Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Abortion: It's Murder

Let's face it. Abortion is murder. You don't need to believe in God to know that. However, I do think that abortions should still be performed and legal, and this is for many reasons. As much as we can all agree that abortion is murder, that it is immoral, abortion in our postmodern age, needs to be safe. Women who will be driven with selfish desires will not be convinced by Christians. We are hated. We are despised because of our pro-life choices. We are despised because we love the human being that is hated within the womb of that woman. A small life, so fragile, can now be terminated at 23 weeks, which is is proven that they can live at that age in an incubator.

The pro-choice community, liberals and feminists ignore the morality behind their actions. A lot of them will say: don't feel guilty, it's your body, it's your life. Don't feel guilty? Is that a way to treat a woman's soul? Is taking her away from motherhood a feminine, maternal, female thing to do? It sounds masculine to me, it sounds like you are removing her from motherhood, from what will make her into a woman. Greek women were only fully-fledged women when they gave birth, even if they died, they would die women and they would die martyrs to women and the spirit of being a woman. I believe that they had it right. When you become selfless, you understand 'your place' and I mean this in order to correct what postmodern people will try to shove down your throats concerning 'the woman's place'. (I will speak of this in another post)

Something to consider about how and why people make choices. Women these days think they don't have a choice when it comes to having an abortion. They think: I don't have enough money. I don't have a stable life or a career. But what they don't ask themselves is: will this baby help me be stable? Will this baby help me become a better person? Often women fear having children early on in their lives because they feel like they will miss out on having fun and being hedonistic. They do not know the consequences of having a hedonistic life--it is fulfilling in the short term only and it is a life of greed, of flesh. People who are pro-choice, aren't really pro-choice at all. They don't offer women a choice, they tell them they should get an abortion, that it's better for them. They also avoid showing women pictures of their fetus in the womb, they avoid showing them pictures of aborted fetuses (admittedly those pictures are horrible and no one should view them to purposefully harm someone going through a moral dilemma, that is wrong) and they avoid speaking to them about the murder of a human being. Some women, however, know that it is murder, and willfully understand the murder of the being.

In that case, you must assume responsibility and repent. We are very influenced with this corrupt world we live in and it is sometimes not our fault that we fall prey to lies and deceit. Jesus is with us and he forgives us and loves us.

Another thing I find distressing is that the father of the child has no say concerning the life of his unborn child because it is in the woman's body. This is discrimination. It is also discrimination that when a man who leaves his woman and child is a deadbeat dad and hated in society, but when a woman gets an abortion, she is not hated because she abandons it and decides to kill it. Women have a Satanic right of deciding to end the life of another human being and they want all women to feel no guilt, no shame, no distress. Have your abortion, but know that you are a murderer, you are privileged to live in a society that has abortions done all secret and shameless and guiltless, that you can abandon motherhood, kill your own children all so easily and freely. I've ever heard stories of women who aborted their babies after they found out they were male; the opposite is happening in China.

This is a Christian worldview. It is difficult to admit that abortion is wrong because it just seems so much better to preserve a life already 20 years older (which is ageist, you intersectionalists!) over a newly-forming life. Still, I think abortion should be legal and performed because I have read so much on how women attempt to have abortions by themselves and that's dangerous. It's not their fault that they are corrupted or ignorant. So, if you know someone who has had an abortion, study them well, but have compassion. If, however, they think nothing of it, perhaps ask them: Did you think it was murder? Perhaps they won't ever repent, and will likely become more pro-choice. People tend to ignore Religion nowadays, and think it's only for white males or something.

What I also find incredibly disgusting is that in certain places, abortions are free. This means that men are paying taxes so that women can have free abortions. Wow, and they have NO SAY in their girlfriend or wife murdering their children.

I'm adding this tid-bit I've been thinking about and it's the liberal attitude of 'yeah, but the embryo is not a person yet'. For people who are so ready to humanize everything in order to virtue-signal empathetic feelings toward everything, they do the complete opposite when it comes to an unborn child. They dehumanize it, objectify it, and go through mental gymnastics in order to avoid realizing how disgusting abortion is, how wrong and abhorrent it is. The reality is that if you would tell them they could have been aborted, it freaks the shit out of them. What is the difference between ending someone's life when they're tiny, helpless, and not completely sewn together and when you are completely sewn together? If that embryo or fetus is healthy, then that human being should see the light of day.

But what about all the women who say: "I'm not ready to have a baby." Boo fucking hoo. Then you weren't ready for sex. Everyone knows sex = babies. Don't sex and you'll have no babies and yet people fuck senselessly anyway and then demand that their shitty decisions be a burden on taxpayers. Accept motherhood, it's probably the most feminine thing you can do. Accept it. You can expect men in our society to care about impregnating a woman and leaving when you are the one who leaves her situation by committing first-degree murder (being the accomplice of it) on a being that if you would have and nurture for a week you wouldn't THINK of aborting it. 

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