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The two worst things you can subject an idea to is to romanticize it or to fetishize it. Fetish in this definition is "something irrationally revered" (OED), which I will explain furthermore by saying that is it often put into action in order to gain more from it than what it has to offer. It is a projection of the flesh onto the spirit, it is a delusion, a perversion, and it usually leads to obsession. The most common association to fetish that humans face is the fetishism of food and sexuality.

Romanticization is "To make romantic or idealized in character; to make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is; to describe, portray, or view in a romantic manner." (OED) Things that are romanticized are usually horrible and disturbing evils (and sometimes fetishes) in order to sidle through the human's natural gut-reactions to evil, tweak their moral compass and invade their mind. Common romanticizations that I've witnessed that are the most disturbing are Japanese anime collections called Loli, of small female children willingly open to be sexual with adult men. The romanticization of female children as whimsical, innocent and pure beings makes it all the more easy to create a pedophilic narrative in one's mind that seems harmless and caring instead of perverted and predatorial. Thug life is often romanticized as well, making it seem noble and honourable when it is clearly more like a forced engagement of evil, violence and ultimately rape and murder. 

Food Fetish

Needs are important, and it is important to know what your needs are. We all have the same basic needs, all humans. The rest is a luxury. As soon as you attempt to drive a want into 'need' status, you're fetishizing it. It is not a need to be sexual with someone else. It is not a need to eat more than needed. It is not a need to have physical comfort, to have vacations, to have time for yourself. It is a want and wants are important and they help to have a well-functioning body. This transformation of wants into needs is often blamed on capitalism, but it is not capitalism the problem, it is human greed. Consumerism is the evil we need to tackle. It is highly difficult not to see an obese person in the first world and to imagine that person's consumption, and then to see in the same city, a youth who is pale from malnourishment, poor and skinny and weak. The obese person is a symbol of greed; they are sinful and they will attempt to justify their evil because that is what evil does, it plays in the hearts of men and makes excuses. 

"It's a medical condition."
"It's genetic."
"I have an addiction."
"I've tried hundreds of times to stop eating."
"I have emotional issues and eating helps or else I would be more mentally ill."
"I'm part of the fat-acceptance movement" --evil's recent ploy

No. You're weak. You're weak-willed and you can't take responsibility for yourelf. I is not a crazy conclusion to think that obese parents should have their children taken away from them. How can they take care of their children when they can't take care of themselves? How will you teach your child to avoid evil when you yourself embody sloth and greed and gluttony? 

Food does not provide pleasure. 
Food does not provide comfort. 
Food is not your friend. 
You don't need dessert. 
You don't need sweets. 

Food is an object of survival and bodily health. It should not be seen as anything else. 

Sex Fetish

Sexuality, the act of reproduction, could be seen as a human need. It is highly important for the survival of the human race and for the upkeeping of a good culture. Sex, these days, is being made into a game, it is being fetishized. Like food fetish, sex fetish is timeless. Homosexuaity is the most common sex fetish among humans, and although it seems harmless, it is the conversion of sex into a basic need for the survival of the species into an item of lust. The gateway toward homosexuality is pride and a misunderstanding of self-sexuality. Self-sexuality should be the only place where you can let yourself fantasize about sexuality. Excessive self-sexuality is due to letting your primal instincts take over your mind. You come to expect it, to crave it, and the extreme of lust is rape, lechery and nymphomania. The life of a rapist, of a lecher and a nymphomaniac are lives of solitude, egoism and moral instability. Rape harms the victim as well as the host, but lechery and nymphomania harm the host (and perhaps the ones he or she might have infected due to an STI/STD). Egoists are sociopathic--they need constant validation and will reject all dissent with anger and comments like 'I can't believe you're even claiming that X is wrong!' Homosexuals even have 'pride' parades in order to reaffirm their main core sin. And we're supposed to sit here and clap and virtue signal. No. Sorry. I learned the absolute hard way the dangerous, obsessive nature of homosexuality from by own experience and when I was humbled and I saw the tempting, luring and excessively lustful truth that was homosexuality, I could no longer go back. Although I would never discriminate against a member of the LGBT cult, I do have a knowledge of their lifestyle that forces me to make resentment checks. I will never be able to be genuine with a gay person ever again

Using contraception, especially hormonal contraception helps to devalue the act of sex, to make it something that it is not. It is not normal for a man to make love to a woman who cannot be fertile. In my opinion, as I've said in this post, it is a form of psychological pedophilia for both parties. Still, pill babies exist (or don't because they were murdered) and it is probably the least empowering thing to tell a woman that she needs to be drugged in order to be free, in order to sleep with whomever she wants and be free. Teach women how to understand their bodies instead. If their cycles are too irregular, she is simply not ready for sexual intercourse. Abstinence is a virtue, but it is difficult to control teenagers with, however, it is not impossible. I was abstinent in high school simply because I did not hypersexualize myself, my thoughts, etc. I wrote books about fearies, that's what I did. Like children ought to do. 

This post is much longer than I thought it was going to be. I will write a second part for the topic romanticization

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