Friday, 5 August 2016

Morality: Restriction or Indulgence?

A critique of conservative stances on morality, or religious stances are that they are restrictions forced onto people by those who refuse to accept their differences. A preacher with homosexual feelings will adamantly obsess over the passages in the Bible that claim homosexuality to be wrong because it valorizes his work of suppressing and sublimating his feelings into God. But this is a subjective view. Sublimating lust into God is difficult and is part of an ascetic life. In our corrupt society, it's difficult for those who struggle with lust because they are bombarded with porn, softcore porn, child pornification, basically there is sex and lust everywhere one looks. In the end, it doesn't really matter how people see this 'theory of moral restrictions' because their view is subjective. A subjective view of a subjective view is pretty weak and useless when we are on a quest toward finding an objective morality.

What about the liberal's point of view? A lesbian will want other lesbians to be freed from the shackles of heteronormativity (lol, look at me, I'm an SJW!) because she wants to be free of them. It's strange because homosexuals are so proud of being gay they often make it their entire life, and they say: well, all of life doesn't want me to be gay so I HAVE to be gay 3000%. In an effort to embody homosexuality's different facets, gays will often end up as abominations of the other gender, women will want to be highly masculine and often stereotypical 'dudes' and men will want to be hyperfeminine 'bimbos'. Queer culture is a real life horror movie and they claim rights and protection for criticism because their awkward party lifestyle should be respected to the detriment of all those who do not desire to fall into the intense and out-of-control passion that encompasses living and breathing in the same house as your ultimate fetish. I write novels (although less now that I have a baby son) and I'm an ex-SJW, so I have written characters from the entire spectrum (although my conservatives were often mean and stupid, so bigoted...) and at one time I used to write and therefore embody pedophiles and what they would think and act and how they had become so, etc. After years of writing pedophile characters, I empathized with pedophiles, but also with my homosexual tendencies. It's all lust, all fetish. Even when I was an SJW, I myself came to the heart-breaking understanding that homosexuality was a fever dream of mutual masturbation concocted by temptation and brewed in the mind as a form of self-love and intense pride. So, while liberals shout at how bigoted the conservatives are and demand to desire to marry and even that homosexuality by normalized, conservatives know deep down, spiritually, and often from experience or deep contemplation, that homosexuality is a form of pride-lust that will ultimately end in misery, and that has often been brought out from misery. I also admit that there are some people who do homosexuality very well and I'm not going to judge those people, basically, self-aware conservative homosexuals. Once more, a subjective view of a subjective code is useless to us. We need to find a code that is objective that we can then be subjective about, but that will not change. Is that too harsh? Is that too authoritarian? What if it guarantees worldwide freedom?

Morality should be objective to the point where we can uphold it without it wavering more than an inch to the side. This is not a question of legislation or rights. Everyone is equal. No one deserves degrading treatment. Men should be allowed to protect and punish. Women and children should be protected collectively by the men. The women owe the men respect for this protection. And freedom to explore and think and be skeptical should be abound. Sinners should be forgiven. Bridges should be built. Degeneracy ordered. Chaos ordered. But I know that this is ideal and it will probably remain an ideals in the mind of the homo sapiens forever. But we can always dream...

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