Monday, 20 June 2016

Cultural Marxism and the Anti-Christian Movement

Cultural Marxism is a form of applied Marxism that is projected onto culture and society. It is broken down and all parts that are less valorized in society get labeled 'oppressed' while the parts that are valorized are labeled 'oppressor'. This is much like intersectional feminism, where different groups are targeted and then activated for/toward through the media, politics, and the general social atmosphere. However, certain people have thought that Cultural Marxism was a term used to demonize "feminists, homosexuals, secular humanists, multiculturalist, sex educators, environmentalist, immigrants, and black nationalists."

It is surprising to see how much of this agenda is anti-Christian, or, perhaps not surprising at all.
Let's break down the pieces:

Feminism is a social movement that advocates for women's rights, women's liberation from traditional gender roles, and the social equality of the view of women in society next to men's. Feminists don't want to be seen as inferior and treated differently than men treat themselves. This sounds very nice, but in reality, women are not truly realizing what equality means. Women are unfortunately sexually mistreated, and that's a good reason to have feminism. However, to have social equality with men is not a good reason. Men fight and kill each other. Women are often privileged in numerous social situation. Other men will protect a woman who is being attacked in public, even only slapped or pushed. Pregnant women are sacred, and untouchable. Violence onto the pregnant is seen terribly in society, perhaps worse than rape. Women forget about the amount of privilege they have that a man is out working for them while they get to stay at home, go out for walks, do groceries with their babies. It's hard work, everyone's working hard. I consider my relationship egalitarian; my husband does a few chores around the house and takes care of organizing things and playing with our child. He works a lot and I have time at home when the child is sleeping to blog and read. Who doesn't consider that privileged? Women who didn't want the domestic life. Well, being out in the big wide world is difficult. It is easier to be stable, in a loving relationship that has bumps in the road. Is it better? Perhaps not for them. I've often fantasized about being away with a handsome viking rogue, free from everything, I'm sure that's why romance novels exist, but what will you fight for in the end? Long work and a hefty reward of integrity, dignity and family? Or... short-term pleasure, experience and human wisdom? That's up to you to decide, and our Western society calls for it to be possible for a person to have both.

Homosexuals are always a minority in a population. Around 10% of them are. It is quite unfortunate that so many are target for violence and assault. This is not acceptable for anyone! A lot of people who claimed to be Christian have turned their understanding of homosexual behaviour as sinful to mean it is all right to throw your gay teens out into the street, or to beat them or kill them. This is not Christian. Homosexuals, however, with Cultural Marxism, are being pushed into the foreground and everyone now has to advocate for their freedom and right. They want to normalize homosexuality, which has its benefits, mainly that they can cease being targets for violence. Another minority will likely pick it up instead.

Secular humanists are people who study psychology and sociology without God. They are supposed to be reasonable and rational, but, like all ideal schools of thought or ideologies, there are many who abuse of this title in order to make wavering truth claims. They aren't real humanists then, for the evidence should be scientific and not a a soft unmoulded piece of clay. The words secular humanist is redundant anyway, for non-secular humanists are religious and religious people are not humanists. This is mainly because if you are a Christian you follow an objective eternal morality.

Multiculturalism is a bad idea. It's not good to have numerous cultures in one country. It is better that all of the people assimilate and become one. This contradicts what homosexuals want. They want to assimilate to the norm. Multiculturalism wants the norm to validate them, but want to remain separate. Social cohesion dissolves with multiculturalism. It's been proven over and over again. You can still be proud of your heritage, but you're in another place now, and this place is for everyone.

Sex education is one of those difficult subjects. I think high schoolers should have sex education. Not children, that should be done at home. But high schoolers need to be taught proper consent, women need to be taught not to please sexually to be loved and boys need to be taught not to fake love just to have sex. Teens are very sexually charged and they need to know at least not to rape each other. Contraception is another thing. I think teens should be encouraged to use condoms, but also to be friends with the one they are interested in first. Go on dates, get to know each other, and if you still like them once they've opened up and you've opened up, then maybe you're finding yourself a long-term partner.

Environmentalists, this isn't really anti-Christian, nor is it really demonized either. The environment is in peril, and we are seeing lots of change, electric cars, reduction of energy use, etc. When the American Empire will fall, we'll see more change. Remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair!

Immigration is a very serious issue. Muslim immigrants have presently overtaken Germany and Sweden, turning them into rape cultures and submitting their liberal governments to their rule. It doesn't show here because the media is snuffing everything down to make way to the Cultural Marxist agenda. But it isn't a good thing. Immigration can happen, but in short, controlled bursts, and it should be reserved to women and children. It may sound inhumane, but let us think of population and assimilation first instead of thinking about how someone's feelings are going to be hurt.

Black nationalists. Today, they're called BLM (Black Lives Matter) and although I agree with this statement, I don't agree with how the movement started, the riots that entailed and the picketing they do to Cultural Libertarians. I understand there is a drug problem in black neighbourhoods, I understand gentrification, I understand crime rates and ridiculous homicide rates, but instead of shouting at the people in their neighbourhoods, BLM takes it to the mainstream media. I can't do anything for you, I'm sorry, I'm busy, as is everyone. People who need to change these way are you, but no, we get the blame because we're white and we have privilege. I would love to help babysit or cook food, but I have no power in government, as we all.

We can see the majority of these issues in the liberal media. It is pushed and talked about and radicalized but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that feminists think all men are potential rapists. It doesn't matter that the same people don't want to criticize Islam, even though Sweden is now a rape culture. It doesn't matter that members of BLM said that White Lives Don't Matter. It doesn't matter that homosexuals are telling the mainstream that sexuality and gender are fluid and there isn't much of a difference between men and women.

Clearly, it does matter. It matters because our Christian identity is in jeopardy. We are surrounded by secular people, non-religious people who claim so much virtue of the human and that everything should surround each individual instead of the whole, instead of the family unit! People care more about the stranger on the internet than their child. Women are ready to murder their unborn children in order to uphold a deviant lifestyle. It is the way of the postmodern world. It is selfish and soul-destroying.

We must remember, we are loved, by a force so much greater than the human being. It is everything, it is organic and powerful and we are connected to it. It is the music in the rustling leaves and the trickling of raindrops on a cold day. Let go of all those boring, useless immoral whiles, cease this uncanny obsession, and breathe. God loves you.

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