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Gender Roles. Why?

Women and men are different. We are beautiful the way we are. Tradition is important, and it is so for everyone. There are different roles men and women can have in a society. Not all women should be mothers and not all men should be fathers. Some people are born different and they might want to live another kind of lifestyle, hopefully one that is healthy and not sinful. Women who do not feel the inclination to have children might want to become full-time nurses or full-time educators and do charity work or helping sisters or female friends raise their children. They can also pursue scientific or academic careers as well, but I believe they might be lacking in their need for personal love and affection. Often these women will attempt to fill the gaping hole in their lives with dogs and cats, and although that is nice, it's not nearly as satisfying as having a child of their own. If they cannot make children, perhaps they could think of adoption.

Let's talk gender roles

A woman's place is a submissive place. That does not make her a target. That does not make her a victim. Submission is extremely powerful and humble. A woman tames her man, even if that means letting the man's pride affect her. She should stay humble, and in being so remains spiritually present with God. Women must submit to their children, to their needs, to their lives. Women help others and sublimate so beautifully and naturally in order to enhance the care they can give. This is her place, but the man also has his place.

A man's place is a place of dominance. He must lead his family, provide for his family, protect his family name, his honour, his wife, his children, but the man must work harder in order to remain humble. He needs his wife to love him, to show him her humility, to lower him from the stress of postmodern life with healthy sex and tender care. In this way, men and women are equal; an egalitarian couple is a couple that completes itself.

It is clear that women like men with lots of testosterone, who lift them up and use this feeling of dominance and masculinity to make love to them--it compliments so well with the openness of the woman, the spiritual reception she has. Sex tames men so very well and healthy sex I would think, brings the marriage close to God and holiness. It's proof that women like manly men, look at the thousands and thousands of romance novels with burly soldiers who are cold-hearted and untamed at first, and who end up melting in the arms of a woman who shows him steadfast care, but also a lot of desire. 

Why don't feminists like gender roles?

Feminists now think that gender is on a spectrum. One can be a female (the call them now bio-female, whyyyy?) and be a 'man' gender on the inside. A female will act like a man and that makes her a man? This is clearly some form of fetishization of transgender individuals through the media. I know, I've been there. I used to think I was transgender when I was 19 and 20. Turns out, it was by way of coping with sin and sinful desires: to indulge in them. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with wearing your hair short and liking to do reparations on your house, working a man's job and getting dirty, but does that mean you're a man? No. It means you have masculine tendencies as a woman, and it's not a perversion it's a preference. Life has guided you to be like this, but that doesn't mean you should reject your feminine nature. Same goes for men. The postmodern world bred the metrosexual, a heterosexual man who likes to shop and wear fashionable clothes and gossip. While this is queer behaviour, he is not rejecting his masculine nature, he just has a preference. There are transgender folk out there and they are born like this. I don't agree with the sex surgery that they call 'gender reassignment' which honestly that term is offensive to God and creation and to doctors, who work so very hard and get this kind of treatment. (I've heard an SJW say that gender assignment, as they call it, is abuse. Sigh...) Gender is not a social construct. It is not a spectrum. Gender is male and female. Intersex people are chimeras, they fused with a twin in the womb, and transgender people are mentally ill. Both of those things are still part of nature and they should never ever be discriminated against, hurt, murdered, violated, or anything negative. It is perhaps difficult to embrace them, but we must respect them and love them wholeheartedly.

Feminists think that gender roles oppress people.

They are obsessed and ultra-sensitive to questions like: are you going to have kids one day? When are you going to find yourself a man? and the reverse goes for men. They think that the fact that women don't go into STEM fields is because they are oppressed and gender roles are stopping them. No, sweetie, gender roles are natural and beautiful, it's you who has a problem with them because you're a rebel. I'm writing a book and I am looking at this concept of the rebel adult. Why are so many people disconnected from the truth? Look around you! Look inside you! All is beautiful and perfect. All is made together intricately and wonderfully. There is no need to rebel. There is only love. Oppression is happening right now in the middle east. Feminists ignore totally the fact that victims of rape in certain Islamic states are being stoned to death! They ignore the sex trafficking of young girls and women. They even ignore their own domestic male rape that happens, they even laugh at it. Women and men have needs, different needs and needs are different than wants. Desire is corrupting. Let God work, and accept that which is given to you, cherish it, unless that thing is making you miserable. Then we must work on that misery and bring you back to the light.

Feminists think that men have the 'best' gender role. They worship masculinity, and at the same time think it's toxic. They think that dominance in men is wrong because of the amount of rape that happens. It is true that some men don't understand humility and abuse of their dominance and rape women, but that does not have to do with masculinity. Equating rape to masculinity is sick. Rape is Satanic, not masculine! Feminists want to blur the lines of gender. This is all part of Cultural Marxism and Anti-Christianity which is mainstream these days. They want to convince women that if they were raped by men, they should probably become lesbians. They are using a fragile time in women to sexually confuse them and fill a hole of broken trust with eroticism. This can seem right because in a time of fragility, even right, because the tenderness of women is needed, but in a homosocial way. Physical homosociality may be very nice as well, this is why we have mothers, aunts, sisters, but friends can help as well. Sometimes we don't want to tell our mothers we have been violated, but then we should turn to professionals or friends. In our postmodern life, women are bombarded with erotic pictures of other women, which is tragic because we tend to fall easily into having homosexual desires and we lose homosocial contact which is healthier and needed. Girls and women should feel comfortable to hug and even cuddle cordially. I think we have a need for female-on-female contact, more than what men have. There is nothing wrong with having profound emotional connections with other women, and to feel at ease with them concerning physicality. I think this is why a lot of women think it's natural to kiss women and then to become lesbians.

I am not a man, and I don't know what it's like to be a man, but I have a husband and I've listened to a lot YouTube videos by numerous men who criticize feminism. Men like to be men, and they don't like third-wave feminism because it attempts to feminize men. Feminism empowers women to be men and men are pushed in the corner, called rapists and predators, toxic. Look at what these famous internet feminists say about men. All men. They even reject the hashtag #notallmen. It's shameful.
Men don't like to be unjustfully called rapists, potential rapists. The word 'patriarchy' is a derogatory term that assumes men have all the power in society.

This chart misunderstands gender roles, and attempt to claim that certain people have privilege and others are oppressed. Interestingly enough, they call themselves out on their rebelliousness by also calling it Resistance. While intersectional feminists think they understand anything about people and society, they have a very poor view of all who they think are oppressed. They are everything they claim the privileged are claiming to oppress. They do not understand that all are equal and all have the potential for good and evil. It is sad. Look at the oppressed... infertile people? Jews? Because of Nazi Germany? That's over now. Dark? You're racist! Blacks are not different! English as a second language? Do you really think English is the best? Working class and poor? Working is honourable and important! And what they mean by 'poor' is ridiculous because just because you have no money that doesn't mean you have no grace, no goodness, no family, no honour. Unattractive? There is such thing! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and inner beauty is holiness and it is available to all! Old. People who are old are oppressed BECAUSE of the lack of family values and honour in this society. Disabled people should not be treated differently, obviously and they do have disadvantages, but if people would be more selfless instead of selfish they wouldn't be. LBGT are oppressed, that is true. Dangerously so by intolerance and homophobia, which are wrong. Aboriginals I admit, have it rough in their own land and that is so unfortunate. People of colour? Once more, racist. Female, no, not AT ALL. That's insulting. Gender 'deviant' well they're deviant indeed and confused and they need some help. Some of these are indeed being marginalized unfairly, but the majority are being mistreated because of the postmodern society we live in.

Thanks for reading. You can disagree if you wish to, if your worldview is different, but please refrain from name-calling and being disrespectful if you wish to leave a comment.

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