Thursday, 23 June 2016

White Genocide

"Demographics will dictate the values a society holds." --Black Pigeon Speaks 

Right now, we are facing mass terrorism in the middle-east, to the civilians of those countries by Islamist men. The women in Islam are oppressed, seriously; they have no say in the politics of Sharia and how radical Islam has become. That terror is rising to Europe. Germany and Sweden are main targets, the latter now devastated by a rise in rape/sexual assault by 100% from Muslim migrants (legal ones) onto young Swedish women. Their governments are silent. They do not use military action against the migrants, they do not make laws to protect them from acting out furthermore. They are insane by anarchic notions of freedom and cultural relativity. All of this is propagated by the fear of words, or Political Correctness, which is the main talking point on the agenda of Cultural Marxism. Political Correctness (see list here) is one of the foundational stones of Cultural Marxism. Not only is Political Correctness encouraged, it is enforced. Any word that people employ that does not conform to this new secular Religion is automatically corrected by the CM Gestapo, which are now called Social Justice Warriors or (SJW's) for short. Their title is a misnomer, these people are the intolerant, bigoted (and they love using that word against people) and incredibly self-righteous. They are also blind. Blind to other perspectives, blind to politics and economy. I've heard theories that they are the drones of the Illuminati, a group known for its feminism, secular humanism, and openness about sexuality. That's not even far-fetched for a conspiracy, it's a reality. 

If feminism could be a gif, it would be that of a woman spitting into a very strong wind blowing in her direction. Feminism can only exist in a patriarchal world if the women are given freedom to express themselves by the patriarchy. Slut Walks cannot exist in a rape culture. And today, feminism is no longer needed to give equality to women, because they already have it. Women need to realize that rape is something that exists in our world. However, to claim that places like Canada or even America to be a rape culture is denying that Mexico is an actual rape culture, that the middle-east is a rape culture. 1 in 4 women are raped in America? That's the statistics of how many women are raped in the Congo, when rape is used as a weapon of war. Feminism is a shriek of desperation coming out of the mass self-victimization of the girls of Western society who fail to be anything near to women. The Greeks said women (gyne) could only become women through childbirth. Being a mother myself, I agree with this. I am a young mother, and having a child young in this society kicked me so far in the ass toward maturity I had depression and anxiety and I went from Atheist to Christian, from liberal to conservative. All of this in a few months, all of this because I learned about feminism. At first, I was disturbed by it. That shock of being controlled by the patriarchy was reinforced in a post I made when I told my Facebook friends I was tired of hearing about rape stories and that girls shouldn't dress slutty so they don't turn on guys as much. I was backhanded and mentally masturbated upon by feminists who all have been raped. They convinced me that I had been raped. I became a feminist. But did it solve my overall fundamental issues? No. It was a misery and a victimhood. After much research and looking at how well my husband handled my jolt into adulthood (his was very internal and manly so... I didn't see anything) I realized I liked the patriarchy. I want to be a woman, a mother, an educator, a caretaker of old folks, an honourable person, a forgiving person, and I want to carry the torch of tradition. (Sorry for this gross anecdote, but I find my experience quite unique in this field.) Patriarchy is what has created such a beautiful and advanced society. Patriarchy when in peace-time, when business is booming and the fruits of labour are spread across the land in abundance (as it is now in Canada and most of America as well as the UK and even more in the Scandislamian countries) men tend to let their defenses down concerning their women. Women become more free instead of child-bearing and traditional, and then they start wanting power. The problem with women having power is that we have never been a matriarchy. Egalitarianism is a virtue and we have it in the West despite what feminists will attempt to say. But we cannot let women rule. Women need to breed. It is a value in our society. Family, marriage, breeding, unity, Christianity are all free and wonderful values that we must uphold in order to have a well-functioning society. Women, especially brain-dead leftists and feminists don't understand the consequences of breaking down these values.  

Promiscuity is at a record high. Sexual deviancy is being normalized with the help of the neo-Gestapo, the SJW's. Women are miserable in a world where they are forced to become men. Feminists don't take this claim seriously, but in a patriarchy, women cannot step forward and take the place of men. Not seriously. As you can see, business is not 'as usual' when women are on top. Business is matriarchal and matriarchy is not something that has been well-tested apart from in Bonobos and Iroquois (which is fine because they lived in longhouses and were one with nature. I believe that matriarchy wants this beautiful ideal, but unfortunately, we can only have this through the New World Order, which means genocide. And who is the primary target for genocide right now? White people. White, milk-drinkers from the north, who Manifested their Destiny from God to take the land from coast to coast. Our white women in society are all looking for themselves because they are under the false pretense that the patriarchy has been holding them down. No. In reality, the woman has a beautiful role in a patriarchy (imagine a feminists saying that men have a beautiful role in the matriarchy if that makes you feel better). Childrearing. Creativity. In our advanced civilization, women are free to go out with their children and have fun in parks, take care of the elderly (old people LOVE kids, take your kids to the old folk's home!) volunteer at a soup kitchen, make crafts, make food, manage the family's finances, make you husband feel good when he comes home from working 8 hours and he's covered in dirt or hey if he's clean and proper, you're living the dream! But CHILDREARING! This is womanhood. Pregnancy should NOT be seen as a burden in a society. It should be seen as a blessing. I mean, I know some women are raped and impregnated (although studies have shown that women who keep the child get over the rape more easily than those who had it aborted, yeah tell me about it, you get raped and then you murder someone, that's a combo hit to the morality) but what are you doing fucking around and getting pregnant with someone you're not married to? Is that so difficult? You're a woman, you literally have your pick of men in this world (I've seen ugly ugly women with real fine men, it's a bit intense like are they insane on the inside or is she lovable as hell on the inside? Anyway) but you decide to fuck around before marriage. No no no no no no no! Wrong!!! Women can't have it all. You can't have a career and kids and make both of them work well. Look at millennials. They had working moms and they turned our valueless and morally depraved. It's Satan, that's what it is. I know you're laughing, but it's actually scaring the shit out of people. If thinking were easy, we wouldn't get very far.   

The west isn't breeding. Quebec is relying on immigrants to pay for the retirements in taxes of all the baby boomers who are retiring. Well, fuck the baby boomers! Why don't you stop funding perfectly capable welfare civilians who have shitty reasons why they don't want to work and instead give that to the baby boomers--they're all dying anyway. So now we have to fund the immigrants, who can't speak our language, but they're kids at least in Quebec are forced to assimilate into French schools. Mosques... we won't be seeing any since Quebec has a strong separation of church and state and all of our Christian churches are not restaurants and community centres (it's really sad).  But what about Ontario, where resides the Prime SJW, Justine Troud'eau, who loves Syrians and brown people and Islam. They're breeding. Immigrants don't believe in abortions or contraception. They're having 5 or 6 kids, they'll live in a 5 and a half and get 700$ a month for child care from the government plus at least 14,000 a year and that's minimum wage. It might not look like a lot, but they eat beans and lentils and shit, they don't buy luxury, they go to thrift shops. They're living like kings here and their gender roles keep the woman in her place, she can do all that she can do as a mother here. They're not fighting over privilege and gender roles and wasting their time on activism, they're living the dream and they're breeding like crazy. Soon, Quebec will have more brown people than white people. 

Across the charts, white people will continue to become stigmatized for 'having power' and racism will be okay toward white people. Why should it matter? Well, then why should Black Lives Matter? It's their problem they're killing themselves... yeah well we're killing ourselves. For a society to become as degenerate as it's become, we have to give, to sacrifice, and to do it to Satan. We do this by sacrificing the lives of our unborn children. Women lay the lives of their unborn children on the altar of their own lust. That's Satanic. Abortions are black masses. And women do not want to feel any moral consequence. They don't want to wait. They want to rid themselves of the sacred nature of life faster than it was made. They want it out, they don't want to see it, of course, and then they want to continue to fuck around and to be 'free' like the fucking wind. 'Liberated' HA! It's completely and utterly selfish. So, no white babies, no whites. 

This is white genocide. It's happening through abortion. It's happening through immigration. It's happening through rape and culture rape.White Culture is a thing and it's not what SJW's think it is or make it out to be. 

This is traditional Swedish garb. Sweden is an egalitarian country where happiness levels are high. They have remained neutral concerning foreign policy, a humble stature and have been mainly right-wing in politics and Christian in values (but spiritual when it comes to mountainous/stormy atmospheres and an animistic beliefs in pagan Gods, which has no differing values than that of Christianity). Sweden is now suffering from migrants, hopefully they'll smarten up and smite them down before it's too late. 

 This is traditional Danish gard. Denmark has the highest taxation ever, but the people are covered about everything for life. They are very happy, they are very similar to Sweden and have right-wing values. Amazing, beautiful culture of people who just so happen to be white. They are the first to have taken over England.

This is traditional Irish garb. Ireland is my ancestral land and I'm very connected to it, although I've never been, sadly. Ireland is the only country left in the West that does not like homosexuality and does not want homosexuals to be married and to adopt children. Of course the youth there can say what they want, their religious values rooted in both Catholicism and Protestantism (depending if you're in Northern Ireland or not-Northern Ireland) keep them more to the right. I think beer and stew keeps them steadfast and hardy, but holy shit is Riverdance the Whitest thing you'll ever see.

**Update: I watched a Sargon of Akkad video on the Alt-Right and he mentioned that the Alt-Right is using White Genocide as a term in order to create for themselves a statute of victimhood. This isn't quite what we're heading for. We're spreading awareness about how the white race is likely the first race to go amongst the most prolific main races (apart from demographically speaking, tribes and natives here and there). A lot of other alt-right participants believe that the 1% is after Whites because Whites are a threat to Israel and the Jews who are running the entire world. I think it's important to see what's going on demographically, and point out that White does not equal oppressor and those who are teaching children that because they are white they are bad, need to burn in an oven.

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