Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Maple League for Advocacy, Globalist Conferences at Canadian Universities

So this be happening soon:

Members of the Maple League – Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison, and St. Francis Xavier – believe that higher education should provide a balanced and comprehensive experience that challenges our young people and prepares them for responsible, ethical, and sustainable leadership.
We also believe that institutions of higher learning have a responsibility to support students as they become global citizens. The Maple League schools are united in a shared vision that promotes social justice and human rights for all members of the community. We will spend the weekend exploring ways we can enhance these opportunities at our own universities and share these experiences with members of the Maple League.
The weekend promises to be stimulating, thought provoking, and delightful. In addition to plenary speakers, a student debate tournament, a Business School CASE Competition, and a series of receptions, we are hosting TEDxBishopsU, a multidisciplinary event that will feature speakers drawn from the talented pool of students, faculty, alumni, community members, and staff from the four universities. Each talk will focus on ADVOCACY in higher education – either inside or outside the classroom. What constitutes an advocate? How do we create support for members of our community to become effective advocates? How can we create conditions to foster social justice, advocate for human rights, or facilitate a sense of global citizenship?
Advocacy can take many forms. You can be an advocate for a principle or set of beliefs, for a cause or group, for an ideal or philosophy. It can also include being an ally or a champion. Advocacy can include (but is not limited to) championing human rights, the pursuit of social justice, providing support or resources for the voiceless or marginalized, etc. We will spend the weekend exploring:
1.     What are the qualities/characteristics that make someone an advocate?
2.     What role do universities play in helping install advocacy in its students and faculty and staff?
3.     How can we enhance advocacy in our communities?

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