the number one childkiller, especially when it comes to babyshaking or babysmothering (I'm convinced than mothers kill their children in their cribs and blame is on SIDS). As a mother, I realize that I tend to go insane with my child around acting like a rascal and I need control. I cannot imagine a feminist-type woman and her temperament with a child. Oh, never mind, her children are all ashes in the bottom of the biohazardous garbage disposal at the hospital. But if she would decide not to be a deadbeat murderous woman-child, than she would likely kill her son out of him just... being a boy! My boy is truly a boy. He hits and he pinches and bites and tests me and plays me with coy glances, but he's evident about his intentions and outspoken. He's also sweet and tender and kind, and that's the most of him. But his worse brings the worst out of me. I still breastfeed him, (he's 19 months) and it is a time we both enjoy. The love between a woman and her child is Eros, hence Aphrodite and Cupid (Eros), the baby god. It is a moment I share with my son, that bonds us, that cleans our slate of anger and frustration, and brings us back to our sweet familial love. Women should not be ashamed of feeling erotically connected with their babies, for this love is not lust. It is not fetish, and it is not fueled by sin or negativity. It is serenity and calm. God blessed the female with a release of prolactin during breastfeeding which helps her bond to her child so that she can be eased of her frustrations and be happy.

Why renounce it?

Because you want to spend time with human transactions, with selfish, greed-based competition? Because you want to be men? You force the woman in a place where she does not belong generally, and as a trade-off, you attempt to force men to do the unthinkable, breastfeed their children. I read this in this article and I was sickened.

"Diamond points out, however, that with the societal norm of fathers helping to rear their young, male milk production could actually be to our advantage, especially with all the career women trying to balance the demands of job and family. Why else would men still have nipples?"

You can make your own comments. I don't have to add anything else but my subjective emotions and thoughts which all relate to a sense of deep unease and disgust. Men can lactate, all right, it's weird and I admit that it's probably true, but to make any talking point concerning the socialization of breastfeeding men is ridiculous and absolutely out of the left-field. It's this obsessions with trying to prove that men can be women and women can be men, which is untrue. So untrue. It has taken me 8 years of being with my spouse in order to understand a shred of what men are, and I'm still working out what it's like to be a woman--that was greatly aided by the arrival of my beloved son.

But please, already that I don't want to live on this planet anymore, I want any woman who brings this up to be the most ridiculed, the most shame-ridden being on the face of the earth. Any comment that would land you in jail in the Middle East deserves at least humiliation here in the West.

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