Thursday, 23 June 2016

Biased Liberal News Sources and Media

There has been a highly biased liberal agenda in the media. As an ex far-left advocate, I can spot where it is and what it's doing in order to change the way people thing instead of guide them in what they have. Liberals are 'progressive' and think that society is always wrong and they always want to change it. They think flip-flopping everything we have is a good way to get people's brains moving and get some new information out there. This, of course, in postmodernism. It assumes that there can be a billion different readings of life, and that the center of morality and knowledge and wisdom stems from the human. This is why we're seeing a lot more 'humanism' this and 'feminism' that. The push-back comes from pro-patriarchal women (who are mainly Christian) or egalitarians (which are also Christian or secular people). This is a list of all liberal newsources that I have found and agree that they are highly biased toward a far-left agenda. This means they are trying to brainwash the population. They are not encouraging freethought, but negating thoughts from happening.

They are:

Associated Press
CBS News
Los Angeles Times newspaper
MSNBC cable news
Newsweek Magazine
New York Times newspaper
Public Broadcasting Service
ABC News
BBC News
Boston Globe Newspaper
The Daily Show,
Daily Wrap news radio show, with Michael Castner
Guardian (UK), Manchester, (UK an avowedly socialist newspaper)
NBC News
Moore, Michael, documentary film maker
PZ Myers, professor and blogger
Dan Rather former news anchor
Real Time with Bill Maher, and
Washington Post
The Young Turks
Al Jazeera and AJ+ (funded by the same people who fund ISIS)

I just went on to check again how toxic is was and I found this article about how American parents are supposedly less happy than non-parents. The article is basically trying to say: don't have children because your happiness is more important to sustain than performing the beautiful task and reality of parenthood. I think it's because no one is a parent anymore, and people who have children are seen as boring. I was told I had a sad sex life because we have sex rarely because we have a child and he's present and even was told I should go to a hotel and have my child babysat to go have sex and I found that really disgusting. People do that? It's a waste of money. Maybe if you're on vacation without your child, but not just because you want sex... anyway. Clearly Cultural Marxism at work.

When I say liberal bias, I mean, they are SJW's. They talk about white privilege, virtue signal to minorities and marginalized groups. They talk about homosexuality and homosexual parenting a lot. They basically avoid speaking about the majority and about real life. They're living in a dream world. That's actually a good way to point out if something is liberal or conservative? If you're reading about differences between men and women (and not that men are all potential rapists or something negative like this) about family, Christian values, your nation's economic growth, patriotism, and foreign policies, you're probably on a Conservative website or news source. If you're reading new terms, you feel alienated by the language employed and there is talk of sexual deviancy, gender issues, focus on women's issues, minorities, not having children, being a child forever and you get this dreamworld kind of feeling, you're in a liberal news source. They're good to read and criticize once in a while. It's good to understand the origins of terms such as 'white privilege' and 'Christian privilege' comes from. The unfortunate thing is that in all societies, no matter how ideal, there will always be an unhappy minority. The liberals love them, it's all part of corporate plans and government plans.

So yeah, you're welcome and happy browsing!

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