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Moral Objectivism: Keeping Things Right and Wrong

When morality is flexible, people start to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. If there is no authority on morality (such as a higher authority, like God, for example) then people themselves can decide what is good and what is not good. Religions follow God(s) that give them the life lessons and morality they need in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. But when morality is dictated by humans, by their experiences and their feelings, things can become chaotic. The embodiment of evil, Satan you could call it, wants chaos. He wants people to decide for themselves what is good and what is evil. If a pedophile thinks it feels 'right' to have sex with a youth, and the youth seems to like it as well, is it immoral? The child could be pampered and trained and think that its reality is fine and dandy, but is it? Who is to tell? Are the negative psychological backlash of the child the reason behind dictating if the acts/relationship is moral or immoral? If you would arrest the man and take him away from his young lover, and the youth would protest and weep for the loss of her loved one, could you make an exception to a rule? The answer is simple: We do not have any objective marker in the human being that enables us to claim any authority on morality. Society and other people tend to want to change morality for convenience sake, for pleasures' sake, for love's sake. While love is beautiful and important, it is also horrible and breaking: love, while love can be infinitely good and bountiful, it does not serve as a moral marker.

Let's look at some morals. Abortion. Death Penalty. Homosexuality. Rape.

Objectively, according to God, all life is sacred, and therefore, to terminate it without a reason, is murder. Objectively, yes, it is wrong.
Subjectively, according to people, abortion is not murder because the forming human being is not formed enough to have a sense of self. It is not a person, and abortion is not morally wrong.
When societies dictate morality, morality becomes flexible in the minds of people. People can start to condition themselves to have certain feelings or to abstain from them. If people around you say: no, no, that's fine! It's not wrong at all! Don't worry about it! And dismiss the moral implications or simply state that there are none, Satan wins. You then commit manslaughter as you enable a doctor to kill and remove your unborn child from your womb in an unnatural and disgusting process that is not shown to anyone else. Usually the woman is drugged and cannot remember much of what happens during the process, much like a rapist would drug a woman and then rape her. What women cannot hide from is the disgusting process and the murder. They can attempt to reduce the situation, but you cannot hide from the amount of wrong that happens during an abortion.

Death Penalty
Objectively, according to God, if one murders, then one must be murdered, except if they seek forgiveness through Jesus Christ. A psychopathic murderer who does not feel remorse for his crimes will likely continue to murder and must be put to death. Death is the compassionate thing to do for the greater good (so would say the Islamist concerning homosexuals, which is their own version of objective morality, and is why I think it's wrong).
Subjectively, some humans think they should be locked up, their life sustained with tax money but kept away from anyone else. High security costs a lot, but people care more about their own self-righteousness of this being 'the right thing' than to let God deal with an undesirable himself.

Objectively, according to God, homosexuality is a sexual sin. It is not something, however, that should be penalized for in front of the law. It is a personal sin and it should be all right to be shunned and shamed in society. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Jesus would forgive homosexual acts and may even heal homosexuals from their fetish. Secularly speaking, homosexuality is a fetish and many people would agree. It is needed for you to be sexually excited, but what the hell are you being sexually excited toward someone of your own sex for? Pleasure? Of course. We use sex for pleasure, but we have organs made to complement each other. Our male and female sex is incomplete without the other. Anal sex (or sodomy) of any kind is unclean and may spread disease easier to both the one penetrating and being penetrated.
Subjectively, our society now venerates the homosexual, which makes Satan blush. We are no longer allowed to say 'no' to their ways, to their lifestyles and preferences. Homosexual language has now penetrated the highly authoritarian left and everything is now homophobic. Saying that you feel uncomfortable about homosexual sex images, about homosexual marriage or homosexual parents, now makes you a homophobe. Imagine if morality could be twisted hard enough that they'll start saying that about 20-year-olds being in couples with 12-year-olds. I don't know how far they'll push, and this is why subjective morality or moral relativity is dangerous and flawed.

In the Bible, when a man and a woman make love, they are married under God. Catholicism went in and made a matrimonial ceremony necessary for marriage, but not for God. This is why when a man rapes a woman, they are married and she is subjected to being married to him. In the New Testament, however, Jesus holds no judgement toward rape victims or promiscuous women. They are forgiven. Rapists were seen as enemies to the woman's patriarch. He was forced to pay the woman's patriarch for the damage he has cost him. Objectively, according to God, rapists should be punished by attributing money to the woman, and apologize to the woman and to God. This apology should come as an unbending amount of shame; his repentance will be painful, as painful as the evil he has caused to the woman. But in a society that treats rape as a disgrace and a disrespect, women are not meant to be victimized more than they feel so.
Subjectively, in our society today, women are heavily victimized when it comes to rape. I grew up fearing rapists, being careful at night, but not overly so. I always had this voice, however, thinking be careful you're out drinking or you're around people you don't know. Stick to people you trust and always watch your drink. Also, don't drink too much in a place you don't know, etc. It's called common sense, and those rape-prevention tactics are now shamed by feminists, who will, disgustingly, now call anything rape. Regret? It's rape. Cat-calling? It's rape. Slut-shaming? It's rape. Men are now cornered! I've had two great male friends of mine tell me they've been called out on for raping a girl they slept with. They were both stunned and shocked. I asked one of them what happened, and he told me they had been stoned. She had certainly heard of some feminist who said: you were high or drunk? It's rape. Everything is rape and it's difficult and insulting to hear when you're an actual rape victim. Rape is forceful, it's sociopathic, it can be dangerous, and psychologically damaging. Consent is important, but feminists seem to think all men have raped once or twice unknowingly in their lives and they don't want to admit they're rapists. There are a few assholes out there, it's true, and we've all had a bad sex night where we weren't fully respected. Were we raped? Perhaps a bit, yes, I'm saying 'a bit' but does that make the dude a 'rapist'? Not really. He needs a talking to, but not a jail sentence. Forgiveness is important, across the board, else anger and hate breeds more anger and hate.

This is what happens when you put morality in the hands of people. They want to decide because they want to feel good about being right. Everyone wants to be 'right' but that quest itself is prideful and selfish. I'm a Christian, and I'm biased, but what people seem to forget is that I have a brain and just because I'm Christian, that doesn't make me close-minded. I despise hearing things like 'being religious means your close-minded'. Sorry, no. I believe in evolution, I don't think it goes against the Bible completely--personally I think the story of the garden of Eden is a metaphor. I also accept climate change, but for all of this, I could be persuaded elsewise. I seek Truth, and I accept God as my Savior and sovereign of my life, and that Satan is temptation, but I can also reason aside this and work my way through society and academia with a secular lens and worldview. Humans are flexible, and as long as we aren't hypocritical (although sometimes I do have two contradicting thoughts/ideas battling within me for months) and we stay true to our values and we avoid temptation and forgive those and repent for our sins, we will thrive. Objective morality, however, is a virtue in of itself and I believe that when you open your life to Christ, He will guide you more easily in this aspect for your subjective 'Truth' blinders will be removed.

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