Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nuance and Why it's Important

The Bible is very nuanced, as are interpretations of them. It is what makes the Bible so important to humanity. Nuance is something that is dying, slowly and painfully, in our culture. There is this phrase among people who follow a lot of news. The media will often skew viewpoints and lean toward having a liberal or conservative political agenda. On social media, subjective emotions cause what some people call 'internet lynch mobs'. People are emotionally affected by one isolated event and go completely insane and things become more and more polarized. However, I still mainly blame the corporate media train.

There is a great video on Nuance by The Amazing Atheist (who is a very good Christian in my opinion) His name is TJ. I recommend its viewership! He thinks it is interesting because Christians have started checking out his channel and finding it humourous and true what he is saying about the grey area issues of things. As Christians, we are highly aware of our morality. People assume Christians don't like to talk about homosexuality or abortion, but on the contrary, we are ready to engage in something that touches us deeply. Let us discuss the other side of the issue, the consequences of a society that breeds sexual deviancy and murders upcoming lives. Nonetheless, here is his video on YouTube:
It is interesting how many secular humanists on YouTube agree that there is something disturbing about Social Justice Warriors, Feminists, and the LGBT movements. All of this is called Cultural Marxism and it is being critiqued. I will list some YouTubers you might want to check out if you feel inclined to learn about anti-feminism (I'm talking third-wave here) the silencing of the criticizing of Islam, and a communist, state-driven political view that's emerging from millennials (people from around 18 years old and younger).

Recently I've been finding myself stopping myself from posting quotes, pictures, jokes and nice tid-bits on Facebook because I am scared of persecution. Recently I wanted to post a picture of the heterosexual pride flag because 1. I am proud to be heterosexual (why is that considered hateful?) and 2. I wanted to comment on how drab and boring it is. 3. Why is it that God made his covenant with mankind, the mankind he saved over all others because of their humility and fear of him with a rainbow but it's the gay community that uses it to represent itself? 4. The flag doesn't make sense. Unlike the flag for transgender (which have pink and blue) which represents masculinity and femininity, ours it just... this. It looks like Sheol. And they call Straight Pride hate speech? *sigh*

Nuance, like free speech and freedom of expression, is dying out. People don't want to question the other side of the coin because they are absolutely sure they know something. As Christians, we know what it is like to be in a minority, we know persecution, and we have faith. Faith is something you just gotta believe in because it feels true. It feels wonderful and glorious and holy. But we have thought of the other side of it. Is God real? Is God true? Doubt is normal and healthy. But believing in God is not just believing in one thing over another, it is believing in something that goes against a whole worldview. I used to be a misanthropic atheist and I accepted sexually deviant thoughts as healthy and normal. I didn't think my purpose on Earth was to do anything else but to make babies and die. But then I found Jesus. I am that person who says it to you, who says: I was saved. It sounds false, it sounds crazy to some, but it's true. In humility I have battled against my demons and risen up in a new identity. I want to be the best mother I can be to my boy and future children. I want to help the poor, the needy, the sick, the old. I want to support free speech, freedom of expression and manifest myself as goodness. I want to radiate niceness and love.

I also absolutely floored as well each time I hear foul websites like Jezebel (way to ruin your image) or everydayfeminism.com that talks about CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE. They even went so far to blame the Orlando Shooting of homosexuals in a nightclub in June of 2016 on Christians, when it was a radical Muslim who supported the terrorist group ISIS (or ISIL) that did it for the name of Allah. Christians are oppressed, and for once, in America, a place where we can be free to express our love for our Creator, they start calling us names. I found a list here that says why there is Christian privilege and it has to do with the free market. There are a lot of Christians, there will be a lot of Christian programming, merchandise, etc. How is the free market oppressing you when you have the internet and you can watch programs on YouTube and get trinkets from Amazon? They like that when swearing the oath you have to place your hand on the Bible, when you may formally ask to instead place your hand on your heart. This is one of my favourites on the list (not):

You can reasonably assume that anyone you encounter will have a decent understanding of your beliefs.

Stunning. We've all heard it: Sky Daddy, Bible-Thumper, Snake Handler, Intolerant, Westboro Baptist!! There are Christians who don't know all of what being a Christian is (including myself of course--there's my humility slip right there ;p) Sorry to break it to you, but Rumi is beautiful in his poetry about Allah and things, but ISIS is throwing homosexuals off roofs and raping women for fun. Even non-radicals like it. Jews? I have no problem with Jews, who does? Nazis? Neo-Nazis? Jews don't like culture like us anyway. They have their own. Also, people know Jewish values too.

Anyway, just want to wish y'alls a nice evenin'! Jesus loves you! (I'll post the YouTubers another time, I gotta sleep!)

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